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How long have you been visiting 11W?



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Since about the middle of Evan Turner's junior year. Loved the site then, love it now.

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Lurked for a LONG time before I finally signed up. I've officially been here 1 yr & 13 weeks. When did 11W change it so you had to sign up before you could post, ie no more 'guest' posts? I think I might've registered sometime after that.

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I would vote "Other" for when I started visiting. Alex got me hooked a couple months ago with a recruiting interview. Didn't register until after the Urban news broke though. 

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3+ time flies.

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2 years, Oddly it was a credit offered by Adam Rittenberg to 11W during a lunch link. Now with 11w as my homepage I hit you guys 75/1 now over espn. Thankful for AR and his non bias (in comparison to his colleagues) views and helping me find this site. To believe at a time in my life I thought ESPN was the only source around. SMH  Maybe its been longer than 2? Time has flown.

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Similar situ for me, found 11W from AR's Big Ten Blog (pre-B1G), lurked for a year or so, finally joined for the first "Predictions" of this season (a t-shirt won looks better than a t-shirt bought).  I will say, though, I went from casual lurker to habitual lurker after reading the 11W article on our vacated wins being removed from our standings as listed with the WWL when other schools' vacated wins remained (only to have them f-up frantically puting the wins back - idiots).  Anyway, I've been visiting like a crack addict since the Meyer hire, and I'm okay with that.

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I'm not sure how long I've been on this site but I know it's been a while. My relationship with the site reminds me a lot of my relationship with my wife: Not 100% sure who introduced me to it but it's hard to imagine my life without it now. It's really helped me stay sane and keep my connected with all things Ohio State while I've been here in Germany with my wife. Every time my friends have tried getting ahold of me with some bit of breaking Ohio State news I've already heard about it from you guys. I've been been preaching your good word from the mountain tops. And every morning starting around 11:30 my time I log in to the site and start banging away on F5 like a monkey with an electrode hooked up to the pleasure center of their brain until the latest Skull Session pops up. Keep up the good work guys.

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I remember the first day. Unreal to see what this has become. 

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Since the week of The Game, 2006.

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Been here since close to the beginning. Lurking, lurking.


I visited 11W before it was mainstream

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I think since the recruitment of that one kid a few years ago...Tyrelle Pryman, or something?

It didn't take me long to realize that I was seeing things on this site days before I'd see them in the "main stream" media. And, of course, what I saw was failry 99.7% accurate. 

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Since buckeyecommentary started to suck...I don't know if that is two+ or three+ years ago.  Haven't looked back since.  Keep up the good work.

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Same here.  Came over periodically from buckeyecommentary, then switched for good when Keith stopped running that site on a daily basis.

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That almost half the poll respondents are 2+ year visitors to this site is a testament to 11W's consistent excellence over time.

At the other end of the spectrum, I'm not surprised by the high number of A.U. (after Urban) visitors. A certain number of visitors will come and go in response to big events (e.g., maybe because they're not blog junkies) and the Meyer hire is obviously the most recent magnet attracting such traffic. What's especially impressive about 11W is how many casual visitors itturns into deciated visitors. 

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I used to visit back before it sucked and they linked to a couple 11W articles. I think at that time it was just Jason and Chris writing. This was probably 2007 and have been reading everyday since.  When did you start the blog, Jason?

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The site went online 8/20/2006, way back in the day on Blogger.

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Actually a little before Tress got caught as I was looking for Ramzy articles and by a stroke of luck found this site...Keep up the excellent work everyone.

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Been kickin' it since way backindaday.


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I started visiting when I first moved out of Ohio for school (September 2007), looking for info and coverage of the football games.  Been here ever since

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First time post! Been lurking since the dark summer of 2011. Came upon 11W while trying to find some, shall we say, more "balanced" coverage of the OSU situation and other school's problems that may or may not be going on.

Great site, Jason and crew! Multiple visits per day are a must! Keep up the great work!

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Been here for a little over 2 years. 11W has become my only source for all things Buckeye. I kind of feel like the black sheep of the family. Never went to OSU(had a girlfriend that went there back in the late 80's), just grew up in the great State of Ohio and am proud to call myself a Buckeye!



