2015 Georgia OL Standout Venzell Boulware Discusses Buckeyes Visit

By Jeremy Birmingham on June 1, 2014 at 11:36p

He's visited Clemson, Alabama, Florida State, Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn and others, Fairburn, but Georgia 2015 offensive lineman Venzell Boulware made no bones about it. His two-day visit to Ohio State this past weekend has set the standard.

"It was really cool up there," Boulware said of trip to Ohio State. "(I decided) like a week ago to make the trip. I've never been to Columbus, so I guess you can say (the visit surprised me). It was really how they take care of their players after football, I was comfortable as soon as I got there. It's the best visit I've been on."

It was more than just the city that impressed the nation's 36th-ranked offensive lineman. Ohio State was everything he'd heard it was.

"The tradition of the school (stood out)," he added. "I got to spend time hanging out with the coaches, I got to meet Braxton Miller and Friday night I hung out with Stephen Collier watching the Heat and Pacers game. I talked with Raekwon McMillan a lot, also. Those two guys are both from Georgia as well, so I got to ask them a lot of questions and they both love it (at Ohio State)."

Although Kerry Coombs is handling most of his recruiting, Boulware was glad to get a chance to hang out with Ohio State's offensive line coach Ed Warinner on Saturday morning. 

"The second day I was there I got to start the day spending a couple hours with (Warinner)," he said. "I can tell from watching their recent offensive line that (he's a great teacher), and I got a really good feel for him."

The reputation of the offensive line coach is something that the 6-foot-4, 290 pound tackle holds as highly important in his college choice. With 21 current offers, he'll have to break things down soon, and he's ready to commit whenever he's sure of choice.

"I'm looking for a great offensive line coach, great academics and a winning football program," Boulware said. "I had a very good feeling at Ohio State, but I'm trying to be patient. I want to get out to California and visit USC this summer. I'll decide when I know I am ready."

Boulware's decision could come at any time, but he hopes to get back to Ohio State soon.

"I don't have a return trip planned yet," he said of getting back to Columbus. "I want to get up there for a game."


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BuckeyeNationforLife's picture

Seems like a very smart kid, he is very well-spoken. Choose Ohio State, bud!

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Highlights are nice - I like how he goes to the next level and takes on the LB's with ease.

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BuckeyeStrong2's picture

Any relation to former FSU/Baltimore Raven LB Peter Boulware?


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Seattle Linga's picture

That's exactly what I thought

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AirAssaultBuckeye's picture

Ditto here as soon as I saw the last name!!!

Rendezvous With Destiny

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Seems like a great guy and would fit with our culture. 

Raleigh Buckeye

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I really like hearing that Collier is really showing some leadership qualities.  

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Man, that girl in the background of the picture is absolutely glowing.

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Must be some new IPhone app that she's gazing at.

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"That's God," St. Peter replied. "But he thinks he's Woody Hayes."

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They are out there...

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Thanks Birm.  I like him a lot.  His comments were right on about an offensive line coach, he seems very coachable.  Question Birm, how's Bell doing with rehab?  

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Would be great addition to the class. Good that he spoke with Raekwon and Collier as well. Nobody can tell him any better ....other than 2 guys we already have, in C-bus.


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I wish the focus of OSU recruiting was O-line & D-line.  A superior O-line can make an average running back look like an All American.  A superior D-line can make the back 7 look much better than they are.

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Ahh Saturday's picture

In the three recruiting classes Urban has signed at OSU there have been 2 consensus 5* prospects and 17 consensus 4* prospects along the OL and DL.  That seems pretty focused to me.

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Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

I don't know how anyone can say that DL recruiting hasn't been a (and arguably 'the') focus over the past few years.

Noah Spence ***** #1 WDE, #5 National
Adolphus Washington ***** #2 WDE, #21 National
Joey Bosa **** #4 SDE, #37 National
Jalyn Holmes **** #4 WDE, #80 National
Tommy Schutt **** #9 DT, #80 National
Se'Von Pittman **** #8 WDE, #88 National
Mike Hill **** #15 DT, #176 National
Billy Price **** #17 DT, #204 National
Donovan Munger **** #24 DT, #284 National
Tyquan Lewis **** #12 WDE, #285 National
Jamal Marcus **** #21 WDE, #321 National
Tracy Sprinkle *** #34 SDE, #637 National
Dylan Thompson *** #23 SDE
Darius Slade *** #42 SDE

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Collier AND McMillan doin' work.



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Competing against the California sun is a tough sell.  Especially when they visit OSU in the colder months.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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He said he was very impressed with how Ohio State takes care of their players.  Let's just hope he continues to be impressed more by TOSU after the west coast visits.

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Nice to get the Highlight real right there on the page... thanks for that!

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Sign him up!