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Who is your favorite, current Buckeye basketballer?



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It's so hard to choose, and it's especially hard to not pick Sully, who's obviously shown his loyalty to the program and his value to the team time and time again, but as a not-particularly-physically-gifted point guard when I played, I always tried to hustle like Craft, so I love to see the way he can beat guys with pure effort (not to say that he's similarly unathletic, just that he hustles like crazy)

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Really think they could lose anyone but Craft. He is the leader of this team. The gas for the engine. Don't get me wrong, they would still compete at a high level, but would look very ordinary while losing focus without him at times. In my humble opinion.

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I went with Sully because he came back this year and I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back next year. Besides, I went to high school with Satch.

Long live the southend.

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He (Satch) seems to have raised Sully to have strong character and sound moral judgments.  Was he like that in HS?  

I voted Craft because they asked for my favorite current player.  I really like Sully, but he doesn't seem to go HAM 100% of the time.  I remember reading a comment his dad made about him, saying he plays to the level of his competition or only being up for the big game or in the big moments.  Sully is hard not to like tho.  They way he treated that fan who made the funny sign of him with make-up on.  They way he handled getting spit on.  Sully's awesome.  He's just doesn't play as hard as Craft. IMO

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I chose Craft, because of reasons other people pointed out. His endless hustle and pestering defense is just fun to watch. Don't get me wrong, I definitely like Buford, Sully, Thomas, LJS, Ravanel, and Thompson. I just feel that, when Craft is off the floor, we are missing something huge as a team (remember the last 5 minutes at Kansas? It felt like everyone but Craft gave up). Plus, watching opposing guards get visibly frustrated is tons of fun.

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And he completely pisses off the opposing coaches too.

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Until the press conferences. I swear, I've heard more coaches compliment him than almost anyone with the exception of Sully.

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Willie B for me. Guy could have left and become a lottery pick in a very weak draft class imo. Nice to have him back. He has just produced his whole four years despite not getting the attention he deserves. 

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Sully cause he came back for another year when he coulda gone into the nba. Craft is a beast though, he just needs to work on his shot.

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I kinda wish that some other players would get pt so that I could get to like them more

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