Buckeyes Extend Four Offers in Michigan, One in Canada

By Jordan Wagner on May 19, 2014 at 3:00p
Neville Gallimore

Neville Gallimore (Canada Football Chat photo)


Ohio State continues to extend offers to new underclassmen recruiting targets. Kerry Coombs spent his Friday planting flags in Michigan, while Tom Herman spent his in Arizona. The Buckeyes are still searching for a class leader as they sit with only two pledges to the class of 2015.

Flag Planting at Cass Tech

Buckeye assistant coach and respected recruiter Kerry Coombs headed to a familiar school over the weekend to extend offers to some of Michigan's top talent. 

Cass Technical High School in Detroit is fertile recruiting ground. Ohio State landed 2014 signee Damon Webb from Cass Tech, and Coombs' recent trip created some buzz. The Buckeyes have extended at least three offers to Cass Tech prospects, leading Damon Webb Sr. to think the school is about to be an Ohio State pipeline.

On Friday, Coombs extended offers to Cass Tech underclassmen Michael Onwenu and Donovan Peoples-Jones, making Ohio State the first school to offer both prospects. Both prospects are familiar with OSU after spring visits to Columbus. 

It's not every day the Buckeyes are the first school to offer a prospect. Michigan schools are more likely to offer in-state prospects, and Ohio State beating them to the punch caused plenty of talk on Twitter.

Many analysts in the Michigan recruiting scene expect Peoples-Jones and Onwenu to be top prospects. Peoples-Jones, a 2017 wide receiver prospect, is already 6-foot-1 and about 170 pounds. An injury held him back early in his freshman season, but Peoples-Jones expects to be one of the most recruited prospects in the Midwest. His mix of size, speed and athleticism convinced OSU to offer him early. 

After an April visit, the Cass Tech freshman told Eleven Warriors that the Buckeyes were definitely in his top five. 

Sophomore teammate Michael Onwenu also landed his first offer on Friday from Ohio State. While he is listed at 6-foot-2, 310 pounds, the class of 2016 lineman moves well for a man his size. At the college level, Onwenu could find a role on either side of the ball. 

He and Peoples-Jones join junior running back Mike Weber as Cass Tech players offered by the Buckeyes. Weber, who was offered last year, has made several visits to Columbus, but Ohio State appears to trail Michigan and Michigan State for his commitment. Weber is considered one of the nation's top running backs in the 2015 class and one of the top prospects on the Buckeyes' recruiting board. 

Being the first school to offer the duo of Onwenu and Peoples-Jones could help the chances of landing their commitments.

Two More Michigan Prospects Offered

On Coombs' trip to Michigan, he also stopped at Southfield High School to offer rising junior Matthew Falcon. While the Buckeyes are the first school to offer Falcon, he is expected to be one of Michigan's top prospects in the 2016 class. 

The 6-foot-1, 200-pound running back missed his entire sophomore season because of ACL surgery, which has prevented his recruitment from "blowing up." Landing an OSU offer should change that, as should the upcoming camp circuit. Falcon is expected to be one of the top rising juniors in attendance at Ohio State's camp. 

A pair of crystal ballers have already predicted Falcon will sign with the Buckeyes, but that is premature. Michigan and Michigan State will battle to keep the running back prospect in-state. 

Four-star 2016 running back/linebacker Daelin Hayes of St. Mary's (Mich.) High School also landed an offer from Ohio State. 247Sports rates Hayes as the 126th best prospect in the country and ninth best running back. At 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds, Hayes could fill Carlos Hyde's shoes a few years down the line. 

Hayes already holds offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Notre Dame is also showing heavy interest. 81% of crystal ball predictions picked Michigan, unsurprising since his cousin, Justice Hayes, is a running back for the Wolverines. 

Buckeyes offer Canadian Star

Ohio State extended a rare offer to a Canadian football prospect over the weekend.

Neville Gallimore of Canada Prep Football Academy holds 18 scholarship offers, including ones from Notre Dame, Oklahoma, UCLA, Wisconsin and now Ohio State. All these schools are interested in a 6-foot-3, 300-pound defensive lineman that runs a 4.72 40 time.

A freak athlete, Gallimore plays stand-up defensive end for his high school team. The Canadian will need plenty of work refining his game, but he has the raw tools and untapped potential recruiters love. He projects as an interior lineman at the next level. 

At a recent Rivals camp in Detroit, Gallimore was named defensive line MVP. He is currently unranked on the major recruiting sites; when the rankings update, Gallimore will make a big jump.

Only one Canadian has signed with Ohio State in recent years; Michael Roberts, a 2002 defensive back from Toronto. I hope one of Ohio State's assistant coaches has his passport ready because recruiting trips to the Great White North could soon be coming. 


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Minor correction...Daelin Hayes is Justice Hayes cousin not brother.

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Thanks for the heads up. Justice Hayes sounds like a great wrestling name.

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or sequel to Judge Dredd

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NuttyBuckeye's picture

Is the Hayes young man from St. Mary's or Orchard Lake St. Mary's?  OLSM is a D-3 school that puts out decent but not great talent almost every year.  You will find the MSU and scUM rosters sporadically speckled with players from this school.

My sons go to Lake Orion High School, so I get to see quite a bit of kids up here... Trust me, there is NO COMPARISON in the talent level for high school football.  There are your typical powerhouse programs, but they do not regularly churn out talent like our powerhouse Ohio programs.

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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He goes to Orchard Lake St. Mary's. Michigan currently has one player from OLSM...linebacker James Ross.

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I hope we see some coaches heading South as well.

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Bring on the Canuck!

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You betcha!  It's super duper!

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Take off, ya hoser!


We prefer bacon, ya hoser!


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Wow, 5 guys from north of the wall!


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At first when I saw this i was like, "What are four good football players doing in Michigan all at the same time?".  Imagine my surprise when I found out they were all actually from there.

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Wait, Michigan and Canada aren't the same thing?

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Wouldn't that be named Manada?   Or Cashagan?

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It's the 11th Province.

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Great info Jordan!  Sure hope we can pull a couple of gems out from up north!  TTUN survives on Ohio talent.  Time to return the favor and take a few top recruits from up there.

Go Bucks!!

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I could see a Game of Throne's reference by Sammy Silverman design going out with all the Michigan players on a poster and Urban in the middle with the saying "The King of the North".

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Ohio State alive and well on the recruiting trail.

Gray boxes come forth...

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I agree and while not wanting to contribute to the whining it will be nice to see stories about commits and not offers. A lot of offers lately and not many (actually none) commits. Makes for a frustrated fan who spends too much of his attention on recruiting.

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Jordan Wagner's picture

I would much rather write stories about commitments than offers. The lack of commitments so far means more Gray Boxes coming between now and NSD!

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Optimism is underrated. I'm sure we'll all look back at this time and laugh when all is said and done. I'd rather wait in line for a steak than grab a Big Mac but the waiting is just no fun.

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It's been slow early on but no one can say the staff isn't looking far and wide for talent.  Very busy on the recruiting trail.  Commitments will happen before we know it.

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Headline: Buckeyes make offers in Michigan, Canada. Aren't these the same place?

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An Ohio State assistant coach will make a trip to Canada to see Neville Gallimore (discussed above) today. 

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WOW!  This young man's size and speed, he sounds like the second coming of Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson (sp?).

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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Does tOSU not have an offer out to Cass Tech lineman Joshua Alabi? I thought we offered him the same time as Weber, but I could just be mistaken.

Jordan Wagner's picture

Yes, you're correct. Oversight on my part. 

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Alabi has had an offer from OSU for quite some time now. Think MSU is in the driver seat for him and Weber.