Heuerman Undergoes Surgery on Sprained Foot

By Kyle Rowland on April 1, 2014 at 7:55p

The list has been lengthened. And it's a dubious one — spring practice injuries. 

Vonn Bell and Jalin Marshall are two potential starters who've already suffered spring-ending injuries. Now tight end Jeff Heuerman has pushed that number to three, head coach Urban Meyer said on Tuesday.

Heuerman suffered a sprained foot in practice last week and reportedly underwent surgery at the Cleveland Clinic on Monday. Meyer said the senior will be in a cast/boot for six weeks and should be full speed for summer conditioning in June. 

The injury leaves Junior Nick Vannett and redshirt freshman Marcus Baugh as the Buckeyes' top two tight ends. 


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Get well soon... One of my favorite buckeyes since he's been in Columbus. Hopefully by summer camp we'll be all healed up and ready for a championship run.

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I agree he too is one of my favorite buckeyes. I think he is underused and very underrated. He could be a monster if they threw his way every once on a while. 


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A good sign that practice is intense, guys don't get hurt standing around. 

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"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

-Woody Hayes

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I didn't realize Jalin was hurt as well. That's two springs (or offseason's) in a row for him, yea?

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This is a bad April fools joke...I hope.

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Why surgery way up at Cleveland Clinic?


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This is unfortunate but if the foot heals properly it shouldn't be an issue in September.  Meanwhile, maybe a chance for Marcus Baugh to work his way into some PT a little faster.  I sure hope so.

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You know it - turning heads I hope.

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FILTH AND FOUL, FILTH, FILTH AND FOUL......sorry about the language folks!!!!