Are Buckeyes a long shot for three-star lineman Kieffer Longson?

By Jeremy Birmingham on September 4, 2014 at 6:00p
Kieffer Longson during Ohio State visit this past June

San Ramon, California offensive lineman Kieffer Longson, a 6-foot-7, 290-pound tackle at Dougherty Valley High School says the grind of college football is something he's going to be prepared for.

"I'm up every day around 6:15 a.m.," Longson told Eleven Warriors. "I have seminary in the mornings, Monday through Friday, and it starts at 7:00 a.m. I have to help get my siblings out the door every morning."

Ranked as the 24th-best guard in the country for 2015, Longson recently narrowed down his college choices to three: Brigham Young, Ohio State, and Utah. If the Buckeyes inclusion — especially with two schools closely associated with players of the Mormon faith — surprises you, it shouldn't. The Buckeye offered Longson in November of 2013 and have kept regular tabs on him. He got his first chance to check out Ohio State in June and both he, and his parents, came away very impressed.

"I talk to Ohio State still, and I am planning on visiting there again after my season," he said of the Buckeyes. "Ed Warinner is one of the best offensive line coaches I've met, and it was good getting to know him better when I was there in June. My parents loved Ohio State too."

As for what he's looking for in a school choice, Longson has it broken down into three major categories: good football, a good education and a good social life. He says of the three remaining finalists, each of them has particular advantages.

"I think Ohio State stacks up really well with BYU and Utah, educationally," Longson said. "As I look at it the final three are all pretty even in education, and Ohio State gets the edge in football for sure. The social life side of things probably goes to Utah and BYU because of their religious aspect, and that's very important to me. When it comes down to it, the final choice is a really difficult one to make for me."

What stands out about Ohio State for him? The recent success of Ed Warinner and his penchant for developing NFL-caliber lineman.

"The best way to the NFL is through Ohio State," he said. "Corey Linsley is a rookie and he's going to start, Jack Mewhort is a rookie and he might start. They've put a lot of lineman in the NFL in the last year. Everything's on the table with Ohio State, I just need time to decide and to get back there for another visit."

Whichever school signs Longson come February will have to wait two more years to get him on campus, and he's let each of them know that in advance.

"I will be taking a two-year mission after I graduate," the lineman said. "All three of the schools are cool with that and it's something I'm really looking forward to, the chance to go out and help people is something I'm excited for."

If you think the faith aspect means Longson is that much more familiar with Utah or BYU than Ohio State, you'd be surprised to find that's not really the case. He hopes to continue to learn more about each of them as a decision looms.

"I'm going to decide after my season," Longson said of his timeline. "I've visited Ohio State once, and Utah and BYU each twice, so there's not much of an advantage for any school as far how well I know them."


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He looks 30 in that picture! Haha.

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Lot's of Mormons in Ohio; I think he could find a community here. Pretty cool that he is planning on doing his mission. Not many guys like him out there. I hope we land him.

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Bleeding-Scarlet-Grey's picture

If he commits would that count against our numbers for the next two years? And if not why commit at all? Also will he still be training for football while doing his mission work because two years away from anything football could set a player back immensely! But he seems like an excellent kid and has HIS life priorities set and good for him!

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While on your mission you can exercise for 30 min to 1hour a day. A lot of guys on missions that plan on playing d1 ball squeeze in a little more time, some don't.
Even though generally guys don't come back in the greatest shape, they bounce back quickly. In fact alot of coaches feel BYU has a big advantage with returned missionaries because of both the physical and mental maturity guys come back with after their mission.
FWIW, the reason I'm such a big Ohio State fan is because I served my mission in Columbus. My heart is still in Ohio.


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Bleeding-Scarlet-Grey's picture

Thanks for the input since I don't know the fine details of mission work, I guess my real question/concern would be that everything can change in two years so why would you put yourself and a school in a "contract" when in in two years you can reevaluate your situation and make your decision based on your life situation at that time. Say (random) said player returns and has a total character, physical, or mental change from what the school originally recruited, now they are stuck with that player taking up a scholarship. Or said player returns and the coaching staff has changed and now does not fit what the player is looking for. i'm not saying this young man is going to do any of this, and I'm all for him following his beliefs and life priorities, I just think it's a weird set of circumstances for both the player and school.

By the way glad to have you in Buckeye nation!

Brother man, I have MADE and LOST millions in my lifetime.... Brain cells that is! How I made those millions I do not know because the secret has been lost in the millions I have lost!!!! ~ Taco

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Your absolutely right, as you can imagine when you come home from a mission your initial school of choice can change for a lot of reasons. And it changes a with a lot of returned missionaries. Unfortunately for a lot of them naturally they trend towards BYU.


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He is one large high schooler - I'd love to know what his wingspan is.

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Wow, he's a big young man...and playing guard?

If Longson was to come to OSU, I'd love to see him paired with Feder. That would be the tallest guard tackle combo I'd know of

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That would make a lot of shade for the quarterback if he stayed in the pocket.  Great for late afternoon games.

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I am wondering why he is only a 3-star.  I know the "star system" is at least somewhat subjective and historically flawed.  Still, makes me wonder.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Because Hokas Pokas comes 1st, ball comes 2nd=3 stars.

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Would love to have the talent but this young man must seriously consider the possibility of getting lost at OSU from a social stand point. This happens to many Ohio students. He can flourish in all three aspects but the social aspect will be more challenging than BYU or Utah due to thier lack of diversity.


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Obviously a very high character guy and any of the schools football programs would be lucky to have him