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How much should college football players get paid?



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You don't have to pay them. Just let them accept gifts and sell heir shit like every other functioning human being.

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OMG! Sell their own shit? Such radical ideas! That sounds too much like free enterprise. No way. We can't have that.
Let the gubment/governing body(J. Delany/NCAA) decide who can sell what(if at all), and for how much. That makes much more sense.



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Didn't think about this point....had I thought about it I would have voted nothing. I think it's a privelege to play on full ride scholarship but the way the NCAA is making big money off these guys isn't right either. Back in the day a firm no, today well it's tough just because of the overexposure and profiting by the NCAA.

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Just give them the exact same rights as any other student- they can sell things they own, take cash from anyone who wants to give it to them, have jobs that pay whatever they can get, etc, etc.
Yes, this leaves competition unbalanced toward schools who have boosters with deep pockets. So what. That's life. There probably shouldnt be 100+ top division schools anyway.
My brother is practically a damn genius. He was offered free-ride scholarships and stipends (that's being paid for no work, by the way) by many schools. He selected the one he did because they also arranged for him to have a paid part-time job with a research company in his field. There is nothing wrong with that. The school felt he would be an asset to their reputation in the long run and therefore lured him by providing things he wanted.
There is no reason the student-athletes should have different rules than the students.

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I can't see how they can just pay football players and not any other participants in all the other sports. Rifle team, synchronized swimming, bowling, golf etc. No college, even OSU or Texas could afford that.

Long live the southend.

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I think it's ridiculous to pay kids that are getting a free education - that's at least $20k/year.  I would've killed for that.  Having said that the rules are absolutely ridiculous too.  Let a kid get a job so he has some extra spending cash.  Or like everyone else said... let him sell his own shit!  
Now I do see the problem with selling your own stuff in that a booster for the school could easily pay way more for an item than normal, but so what?

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I don't think anyone is arguing that they are getting nothing out of the deal, but they are creating a lot more value for their university and the NCAA than just the price of their tuition.  To me the issue is that other minor league players get paid so why shouldn't these minor league players.  If the NFL and NBA develop a better minor league system then college football and basketball would be slightly less competitive, but it would look more like college baseball where the people playing chose to be amateurs and eliminating the push to pay them.

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I agree with everything except that these kids are minor leaguers.  They're not.  They're college students.  Fair or not, it's not a job.  

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Free market theory. Remove all regulative restrictions, best players will have endorsement deals, the ones that can't get endorsement deals can sell their stuff and accept other benefits. 
Under this theory, each player will be paid an amount equal to what he is worth  the best players will get the most, others will get some, and many will get little. They all still get free schollies, travel, hotels, etc. just monitor the system for improper benefits (crime basically)

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Letting them sell their own stuff is indirectly paying them.  They are getting paid because of their status as a football player.  Obviously an OSU ring will go for a lot more than Northwestern.  If you put in place, say $3k a year, then at least a kid at OSU or Michigan won't benefit more than someone who wins at Illinois or somewhere else.  

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GABuckeye, Do you really think that adding 85 players, spread out over all the classes offered at tOSU, is really costing the University 20k a year? Yes, I understand dorms and a little food too. It's peanuts compaired to the revenue brought in by football.
RBuck, Pay the Rifle team, synchronized swimming, bowling, golf etc. Are you kidding me? These sports are available because of football.  Are their body's in pain the rest of their life because of their sport?

Newcomerstown Trojans between Woody and Beaver.

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Whatever the cost of schooling is (and I was including room & board, books and food as well)... it's free for them whereas you (well maybe you) and I paid full price.

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I think they should give the full cost of attendence especially to kids that can't afford it. Not to sound arrogant but many kids wouldn't have gone to college if they weren't a good athlete and there families are in no position to give them money for 4-5 years to live on. 


College football players should be paid period.


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Urban Ohio, how in the world can you say that the rifle team and any other sport besides football doesn't deserve to be paid. My cousin is on the Ohio State gymnastics team and I am positive they put in just as much work as the football team and there bodies go through pain and all other sorts of thing but they don't deserve to get paid? Its stupid, if you pay football players how can you say other student athlets don't deserve it because they don't bring in money? And also its so stupid that getting a free college and $1100 a month isn't enough, $1100 a month is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more then enough to live off in college, rent would be like $300-$500 with utilites and $500 is pushing a lot. so you are telling me the rest of the month they can't live off $500-$700 dollars? I lived on OSU campus my rent with 3 roomates was $250 and around $300 with utilites, getting $1100 a month would have made me feel rich. People forget some of these schools with books, room and board and meal plans get over $30k a year. People are talking about P diddy's son getting a full ride at UCLA they said it was $52k a year their for out of state tution so you are telling me that isn't enough $52,000!!!!!! I don't care what people say they shouldn't get paid, and if they did you have to give it to all sports or it will be completely unfair. And you can't let them sell what ever they want and get money from whoever that is just dumb.

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There are a lot of good arguments here, and I, for the longest time, found myself completely torn. However, I think they should continue to not pay players. I understand that the universities are making a killing off of "community service work" being put in by student athletes, but they are still what they are. Not semi-pro athletes, but college players. The deal with being a college athlete is "you do your work, keep your gpa up, perform admirably, and you might get a chance to get paid for this in the future." I have plenty reasons why I feel this way, but i'll only name a few. If the NCAA does give the OK, money will be flowing and causing problems. All of a sudden, you get the feeling that some stud quarterback at Oklahoma will be holding because he's making the same amount as the 3rd string back. That means that you will have to pay everyone. Football, basketball, base, lacrosse, archery, gymnastics, whatever... Everyone gets paid, and with all that being said, it would be way too much to keep up with in terms of paperwork. Also, the big bank will definitely take the little bank. Teams like Stanford or UCLA wont even be able to compete with the USC's of their areas. Phil Knight, the owner of Nike, is in charge of the department at Oregon U. PHIL FREAKIN KNIGHT! Do you have any backdoor deals could be made? If you think things are out of control now, payment will surely only increase the problems. Maybe that's why everyone seems to agree that there is so much passion in college athletics than the pros. If someone is doing horrible, you bench them! No need to keep him in because he's getting paid a certain amount and you feel you have to play him because of such. Student athletes are more humble and dedicated than pros, for the most part.