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Where do you envision Deshaun Thomas playing next year?



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I voted, but I shouldn't have been allowed.  I thought Mike Conley and Michael Redd both left Columbus too early (at the time), and thought Kosta Kofus's game would transition well to the NBA.

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Kosta has played really well this season starting for the Nuggets. He's no all-star and splits time with JaVale McGee, but is for sure a solid pro who contributes valuable minutes. 

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It's all about the money.  He needs it.  If I were able to leave engineering school as a junior and enter my field at a slightly lower pay, I would have done it.  

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

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If you don't make a NBA roster with guaranteed money, go to Europe young man.  Euro-ball salaries are 4x higher than D-League salaries.  The avg. D league salary is something like 24,000 a year whereas the avg. Euro league salary is around 100,000.  Go play in Europe for 7+ years and you're able to set yourself up for life.  Can't even buy a house on D-League money.  

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The way the NBA focuses on half-court sets, I can see Deshaun's game transitioning. His game reminds me of Paul Pierce lite.

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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I need an in between choice in this poll. I think he is in the NBA next year but in between significant minutes and benchwarmer. I see him a 7-8th man off the bench. Probably will get 10-15 minutes a night. This is where I think he can really blossom as he will be able to carry the offensive load for a team during these minutes. I hope he can transition into a Michael Redd type player in the NBA and be a true offensive threat for a team. 

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His game is a really Europe-friendly one. Not so with NBA. He can't play the 3 b/c no way he has the footspeed to guard any wing guys on the perimeter in the L. And though undersized 4s have found success, they're usually straight up bangers like Paul Millsap/Jason Maxiell/Kenneth Faried types who crash the boards relentlessly.  The problem with DST is that he has the potential offensively to be a stretch 4, but you really don't want him guarding other NBA 4s like duncan or blake griffin. The guy is only 6'7 220. He reminds me most of Al Harrington but Harrington is 6'9 and played small-ball Center at times. 
So... Europe. Not a bad fate to be honest. The money there is really good now. 
If anything, I think Craft has a better NBA future than DST b/c he at least does one single thing at an elite level (perimeter defense). 

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It depends what team he gets picked up by. Deshaun plays like a young/less polished Carmelo to me. If he gets picked up by contender like the spurs or thunder, he could do some major damage off the bench. But if he has to step in and be a major contributor for a team like Bobcats, he could struggle a little bit. he would be a perfect fit on the my nets.

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the problem is not with his offensive game........he puts the pill in the bucket.......the problem is his defense and 7/10 times our defense broke down this previous year was bc his man beat him one on one and forced deep penetration in our defense......until he puts in the commitment on that part of his game he will be d-league or euro league