Ohio State Flips the Switch on Permanent Stadium Lights for First Time

By 11W Staff on July 24, 2014 at 8:43a
The new permanent lights at Ohio Stadium were turned on for the first time Wednesday night.


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So, will multiple home night games a year become a routine?

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If UFM had it his way, every game (beside scUM) would be a night game. All kidding aside, it's highly likely we will have multiple night games every season going forward. 

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It would have to be.  No other reason to do it.  One-ish night games a year is not enough to warrant permanent lights.  But 2-3 or more is.  Also concerts and other things?

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Actually for the amount they paid Musco Lighting for the temporary lights, a night game a year would be enough to pay for the capitalized expense of permanent lighting over a multi year period. As far as concerts go, there are currently no plans to hold any at the shoe. The only activity other than sports rumored for the shoe was a potential wrestlemania in 2018.


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I always assumed that whomever was paying OSU for the rights to televise the game in question paid for the temporary lights to be brought in - was that an incorrect assumption?

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That would be pure speculation on my part but I would assume that it would be the school's responsibility unless the conference television contract stipulated otherwise. 

I do know it cost about six figures to have temporary lighting for night games, whoever foots the bill. Just in general though, the school's are provided a very large sum of cash for TV rights and TV contracts. I think that sum pays for operations around the game from access to the stadium in advance of the game to security and so on. School's that do it more efficiently will have more of the TV monies left at the end of the year.


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That is is right, the broadcaster always paid for it before.

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I am not into wrestling at all. However, I would be all about watching Wrestlemania in the  'shoe. 
Hope it's dedicated to Columbus' own Macho Man Randy Savage 



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If the 'Shoe hosts Wrestlemania it would set the WM attendance record, currently held by the state of M!chigan. Just another way to one-up that state up north.

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-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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What I would give to see Lauranitus in the ring...in the shoe! That would make his dad proud!! 

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One can always be hopeful for a winter classic against the pens or the wings

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That would be perfection (hopefully Pens, not Wings).  Either way though the Shoe would be an awesome spot for the Classic.

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Remember that in late Fall, 3:30 games need lighting by the 4th quarter.

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I hope so!!

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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Is it just me or do the newly added seats make it look weird?

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I think it'll look better once completed.  Doesn't look like the seats are done yet.

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Is the scoreboard expected to illuminate the South Stands? It looks pretty damn dark over there. 


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I think I'm actually okay with this. I'd be very curious to see what this shot looks like with the south stands full of students. 


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All the camera flashes will do that when we run up the score.

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The ring of lights above South Stands and below C deck are not turned on (assuming they did not go away with the renovation).  Those wold make a big difference for the amount of light in south stands and on the field.

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The purpose of the field lights is to illuminate the field.  Any illumination by the field lights of the stands is incidental.  And, yes the scoreboard will, by default, illuminate the south stands. 

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I like the look that way.  All of the light focused on the field makes it look sharp.  I'm sure the scoreboard and ribbon boards will help with the lighting of the stands too.

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Well done Gene Smith, well done…really excited to see the covered tunnel additions. 

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It may take getting used too, but I'm just not down with playing the Illinois' and UC's of the world at night. I still view night games as special against worthy opponents.

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The Illinois game is the one that seems out of place as a night game... I don't have a problem with the Va. Tech game (obviously) or the Uc game being played under the lights. UC is a decent OOC game now - they're not FAMU or Buffalo...

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If you scroll down far enough to only see the field level, it looks like a noon kick. I'd say that means they've done done it right. 

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I was at the stadium last night, but in a hurry and didn't have a chance to take photos; because Smith's photo includes a light bank in the upper left corner, the rest of the image wound up darker.  I can tell you the new lighting is VERY bright and clearly illuminates south stands as well.  Not surprising because there are more individual bulbs but I would say the new permanent system throws considerably more light than did the temporary Musco setups.

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Are the tunnels fully done yet?  It would be cool to get a walkthrough with pics coming out of the tunnel.  I'm sure if they are done we will get pics during FNL

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They are not done, yet.

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whoops double post


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Really wish we had the lights that angled out over the C-deck, like so:

But I'm sure I'll fall in love with them when I go to the first night game, regardless.

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I can promise you that the Shoe is better than BofA Stadium in every way possible!


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Does BofA Stadium sell beer?

The person responsible for toes clearly wanted you to stub them.

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I'm not so sure about that.  I went to BofA stadium this year for the Belk Bowl and that is definitely a 1st class facility.  Of course it doesn't have the history of The Shoe, but its an extremely nice stadium

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There's a part of Heaven known through out the land where angels play and it's simply known as The Horseshoe. Go Bucks!

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If he took a picture of the lights...why wouldn't he actually take another picture of....I don't know...the lights themselves?

I like the bux.