Torrance Gibson Finally Arrives in Columbus

By Kyle Rowland on July 25, 2014 at 8:20a
Five-star dual-threat quarterback Torrance Gibson is in Columbus visiting Ohio State.

You can’t go much further south than Fort Lauderdale in the United States. Torrance Gibson understands the complications distance presents more than anyone. The 1,100-mile trip is what’s kept him from Columbus, Ohio. That all changes tonight.

The dual-threat quarterback, set to make a college decision in October, will finally step foot on Ohio State’s campus after previous visits fell through. Gibson, a five-star 2015 recruit, will be on hand for Friday Night Lights but not participate. Instead, his time on the 1,777-acre campus will be spent listening to coaches explain where he fits for the Buckeyes.

Once again, Urban Meyer and Mark Pantoni’s vision of Friday Night Lights proves successful. The event started at Florida as an opportunity for blue chippers to showcase themselves against elite competition. It doubles as an equally valuable occasion for Ohio State’s coaches.

All together, they’ll be in a lit-up Ohio Stadium, thanks to the recent construction of permanent lights. Thousands of fans will be in attendance, setting off a buzz in the stadium that will act as an introduction to the Horseshoe.

Gibson’s presence will add to the hoopla. 

Some recruiting services list Gibson as an athlete, but the American Heritage star should get an opportunity to play quarterback at Ohio State. His skill set meshes well with what Meyer and Tom Herman covet from quarterbacks and Gibson’s already proven he can produce results.

At 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds, he gives off visions of Terrelle Pryor. The 4.47 speed only adds to the picture. Last season, Gibson put up video-game numbers, completing 55 percent of his pass attempts for 1,789 yards with 19 touchdowns and just three interceptions. His rushing statistics – 1,063 yards and 10 touchdowns on 111 attempts – might be even more impressive.

The speed and athleticism combined with size has some colleges seeking Gibson as a wide receiver. He dabbled at the position in 7-on-7 tournaments and camps this summer, but remains steadfast in his desire to play quarterback in college. Gibson’s current favorites, Tennessee and Auburn, have him pegged behind center.

“I’m not an athlete, I’m a quarterback,” Gibson said at The Opening.

During the past year, the Buckeyes’ interest in Gibson – or at least the perception – has resembled the Millennium Force, with its peaks and valleys. Gibson slid Ohio State down his list of finalists, though this weekend’s visit bodes well. The last time he spoke with Ohio State’s coaches face-to-face was at the Orange Bowl when Gibson watched the Buckeyes practice.

Being present on campus is one of Ohio State’s top goals. If they can get recruits to Columbus, they believe the chances of a commitment soar. It’s all about showcasing what they can be a part of. From the looks of Gibson’s Twitter page, he’s excited about his arrival in the Midwest.

The Buckeyes already have one quarterback signed in the current recruiting class – Athens native Joe Burrow, a three-star dual-threat who was on few program’s radar, committed in late May. Making room for another quarterback is a non-issue.

It’s a position of utmost importance for what Meyer wants to accomplish. In his two-plus years on the job, J.T. Barrett, Stephen Collier and Burrow are the quarterbacks he’s received commitments from.

Gibson is primed to back up his stellar junior season. It was his first full year as the starting quarterback. Not that it stopped the U.S. Army All-American Bowl from extending an invitation to the sought after player.

“He’s obviously probably the finest athlete in the country,” Trent Dilfer said at the Elite 11 camp.

An athlete – or quarterback – Meyer wants to see in scarlet and gray.


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Chief B1G Dump's picture

Just hold on a sec...there still about 12 hours till it starts, never know what may happen in that time span. QB or WR tonight?

Anyhow, with all we've heard all about the kid, I'm most interested to see Birms prediction of him just getting here being the deal sealer. Looking forward to the updates and 1000s of forum threads. 

Im in thinking the timing on the opening of the new locker room was no coincidence. 

+3 HS
Dips's picture

Neither. He's not participating, just spectating.

or at least a little birdie known as the article above us said.

+3 HS
Jordan Wagner's picture

Don't believe he is working out. He wants to play QB. 

ibuck's picture

What about Meyer & Herman wanting to see a QB throw before they get a committable offer?

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

If you can't win your conference, just quietly accept your non-playoff bowl game.

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

For as much as I disliked the Pryor era, I can't help but want to try it again.  

Read my entire screen name....

+7 HS
KingsRite's picture

This time it could be with a "Go for the Jugular" coach like Urban. This could be fun.

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

+5 HS
sharks's picture

Gibson, you say? Did this guy come out of nowhere or what...

A man got to have a code...

+12 HS
MN Buckeye's picture

While it's about time he finally gets on campus, this has been a complex recruitment. This will be one of several very interesting story lines to follow this weekend.

