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Do you think there's any chance Ohio State will land Jadeveon Clowney?



Poe McKnoe's picture

Not unless global warming hurries the f88k up or Urban Meyer starts recruiting for us.  Kid is bound for the south.  Urban might show him stats on how the earth is warming and his games will always be 80 degrees F.

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Honestly though, how many games were played this or any season where the temerature was really all that bad?  Last year I went to the Iowa game in November and had on short sleeves.  I actually got a little bit sun burnt that day while tailgating.  It's one thing to see the temp is cold in January when you visit, but does it ever really get that cold during the regular season.  He may be destined for a southern school because that's where he's from and those are teams he likes, and has grown up watching, but I just don't know.  Ohio State has had good luck pulling kids from Florida, Georgia, and Texas before.  And rarely do great players from Ohio go south.  Although when they do I still doubt it has anything to do with temperature and everything to do with the coach they are going to and if they have family/connections in the place they are going.

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We lucked out the majority of the season, it never even rained really except during parts of the Miami game. That Michigan game however, was pretty brutal.