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Where will Deshaun Thomas play basketball next season?



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If they keep the train rolling & have a deep run in the tourney, like a final four (or better), his stock will rise & he'll be in the NBA...I'd love to se him come back for the last year - OSU would be pretty much a shoe in for at least a final four next season if he did, but at the same time, I'd be fine if they were to finish super strong this year & have him move on to greener pastures. Either way, we're all lucky he came back this year, next year would be icing on the cake.

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No way hes coming back...hes got a that check in DT

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If he goes to the NBA, he's going to spend significant time in the D league.  Even a lot of first round picks end up in the d league now under the new CBA rules,  Fab Melo, Shelvin Mack, Perry Jones III come to mind.  

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But Fab Melo was never very good.

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I agree but if he stayed next year would his draft stock really rise that much? He seriously could end up in the d league after his senior year too. Either way, gotta finish the degree. 

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I think finishing the Degree gives him something to fall back on after basketball. There's no doubt that he's good enough to play overseas, where he would most likely make more money than being in the NBDL. Overseas was my vote if he leave, but if he can get away with coming back for another year, it would benefit him more in the long run.

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What kind of money do those guys make playing over seas?

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Depending on the league, they can get anywhere from high 5 to low 7 figures, but the teams normally pay for housing and transportation too.

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With the way the NBA evaluates players over the past 15 years or so, there is almost no way that DT will see his draft stock rise by coming back for his senior year. The league puts a premium on potential.

Unfortunately for DT, it seems many draft experts think his ceiling physically may be met. He is a nice tweener in college that can cause a bunch of mismatches, but in the NBA they wont be there. I think he'll certainly find a place on someone's roster, and his shooting will be lethal when it is his job, but it just doesn't look  like he is going to get a big pay day upfront via the draft.

I wouldn't fault him either way if he decided to go pro or come back. If he could finish a degree that obviously wouldn't hurt his career after basketball. Even worst case if the NBA doesn't workout, I could see DT gathering a nice little overseas fan base while making decent money.

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dt could most def see his draft stock rise if he came back. the guy is an elite level scorer and can certainly play the 3 in the league. for his draft stock to rise he must be able to
a) play much better defense
b) see the court much better
the problem nba ppl will see with him is his defense and when he gets the ball he is in jack mode. is he limited athletically? yes but he can still score at will he's got touch and a solid jumper. he just needs to work on other aspects of his game.

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I think DT's shooting percentage the second half of this season will put him in the early to mid second round. He has to really blow up the remaining of this season to get into the first. Anyhoot, it's up to him.

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Here are two things I know.
1) DT will have trouble guarding 3s in the NBA because he doesn't have the lateral quickness, and will struggle guarding 4s because he doesn't have the height (is truly about 6'6) nor the strength. In other words, he doesn't really have a position at the next level. If he gets drafted, it will be in the second round.
2) There is a 0 % chance he comes back next year. Guys in the program, including some of the coaches, were shocked that he came back this year. 

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I have no idea, so I went with staying here, because, optimism.