Five Named Permanent Captains for 2013 Season

By Kyle Rowland on April 25, 2014 at 12:09p

The 2013 season ended months ago, but Ohio State is just now getting around to naming permanent captains for the 12-2 campaign. Jack Mewhort, C.J. Barnett, Corey Linsley, Kenny Guiton and Corey Brown were tabbed with the honors Friday. 

Ryan Shazier, Braxton Miller and Christian Bryant were part an eight-man group of roving captains last season but did not earn permanent honors. 

The Buckeyes have now recognized 254 players as a team captain in its 124-year history. Only eight have been multi-season captains.  


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Well deserved, all.  Happy for KG.

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This seems a bit silly.

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I don't know. I kind of like it. It kind of eliminates the chance that a guy like Taylor Lewan could go down in the history books as a team captain - which at OSU is quite prestigious. He may have been the most talented guy on the team but there is no way (you would hope) that the coaching staff wanted a guy like him "leading by example" with a capital "C" on his chest.


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I'm somewhat surprised that Corey Brown was named over Ryan Shazier, however all are well deserving! Go Bucks

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Corey Brown over Christian Bryant is stunning.  I don't care that he only played 5 games, what Bryant meant to that defense and the team as a whole is obvious.

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Philly meant a lot also.


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I suppose he meant to fair catch that punt, too.

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Shazier was a Junior...typically OSU goes with Seniors only

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I was kinda pulling for Bryant to make it, but still great!

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-The Aristocrats!

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Damn it.  I came in here to give Kyle a rub about screwing up the date.  SMH

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happy with the selection just not a big fan of waiting until NOW for the 2013 Captains… I think this should be something thats done one the last day of Fall Camp rather than a few weeks after the Spring Game for the next season. Suppose you want the leaders to act like leaders and maybe this process yields the best results in terms of competing to be a captain through leadership, but Im a bit of a traditionalist and am for it to be done before the season starts.

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Good timing LOL  SMH

Michigan sucks.

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Slow news day

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I'm assuming these are the highest vote getters. I thought that Urban only named so many captains last year because he didn't want the backup QB to be a captain and not the starter. I thought that was pretty obvious.

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Congrats to that five?

Will this help recruiting?

**goes back to "work"**

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So I guess we can expect the official naming of captains for the 2014 season in late April of 2015. 

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Fact that the team's starting QB didn't get voted permanent captain says miles about his lack of leadership.




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...or the fact that he was only a junior.

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Or it says that this team had a very strong group of seniors. When was the last time you heard anything negative about Braxton Miller from any players or coaches?


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Would you say the same about Shazier?

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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This is absolutely true but it shouldn't be taken to mean that he was a bad apple or anything like that. I always got the sense that he did things the right way. He's just not demonstrative. You're not going to see him riding a guy who screws up like Jordan or trying to motivate his teammates when they are down like a Tebow or Winston. He's leading from behind.

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I thought I was in some sort of twilight zone reading this...but then I realized what happened 

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The whole 8 player platoon at captain seemed a little ridiculous to me.  Hopefully thats cut back a little more this year

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Which of 8, of whom do they consist as multi year Capos?

Go Bucks!

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When I first saw this, I assumed you took last years article about the captains and put it on the front page. I was like: 2013 captains? I thought they were named last season. Then I read the article. I think captains should be named before or during the season, not after. They can change during the season, but after the season ended? That being said, congratulations to the 2013 captains. The honor is well deserved, though I wish the season ended with a National Championship, not 2 straight losses. Congratulations to Mewhort, Barnett, Linsley, Guiton, and Brown. We will miss you next season, but it is time for the new recruits to take your place.

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With a NC?  That was never a possibility with that team.

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Congrats to all of those guys!! Well deserved!!

Go Bucks!!

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Crazy that Bryant wasn't a capitan. Most of the team raved about him as the biggest leader on the team last year.

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Wait a minute Doc, are you telling me that you built a time machine...out of a DeLorean??

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

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Actually never knew they did this. 

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This is very strange. Im freaking confused….It's 2014….Help?

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I'm sorry but, who gives a fuck

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This is the exact worthless shit people have been complaining about.  Why the hell is this even a story? 

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Because Ohio State released a statement?

You may think it a stupid practice to name captains after the season but Urban Meyer clearly doesn't and it is Ohio State news.  

I think the offseason news drought is getting to you.  I recommend you rewatch the Michigan game a few times to help you get through it until the preseason mags come out.

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I retract previous statement as I read the article and wrote AFTER several Jack and My comprehension was slightly inebriated. 

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I think they should just pick the captains for the year, and if they don't do the job as captains during the year, you take their captaincy away and replace them.  I watched The Mighty Ducks part 3--or 4 and that's the way you're supposed to do it.

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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