Multiple Ohio Prospects Planning to Camp at Ohio State

By Jordan Wagner on May 12, 2014 at 3:00p
Ethan Tucky

Ohio State signees Stephen Collier and Terry McLaurin helped to earn their offers from Ohio State camps last year. In June, football prospects will fill the Woody Hayes Athletic Facility hoping to do the same.

For some prospects, it is a final chance to impress the coaches in hopes of landing a prized offer. Others give staff a live look at their talent, while some enjoy the rare instruction from some of the best coaches in the nation. 

This year, the Buckeyes will host one-day prospect camps on June 8, 19 and 21. There is no official date for Friday Night Lights, but it is often held in Ohio Stadium on the last Friday of July. FNL draws some of the nation's elite underclassmen for an evening camp in front of a couple thousand fans.

Some intriguing prospects are planning to camp at Ohio State this summer. Many prospects have yet to complete their plans. 

Recent offers tight end Josh Moore and offensive lineman Grant Schmidt have tentative visits for the June 8 camp. Schmidt, a four-star offensive lineman from South Dakota, told Eleven Warriors he would like to go to the camp to see Ohio State. 

A pair of well regarded junior prospects from Ohio have plans to camp at Ohio State as well. C.J. Stalker of Lakota West and Chris Fobbs of Miamisburg will take one last stab at earning offers.

Stalker may not earn an offer because of a crowded linebacker recruiting board. The three-star linebacker holds offers from Louisville, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia. Fobbs, a four-star corner, only holds a Toledo offer but has heavy interest from other schools.

Last month, I mentioned Reggie RogersChandler CottermanDeric Phouthavong and J.D. Crabtree as prospects planning to camp. I also noted three-star wide receiver Emanuel Hall and safety Brody Hoying showing interest in camping as well. After a commitment to Toledo, Cotterman is no longer expected to attend. 

One prospect the coaches hoped would camp at Ohio State is Winton Wood (Ohio) offensive tackle Noah Listermann. The Buckeyes have kept in close contact with Listermann, whom Kerry Coombs has called a "project." Recently, he had to reschedule a visit to Columbus due to Urban Meyer being out of town. If he does camp, he may have the best chance at landing an offer. If not, the Cincinnati native could end up at Michigan State. 

Speaking of the Spartans, they might be the favorite to land Ohio four-star linebacker Anthony McKee. McKee loves the Buckeyes, but higher-rated targets have kept him from landing an offer. McKee said he is unsure whether he will camp at Ohio State this summer.

One of Ohio's top sophomores, four-star linebacker Ethan Tucky, said he will be at Ohio State's camp on the 21st. Urban Meyer and company have been in routine contact, as recent as earlier this month, and an offer could be in the works. As the crystal ball shows, many insiders expect him to land an offer and select the Buckeyes. 

With only two commitments for the 2015 class, campers could leave a lasting impression on the coaching staff. Since Ohio State is in good position for some of the nation's top talent, camp attendees may have to wait. Much like Brady Taylor's recruitment, future offers are more likely than immediate offers. 

The list of camp visitors will grow in the coming weeks. While the rising seniors fight for offers, most of the upcoming juniors will be bursting onto the scene. Last year, eventual Illinois commitment Gabe Megginson came to Columbus with zero offers. A few months later, he held offers from Ohio State and many other top programs. 

Here's the moral of the story: prospects need to hit the camp circuit hard. In most cases, coaches like to see a player work out in person before offering. These camps are one of many opportunities to impress the Buckeyes coaching staff. 


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Shangheyed's picture

Just a little gray box!   Does time slow down after the spring game or do I need to switch back to filtered...

+1 HS
d5k's picture

Does anyone else think it is time to re-think the 3,4,5 star system?  When the 33rd highest ranked recruit and the 300th are given the same # of stars it seems pretty meaningless.  That's the difference between a guy drafted as a penciled-in starter in the NFL and a guy hoping for an invite to an NFL camp.

+6 HS
ODEEZ330's picture

No cj Conrad? Sad face. Staff really smoked that one with Clark leaning towards aa

stark county football

BuckeyeRick's picture

Until he gets an OSU offer.

+1 HS
Adam21's picture

Unfortunately, I wonder if he'll get that offer without camping.

otrain2416's picture

I want to see us to land another blue collar hard working "Darron Lee like" prospect.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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DenBuck's picture

I'd take a big fat lazy ass prospect at this point!

Buckeye For Life

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I might as well commit then...

+4 HS
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Hahaha.....good one

Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Love the camp offers that are seen "in person". Love the kids that show up to camp willing to compete. I could make a team full of Ohio kids competing on a camp basis and give us a Naty. keep up the good work fellows.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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Really hope these Ohio kids who are being slow played don't come back to bite us.  Talk about motivation

Pain don't hurt-Dalton

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It is the proverbial Catch 22. Jin Tressel locked down the state of Ohio, but there was frequently complaining about landing 3 star Ohio kids (worked out pretty well for him IMHO). The complaint was that he couldn't consistent land the big fish outside the state of close at the end of the recruiting period. Now we have an elite recruiter in Urban Meyer with some excellent staff as well on the recruiting path. They are in on numerous 4 and 5 star in and out of state prospects and some of the Top 5 at this position. No one can land them all, but the first few years have been strong. Cant have it both ways unfortunately in todays world with limited scholarships.

Another strong season with a much improved defense and a trip to the National Championship series will allow us to jump to that next level. The key to those goals was Braxton staying to ignite the fire on offense.

JohnnyKozmo's picture

Completely agree, but it seems like there are a number of 4 star (say what you want about rankings) Ohio kids that aren't even offered at this point (Conrad, Conner).  I get it with the 3 star guys, God knows Tressel made a living on them.  I'm not as much concerned with the level of player, because any head coach at tOSU ought to be able to identify talent, no matter the ranking.  I guess it feels we've been burned time and again, especially by TTUN, by Ohio kids.  I know tOSU can't get them all, but I would like to think 6-8 of the top 10.

Pain don't hurt-Dalton