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Will Ohio University pull off the upset against Michigan?



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I'm so confused Coach. How did we draw Ohio in the first round of the tourney? Aren't they in our league? And didnt they just demoralize us on Saturday? Coach? COACH?!?! Im so dang confused!!!

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I actually heard two analysts on Coward's(sic) show yesterday pick the Bobcats for the upset.

Long live the southend.

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Classic Walmart Wolvie in that pic! Nice Mullet and Anvil.


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Hey that's no Walmart Wolverine!  That's 1992 All-Big Ten center Steve Everitt, the first round pick of the Browns in the '93 draft.  One of the great stories in the history of linemen in our conference; he broke his thumb in a game, and went to snapping the ball left-handed.  Which is not too terribly different from a right-handed QB breaking his thumb and just throwing left-handed.  He broke his jaw in his senior year; they put screws into the fracture site and the Michigan equipment manager rigged a special helmet/face mask/chin strap to allow him to play.

For Cleveland fans, Everitt is the guy, after being sent to the Ravens, wore a Browns bandana upon his return to a game in Cleveland as a tribute to the fans that he never really had a chance to say goodbye to.

One of the all-time great ironmen in Big Ten history.

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I remember Everitt pretty well from his Browns days. He was one of the few centers who could pull and lead a running play outside of tackle.

Long live the southend.

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Looking back, it is suprising that he was not a consensus All-American.  (I wonder who were the other centers in the class of '93?)  Because I remember him as being an all-world performer at Michigan, and so too did the NFL scouts apparently.  Despite a bunch of devastating injuries, he started every game.  Here you go, Browns fans:

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Even before you pointed out it was Steve Everitt, I was already subconsciously thinking that the dude looked like a pretty cool badass. If I were going to roll into the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, with $2,000 in my wallet, clutching a bottle of Old Grand-Dad, I'd want that S.O.B. riding next to me.

In contrast, a Walmart Wolverine is the guy who would instigate a bar fight and then leave you in the lurch:

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^Awesome story M Man, and as for this poll, UM better win, for the sake of my bracket.

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The name says it all.  I know there are at least a few more folks on here with a degree from another school who grew up watching OSU sports.  Well, that's me.  Have been a die-hard OSU fan from 1990 on, when I was in junior high.  When it came time to make my college choice, I went to OSU.  After a quarter (was in Block O, the ski club, lived in Smith), I decided to attend school a little closer to home, and transferred to OU.  I love both schools, and the opportunity to beat scUM with both is a dream come true.  So, I'm picking the 'Cats.

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I don't like Ohio's chances in this game. From what I can tell, Ohio's best attribute is turning over the opposition, but Michigan takes good care of the ball, and Burke will be focused, possessed in this game, trying to make up for his rough outing against Craft. 

I'd like Ohio better against a sloppy team like FSU or Baylor.  

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Hard to believe scUM is long for the tourney when they still start guys like Novak and Douglass. Shut down Burke or Hardaway and they have a tough time scoring.  

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I don't think OU has a guy that can guard Burke. I'd liek to see TTUN lose, but I don't think it will happen the first game of the tourney.

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Wouldn't mind seeing my school next year pull off the upset on the team I dislike the most.


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A Bobcat win would justify another t-shirt offering and plenty of "Ohio" scUM jokes.

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Judging by the results of that poll, there are a lot of homers around here. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. I guess it is what it is.

But, no, Ohio U will not beat Michigan. T-hoops-TUN is too battle tested. For all their faults and ugly play at times, they freakin tied for the conference championship in the toughest conference in America this year. When Ohio U beat Georgetown, they shot 57% from three point range, and 58% overall from the floor. And they needed every point, because they still gave up 83 to Georgetown.

Michigan wins. It may be close, but the Wolverines pull away in the last 10 minutes in my opinion. Better athletes, better coaching.

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Michigan still starts Novak and Douglass...and play 2 guys off the bench.  OU's got a shot.

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Of course they have a shot. They have probably a 10-15% chance. However, that's not a 45% chance like the voters here say.