+1 HS
apack614's picture

So, I'm somewhat confused on what getting him to the campus is helping.. Is it just to show him how beautiful it is and how loyal the city of Columbus is and all the great things to do in what most people that aren't from Columbus still think is a farm town? This is an actual question no pun inetended.

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

+1 HS
Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

I think its a few things:

1. Football stuff - we have the best facilities and support system.

2. The campus - yep, it's beautiful and its huge

3. The city - dispatch preconceived notions about midwestern cities.

Seeing is believing and recruits can get a feel for a place on a visit and start to think about how they'd see themselves there.

Read my entire screen name....

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Kyle Rowland's picture

Talk to coaches, see the campus, see facilities, take in the city, witness FNL, etc. All of it combined is impressionable for a high school kid. 

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rjsmitty's picture

Not to mention the importance of him starting to build a brotherhood with all the current OSU commits, and so he can begin to experience the feeling of Family that is Ohio State.

"I don't wanna coach average! To hell with that!"  -UFM

+4 HS
apack614's picture

Hmmmmm he should be overly impressed then (hopefully) thanks for the inforamtion guys, Go Bucks!

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

Phoenix824's picture

Very few people would pick where they are going to spend the next four years of their lives site unseen.    See the campus and facilties,  get to know the coaches and players.   All those go into a college decision.

+3 HS
Buckeye in a Bobcat world's picture

I think an overlooked part of the "campus life" by some of these kids is that Columbus isn't a "college town".... It's a city with things to do. Which can really be appealing to some kids. Not all, but some. 

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OSUpawn's picture

Who is this Gibson? 

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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KingsRite's picture

After all there has been cows running loose on the outerbelt before and those tractors on S.R. 42 are a pain in the arse...

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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ITWASME's picture

Some people in other states actually believe that and it's sad

+2 HS
WesPatterson23's picture

Thank you construction workers for finishing the locker room!!

+4 HS
nrbuckguy's picture

Don't forget about Danny Clark committing as well, even though it's still like 4 years down the road until he can play.  Probably going to be the best out of the bunch committed so far.  Getting Gibson to commit would obviously be something that Urban doesn't turn down, just kind of wondering if it would affect Dwayne Haskins at all for 2016 since he would already know that he is sandwiched between Gibson, Burrow, and Clark.  I really want an early commit at QB next year because that class has the chance to be special #buckeyeprobs!

In Urban We Trust

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OSU069's picture

I don't think he will be affected. Burrow is a solid player but he is not rated high enough to scare off anyone. Gibson is very talented but we don't even know for sure if he will end up being a QB. 

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RedStorm45's picture

will finally step foot on Ohio State’s campus after previous visits fell threw.

Pun intended?

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DannyBeane's picture

Wait till he sees the new locker rooms...

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Denny's picture

“He’s obviously probably the finest athlete in the country,” Trent Dilfer said at the Elite 11 camp.

Trent Dilfer has obviously probably studied at the Peter King School of Hedging.


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gumtape's picture

High and tight boo boo

+22 HS
BroJim's picture

"He’s obviously probably" ~Trent Dilfer

Well said, Dilfer! 

I season my simple food with hunger

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Young_Turk's picture

Is there a difference between "obviously probably" and "probably obviously"?



+20 HS
Buckeyeneer's picture


"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

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Young_Turk's picture

I think Probobviously is better because of how it rolls off the tongue and I like it cause it reminds me of Bob Loblaw.  


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Tater_Schroeder's picture




+16 HS
sivaDavis's picture

Getting him on campus is huge. And it's not even an official visit. Hope FNL leaves a big impression on him and he also offically visits for a game before committing in October. Why make the drive if not still highly interested in Ohio State? Reel him in Urban.

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

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mtrotb's picture

Be cool if they have all the four QB's-Miller, Jones, Barrett, and Collier together and he takes notice and says to himself, "Well this is great"


+2 HS
bigtenspeed's picture

I hope they get him but am a little scared of the Bobby DiGeronimo types that flock to guys like this. Maybe they can hire Johnny Narron to watch over him.

-1 HS
JakeStevensIsSwag's picture

Are current players allowed to attend? Or is it against some rule?

Buckeye fan from PA

PasadenaBuckeye626's picture

Secret Service agents will be accompanying Gibson

Go Bucks!

+1 HS
CC's picture

I think people forget what a freak TP was.  He was 1 inch taller and 30 pound bigger but ran 4.33.  So he was much bigger and slightly faster.

It's similar to comparing Sweat to Clowney.  Sweat and Gibson may be great, but the two they are compared to are legit freak shows.

+1 HS
buckeyebfd's picture

Just sic Justin Hilliard on him

OH1O State's picture

According to reports, TG did participate in throwing drills and received one-on-one coaching from Coach Meyer.  I wasn't expecting him to workout.  I can't help but remain optimistic!

KingsRite's picture

I'm glad he decided to participate. Just coming and watching didn't make sense to me.

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

+1 HS