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Considering all the comments on 11W about the stable of RB's, who is your #1?



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This was a super hard decision. It's hard to evaluate Hall and Berry without seeing them getting 15 snaps a game behind the first team O line. However, both of them really stand out when they're on the field. 

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No doubt. I created the poll then stared at the radio buttons deciding which one to click. Hall and Berry have definitely impressed but since I'm not one of those guys that believes Tressel starts upperclassmen if there's a better young guy, I have to believe the subtle things (blitz pick ups etc) that are harder for us to see continue to separate Saine and Herron. I'm sure there's also a trust factor (human nature) that gives Boom and Zoom an edge because they've proven what they can do in conference play. I do think Hall has now earned Tressel's trust and will continue to get more opportunities especially if Zoom doesn't start producing on the ground. Gonna be interesting to watch these next two weeks against lesser but still conference opponents leading up to Wisky. Hall could find himself more involved in the rotation even as the competition ratchets up. Berry may have to earn his wings on special teams for the time being then if he continues to light it up there against better teams, Tress might give him a few more carries. I can't see a scenario where JT lets 4 RBs carry the ball in somewhat close games and that doesn't even count Pryor as a ball carrier. Just not enough carries to go around.

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It's not tough for me.  Berry hits the holes fast like Hall, but has better acceleration, much better top end speed (only the turf tackles Berry, whereas Hall has gotten run down by at least 2 punters so far), has better lateral quickness.  Both of them lower their shoulders and move the pile forward. 

I think the two concerns are the two unknowns:  can Berry hold onto the football, and how is he in blitz-pickup?  I've seen nothing to say that he has a tendency to fumble, and he hasn't played enough to show me his blitz skills. 

Herron is dependable if unspectacular.  He makes plays with solid blocking, but doesn't so much create on his own.  Saine seems to have gotten gun shy since the Marshall game and is constantly dancing in the backfield. 

At this point, I see it, talent wise, as 1) Berry 2) Hall 3) Herron 4) Saine.  Which is ironic, since this is the reverse of the depth chart.  I guess that's why I don't make the big bucks.

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When I saw Saine live for the first time returning kicks against Akron in the Shoe a few years ago, I said out loud, "That kid is going to be good if he ever learns to stop running right at guys."

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LOL. Funny you say that, we used to say the same thing. Dude was like a tackle-seeking missile on returns. He's just not that elusive. He's improved a little but he's definitely a straight line speed guy with little wiggle. I think we need to use him in the slot more if we're going to give Herron, Hall (and Berry to a lesser degree) more carries, especially while Stoney is out.

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That's what I was saying about Berry on Saturday...every kickoff return he'd burst through then cut to the middle and head right towards the kicker. He's got alot more promise though.

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My problem with Boom is that he doesn't pick up his damn feet.  Can't count how many times I've seen him get ankle tackled with a wide open field in front of him.

But maybe I'm biased toward Saine because he grew up a mere 15 minutes from where I did.

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berry is the best back we have right now and they better find a way to get him touches.

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He's definitely the most exciting and has the most quicks. I personally need to see him get carries against another team's starters before I proclaim him the best on the roster, however. Lighting up 1st/2nd string defenders against the programs we've faced thus far isn't enough for me but the kid certainly has opened my eyes this fall. I absolutely love him on kick returns.

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I like Berry with the zone blocking scheme. 

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I voted for Boom mainly because I know Hall and Berry don't have a prayer of starting or getting more reps with Tress's philosophy. Another reason..Boom doesn't fumble. I really think Saine should be used as the #3 receiver out ot the slot. That would solve a few things..Saine would be in the open field and Hall and Berry would get more chances.

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The obvious answer is Pryor is the best running back we have... I think we will continue to see all four of these RB's get touches. The question becomes who will "start" and who will get the most touches. I think we know enough about Coach Tressel to know that barring injury, the starters will be Saine/Herron. I believe Tressel will keep rotating all four of these guys in the game at times. Berry probably gets the fewest opportunities of the four, but we also know that during a game Tressel will keep feeding touches to RB's that are producing yards. I think if Berry gets a chance he may be able to earn more carries down the road.

If it was my choice today, I'd have to go with Boom as my "1a" guy as he seems to have the most rounded out package of skills right now.

I like all four of these guys for certain things, but none of them stack up to the complete package Pryor brings to the table. I'd rather have the ball in his hands the majority of the time and give him the option to make a play with his arm, or with his feet if he feels it. He is converting a hell of a lot of 3rd and 8's with his feet (and breaking them off for big gains) it seems to me.

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All good comments about good backs.  I still opt for Saine, however I do not believe he is the best at carrying the ball through the line.  In this offense though, there are a lot of other things the running back must do - and where is does excel is as a receiver out of the backfield - something that makes this offense click.  His performance in the Rose Bowl and this Sept proves that he is probably one of the best backs to create mismatches for DB's (yet, any of the other three would be preferred on screen passes).  He is still not an every down back, but I don't think we have one in this mix.  Hall may be the closest to that description.  Berry, flat out, is the most exciting runner.  And, Boom is the most hard nosed.  It is nice to have this dilemma.  And, nice to know that the cupboard will still be overflowing next year.