Rob Dowdy Checks Out Buckeyes Again

By Jeremy Birmingham on March 18, 2014 at 8:32p

Rob Dowdy, at 6-foot-6 and 280 pounds, is perhaps the top offensive lineman in the state of Ohio for 2015. He's recently picked up scholarship offers from Michigan State, Miami and Minnesota, and today he stopped at Ohio State with his high school teammate Abu Daramy. Despite multiple visits to Ohio Stadium last fall, Dowdy said today's trip provided him a different perspective on the Buckeyes' coaching staff.

"(The visit) was great," Dowdy said of his trip today. "I got to watch practice for a while and see how they coached in practice. I loved it, they were at a very fast pace and had lots of intensity."

As he prepares to enter the summer before his senior season, Dowdy is still not sure if the Buckeyes will make him a scholarship offer, and he says there was not much talk of that today.

"They didn't offer," he added about the trip. "They said I could come over and visit whenever I wanted to, though. There was no talk about going to another camp (to earn an offer this summer) today. I spent a lot of time talking with Coach Warinner. I'd say our relationship is pretty great."

Dowdy will spend his spring break checking out a few southern schools, visiting Georgia and Auburn midweek and possibly making stops at Georgia Tech and North Carolina State. He's visited Auburn previously and Georgia is a program that he's very high on. 



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Honestly offer this kid. He plays division one football in the state of Ohio which is against some of the top competition in the nation. I get going outside of the state to get some speed at the skilled positions, but we don't always need to go far for lineman, especially OL (Meech and J. Jones caliber guys are exceptions). Anyone else notice one of the best OLs last year to play at OSU was a front 5 of Ohio boys? Even the first look we got at the spring lineup the first team OL that lined up are all Ohio kids and 9 of the 10 on the two deep are Ohio boys. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I agree.  6'6/280 (can't teach size), great offer list.  Why has this kid not been offered?  He would probably commit in about two seconds, I would imagine.

Help is on the way.

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With all do respect, Ohio State can not, and should not offer players just because they play D1 football in the great state of Ohio. Who cares where they come from, as long as they win. I am Ohio born, and Ohio bred and I would rather win with Ohio players, but winning comes first. Realistically there are only about 5 or less players in Ohio every year, that could play wherever they wanted in the nation. To get to where Ohio State wants to be, you have to recruit Florida, Texas, California, and more recently Georgia and NJ if you want to win titles. 

"We've always had the best damn band in the land, now we've got the best damn TEAM in the land" 

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You're right I worded that poorly. He is the highest rated OL in the state of Ohio. He has the size (6'6 280) and strength(watch his highlights) to play at OSU. He plays a little high as a junior cuz he can get away with it and Warriner will fix that. The kid grew up an OSU fan and wants to play for OSU. Now am I saying we need to take every kid cuz they're from Ohio? No. Am I saying I would definitely take the top rated prospect at his position especially if he's a lineman, which would be no more than 1-2 guys/ year? Yup

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I think what burns most Buckeye fans when playing against Ohio kids at other schools are the comments made by broadcasters who say "How did the Buckeyes let that kid get away?"  We can't recruit all the Ohio kids it's not possible and it's not good recruiting. 

I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but I'm one of the most colorful.

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Yep, it also discounts the progress the individual player and his coaching staff have made to assume that " Well, obviously OSU just missed on him".  Just becuase a player couldn't earn an offer from OSU at a particular point in time doesn't mean they're doomed to just be an average player forever.  I magine OSU passing on you would motivate a lot of players.  People change and improve's a good thing.

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Insert: Chris Borland

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

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Really though, this slowplaying of Ohio recruits is starting to get out of hand, How much more "evaluating" do you really have to do when there's already been over 200+ offers sent out and these kids live literally down the street..If a Kid grades out as a #15 OT and were barely in the top ten of the other 14 why wait to offer, it's like chasing the super model while the whole time the girl of your dreams is right in front of you!

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This coaching staff has no idea how to recruit.

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Your missing the point, Not every Ohio recruit they slowplay is going to just wait like Brady Taylor and get an offer mid January and suddenly back out of a commitment because OSU decided hey it's 2 weeks till signing day lets make up a 6 months of recruiting in a week

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I don't usually comment on recruiting but this kid deserves an offer.. I don't want one day a kid we passed on to mess around and wind up the #1 overall pick in draft because someone "slow played" a potential recruit... That's sure one of the reasons Mack Brown got fired those dumbasses passed on Winston, Manziel and RG3.. Could you imagine the fallout from that at tOSU??? They'd form lynch mobs to go after the coaching staff..