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Who wins in "The Game of the Century (REMIX)"?


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This needs an "I don't care" vote option.

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second that


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Is there an option for "we all lose"?

Seriously, every conference that is not the SEC should boycott the *expletive* BCS this year over this. You should not be able to get into the championship game without even winning your division.

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Isn't it funny that Saban was the one that said if you don't win your conference you shouldn't even be considered?

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I actually read that earlier this morning and was outraged ... but right before I spammed all my Bama friends' facebooks I did a simple google search and apparently that quote was never actually said by Saban ... Stoops said something similar in 03 I believe but as much as I hate him, Saban didn't say it. 

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Thsi is the first year in along time that I won't be watching the national champ game. Because reasons.

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I think LSU wins. Its basically a home game for it always seems to be in a National Championship game. LSU is just better and I can't think of any reason why Alabama would win besides of the revenge factor.


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alabama wins, and they split the title!!! haha

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Don't joke. It would be a way for the regional network formally known as ESPN to annoint two SEC champs in the same season.

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This is not a joke. I see it as a 50% possibility.

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Who wins in 'The Game of the Century" REMIX? 


I don't know, but not the fans. 

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Obviously the big wiinner is ESpin and the SEC as they get to talk about the GIANT SEC REMATCH for a month, no matter that in every other case for a rematch it was shot down and despite the fact that OK STATE had better resume than Bama.  Boycott ESpin, boycott the BCS and boycott any SEC game, Gator Bowl the lone exception

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LSU by at least 17

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I hope nobody watches this game or any BCS game.  Stick it to the system where it hurts the most.

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Not to be a dick, but I'm going to watch the games..I love football, yes the system sucks but if I'm going to boycott something its going to be for something more important and beneficial than college football matchups.

Some of you take this stuff way to seriously, its COLLEGE football..wacth and enjoy for entertainment, don't let it conflict with your emotions so much.


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You can go ahead and watch the games and I won't criticize you for it as long as you don't criticize me for my opinion and decision.  I hope you enjoy the games and the BCS will take your viewership as proof that they are suceeding.

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I've already put in my Blackberry calendar a reminder to go to bed early on Jan 9th and just get a good night's rest.

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Ohio State already won "The Game of the Century" back in 2006.  But the MNC this year will be 'Bama, but I'm rooting for the Mad Hatter.

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LSU by 2 TDs at least. 


They went into Bama's house and beat them. And now they get Bama in a defacto home game. 



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How many "Game of the Century" are you allowed in one CFB season?


Danny (Dipshit) Sheridan now refers to the SEC west as the NFL/SEC West.  I just think some of these sports guys have a crush on Saban and Lesticles. Let's see how NFL they are after a few years of not oversigning and have to work with the same number of recruits as everyone else.

Yes-- I do believe Saban and Miles are good coaches--(Miles is a little qwerky though) but there is definitely an advantage to clearing your 85 scholarship list of dead weight each year and moving in good recruits you have on stand-by.

It's amazing how filling a few holes in the roster can turn you from a good team into a great team.

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Since we have never seen this game before, im going to take Oklahoma State over LSU iin this fantastic SEC Big 12 matchup.


Actual answer: Nobody gives a shit outside of Alabama,Louisiana or Bristol Connecticut.

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I'm boycotting this poll.  I did not cast a vote.

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I'm boycotting your response but the only way I can tell you is to respond to your response--so just ignore this response because I'm boycotting your response

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I'm boycotting your boycott of his respone. div/0

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I'm boycotting the concept of boycotting.


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you've lost your damned mind!

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#oversigning wins in a landslide