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Sometime last season but I don't remember exactly. I was looking for extra fluff articles on how sweet Pryor was playing (I know). I actually think I stumbled on TheBuckeyeBattleCry first, which led me to this. 

11W also led me to Reddit... and I'm not sure if that deserves a real or sarcastic thank you.

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I used to always go on ESPIN reporting, but I would always see people posting that 11W had already broken the story. Thought I would check it out and I've been hooked ever since! 

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Ever since all other media outlets went anti-Ohio state from espn, cnnsi, yahoo, columbus dispatch, Cleveland plain dealer etc... Couldn't take it anymore and like 11W better than bucknuts because you don't have to pay o read everything

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I admit I'm an 11W newb.  The first I heard of Urban being hired was at 11W, and now I'm addicted!

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Hey Staff:

Is there anyway to restore my original sign up time?  About a year ago there was an issue with my account and Jason had to delete it (same name). It only shows I have been here for about a year.  Yes, it may seem trivial, but I am actually proud to have been associated with you guys almost from the beginning (especially since for some reason, I seem to get left out of all the lady-type shout-outs--prolly all the foul language I use).



Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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11W's has had a membership system for only a little over a year now (since the start of the 2010 football season). To be precise its only been 1 year and 16 weeks. So even though I don't think your lying about how long you've been here, the earliest your sign up time can be recorded was about a little over a year ago. Remember back in the day when there was no members and commenters had to enter their name and email address every time they wanted to comment?

And piggybacking off the end of your comment, does anyone know where good 'ole Pam has been?

AngelHeartsBuckeyes's picture

yeah, I wasnt sure when the ticker started, I didnt even notice it until I had to delete my account and had start over.  And yes, I remember those days very well.  I actually remember when they changed the format of the site and was like "noooooooooo!!!!!" But of course, it all worked out. 

Was wondering the same thing about Pam.  Funny thing about her is that she and I go way back to the beginning of the ESPN blog thing years ago (she was pmmason and I was/am ozcarwnnr1 in those days and she and I just used to hand those guys their asses about tOSU)

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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those were the good ol' days.

Example: when someone like *cough* Seantrel Henderson *cough* would burn us during recruiting season and his dad Pops Henderson would say some garbage through the Media making it look like he wanted to use his kid to get a music recording contract and steer him to Coral Gables...

-people could jump on here and magically make Pops Henderson comment on this blog as a User while describing the eeeeeasy life. good times.

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Those were also the days that someone could falsely pose as another well-known poster. I remember that happening with a Bama fan on here once. The 11W crew caught him with his IP address.

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I was following Buckeye Commentary and Keith went silent.  So I found you guys and have never gone anywhere else for news about my beloved Buckeyes.

Keep up the awewome work.

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I think we're all pretty high on 11W--need to organize 11W tailgating sessions in Columbus next year

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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We hold a pretty big one every year. We'll do it again for the Nebraska game in '12.

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If I'm not haze gray, I'm gonna try to get there...probably going to be haze gray though.

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I'm not OG 11W but I'm ol' school 11W. I used to enter a different user name after coming here from leaving Yardbarker. I've had IISY since just after the second USC game I think. I really like the old Yardarker format, and when it changed I jumped ship and swam right unto 11W's lovely shores. I bounced around from here to ozone and some others, but gave up and just use 11W.

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i started visiting 11w regularly while they were still playing in malls.

...or you know, once buckeyecommentary started its descent.

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I think were alone now...there doesnt seem to be anyone one around. I think were alone now. The beating of our hearts in the only sound.

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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I just made an account today but I started coming here after espn thrashed Ohio State daily.

I come to this site everyday because of the daily, accurate, unbiased reporting

Was in Taiwan recently and they would always show the big games from the night before, including the Florida and Duke game. It was funny hearing the games announced in chinese and the announcers going nuts everytime Sullinger jammed one in.

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I found you guys somehow going from WFNY to MotSaG to idea how in the hell I found WFNY. I may have been from UniWatch somehow, and I got there from SSUR when I was writing a final paper for an art class. Wow.

"2014 National with it!!!"