Baltimore Ravens Cut John Simon

By 11W Staff on August 30, 2014 at 2:03p
Simon at Wisconsin in 2012

John Simon at Wisconsin in 2012 [Walt Keys,]


The Baltimore Ravens picked John Simon in the fifth round of the 2013 draft. The Ravens moved the former Ohio State defensive line standout to linebacker in 2013 (Simon posted four tackles in seven games.) 

Today, however, according to various media reports, John Simon has been cut.

Like Terrelle Pryor before him, Simon posted one of his best career performances (albeit preseason) a few days prior. 

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They will most certainly regret this.

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We're getting screwed in Baltimore today.  Good for Simon...hate that team.  He can go to a 4-3 defense now.

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Hang in there Simon - we love you here

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Everything is stinking politics any longer. There is no more merit involved in making it.

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Very surprised.

Head up, young man.

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C'mon Texans.  Pick him up......  Not a Texan fan but would like to see MV use him.

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Wish he had some eligibility left. We could use him today.

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Come on over to Chi-Town. ;)

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He will find a home somewhere else, I'm sure of that.

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Assistant Dline coach position at OSU? Sure let's make one for him. 

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I'd rather see him assisting Mickey M.

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This one hurts.  I've gotta believe Simon lands on his feet somewhere.

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Dumb move. How could any team cut a freak of an athlete? The Browns sure could use him..

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GA at Ohio State.  Urban would take him yesterday.

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Classic tweener. Great collegiate career but he lacks a true position in the NFL. I caught all sorts of hell for telling it like it is about Johnny. Hope he lands somewhere but he just doesnt strike me as an NFLer

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Bring him back as a member of the staff.

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That's a crap organization if I've ever seen one, moved out of Cleveland, franchise player involved in a murder, cut Troy Smith, and now cut John Simon. Idiots. One half of the reason that despite being a Bengals fan I root for the Browns at least four times a year.

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Go to Minnesota to play and learn from Jared Allen. He's got the same motor and needs to be a DL, not a LB.

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Doesn't Jared Allen play for the Bears now? 

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The Browns could use his talent.

Go Bucks!