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What grade do you give the performance against Indiana?



JakeBuckeye's picture

First "A" of the season from me.

Nothing to not like here. Great offense, better defense, and solid special teams.

The blocked field goal was result of trying a 50+ yarder with Basil. Same thing happened against Marshall with Basil kicking a 50+ yarder. That can't be coincidence.

Coverage units played great, and the secondary answered some questions.

dr green's picture

You really give the running game an A?

JakeBuckeye's picture

I'm sorry, did the poll ask "What grade do you give the running game's performance against Indiana?"

dr green's picture

Doesn't the running game somehow need to get averaged into the overall performance to arrive at a grade?

Colin's picture

Best special teams performance of the year, they played as well as normal special teams units...which for us is a big deal right now

flipbuckeye's picture

I was bored towards the end of the 2nd quarter.  Boredom is good.  Boredom gets an A.

741's picture

Will Pryor finally score his first "winning performance" grade?

poguemahone's picture

I think I remember hearing something on the radio about how Troy Smith had only two winning performances, or something like that, his senior year 

741's picture

If 24-30, 300+ yards passing, and 3 TD's (no INT's) doesn't earn him a winning performance grade it's time for a new grading curve!

Normal Buck's picture

Fantastic defense.  Excellent coverage on the special teams (though still had a blasted FG blocked).  However, am starting to get an inkling of concern re: the running attack.

andyr78's picture

I can't give this performance an A.  Indiana does not have a very tough defense, and we still could not run the ball against them.  My only fear is that Pryor is more hurt than they are telling us.  I have never seen him avoid the run as much as he did today.

osujake9's picture

Take away Pryor's sacks and we averaged 5.1 a carry...478 yards of offense and we put our backups in early in the 3rd. What more do you people want?