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Which ESPN college football commentator is the most annoying?



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Whoever picked Herbie over Mark May is just lying to themselves. "Not. Even. Close. Bud."

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1. Desmond "I just can't see them winning no matter how hard I try" Howard

2. Mark "Ohio State sucks" May

3. Matt "I ruined an NFL franchise" Millen

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Mark May all the way. Pat Forde deserves special consideration along with his ridiculous "Dashettes".

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But McFaddens' is full of Dashettes! Putting an A.P.B. out for non-douchey on-air talent. That's what he should write. Yais.


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it's mark may and it's not even close. ESPN has some awful, awful commentators, but mark may makes it so much worse by not appearing to know anything about football in general. he plays the "hater" role, a la skip bayless. but as irritating as skip is, he's obviously well-informed. almost nothing may says makes me think he knows more about football than your average fan

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May was a linemen wasn't he? What do linemen know about football?



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Pat Forde is a pompous, arrogant, Buckeye-hating ass. Go back to Mizzou-ry, Pat.

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How any self-proclaimed Buckeye can chose anyone over Desmond is a mystery to me. Everyone has a right to dislike any person mentioned above, but DM is just garbage. I cannot stand that guy! Anytime he opens his idiotic, pompous mouth he spews forth vile, irritating nonsense! Plus, I just see that FFFFUUUUU pose every time I see him.

I kind of enjoy Holtz's antics, and Herbie could easily redeem himself IMO. Does any fan of any team actually like May? Do any players actually like May? On a national level my guess he is the overall most disliked commentator in college football.

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I totally voted for DM. The guy always has that dumb ass smile on his face and his mangling of the English lang. makes my ears bleed. Dude is dumb as a bag of hammers. I hate that guy


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Is "DM" short for Desmond Howard?  (!?)  Des Mond?

My own regard (stated elsewhere) for Desmond as a commentator is pretty low.  Twitter has frankly revealed the Desmond is not the sharpest tack in the box.

And I like Kirk Herbstreit.  I have always liked Herbstreit.  He's very good at his job.

Mark May bothers a lot of people; perhaps I don't even listen to him enough.  But he doesn't bother me.

And Lou Holtz is comic relief.  How can you hate on a guy that old, who also happens to have a membership at Augusta National?  Did I mention, that Lou Holtz is now the greatest announcer in the history of announcing, following his Hall of Fame career as the greatest coach in human history?  (I'm available every weekend in March, April and May next spring, Coach Holtz.)

The guy who needs to be fired, last year if not sooner is the All-American douchebag Matt Millen.  His presence is a deliberate insult to viewers everywhere.

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I meant DH=Desmond Howard

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Do you have an address to the hospital the young man involved in the plane crash is in?

"2014 National with it!!!"

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May got my vote. Howard is a close 2nd, but doesn't get as much airtime as May. They are both on my "list".

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Mark May wins this competition hands down. While Desmond can be annoying, May's hatred of Ohio State is legendary, and he can't hide it. I wish he would go help Trev Alberts. (ESPN sacks Trev Alberts.

I don't know why Holtz is even on the list. I love the dude. Plus, he puts May in his place. I think his lisp makes him even funnier. I just wouldn't want to be sitting across from him.