Ohio State Offers Third Miramar (Fla.) Standout

By Jeremy Birmingham on February 10, 2014 at 2:10p



Another day, another Ohio State offer in south Florida as Zach Smith continues his assault on the Sunshine State. Today, Ohio State offered Tyrek Cole, one of the nation's premiere cover corners for the 2015 recruiting class and a Florida State commitment. 

Cole, a 5-foot-11, 170 pound corner has been waiting to hear from the Buckeyes for a while, despite his January 9th commitment to Florida State. Now that the Buckeyes have offered, he doesn't deny having some excitement about the opportunity.

"It feels great to get this offer," Cole told Eleven Warriors. "I mean, it's Ohio State. It's a great place with a ton of tradition and the Buckeyes have always been in and won some great bowl games. I know they've had a number of really good cornerbacks in the past that have come from there."

The conversation between he and Smith was the first time Cole has been able to get to know the Buckeye wide receiver coach, but he says he looks forward to further interaction.

"It was nice talking to Smith and getting the offer," he said. "He seems like a great guy, someone who really cares about the athletes he coaches. I'll visit there in the summer for sure."

As they say in recruiting, sometimes an early commitment only really means that you know who you're biggest competition will be down the road. Cole and his teammates, Kendrell McFadden and Kahlil Lewis (both committed to West Virginia,) will all take a longer look at Ohio State moving forward.



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Sounds like a real player and I am very encouraged despite the offer from FSU - Zach still planting flags in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cole has good size and speed. Great ball skills to locate and break up passes and can tackle in the open field. Very impressed with his tape and he has the size we are looking for at CB at 5'11" and 170lbs. He could easily at 15-20 pounds to his frame.

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Miramar has another corner on the other side of the ball, Jeffrey Hill, who could warrant some D1 looks as well. Very talented secondary for a high school team.

Here are Hill's highlights

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

What's the outlook on these Miramar kids Birm?  Is there interest in OSU real high or is it just something they want to check out?  Can we steal some more kids from FL?

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I don't know about these kids skills and I'm hoping they take an in-depth look at the Bucks next summer.  Ridiculous how exciting recruiting has become!

Now I'm gonna take my new Chinese date to Penn Station for a sub and pick up some Discount tires on the way home....

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Are there F$U boards that laugh at all the OSU offers in their backyard, the way we laugh when Saban offers kids up here that we have been in on for a long time (Marshon, etc)? 

I'm not so sure its a homer comment to say that we are serious contenders for anyone we go after hard.  I am just curious about kids in their backyard that have verballed somewhere that are now getting Ohio State offers...or if they are used to it since there are 9428349283492384 major college contenders in their state.

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I am sure the likelihood is most of these guys will stay in state, but the term "verbal commitment" is a different thing down south than in Ohio, for example. These kids are openly saying "I'm committed, but interested in other schools and want to visit them." It's the new age of recruiting, I guess.

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I think this is a gr8 thing we are doing. We are planting important flags. We dont just throw flags 100 over here and 100 over there, we plant 50+ rite in your Floridian back yard and then another 50+in your Floria State backyard. Us Buckeyes are going to go to all the ripe areas in Florida, Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, (and most of the northern East coast) and etc. and start poaching the best of the best. Then we get em and send em to coach Mick. Then the real deals start; begining with some of the ruffest and tuffest workouts these boys have ever seen!!!!! And come game time we have an athlete that is chizzald and str8 up a freak saying "lets get it on man" thats the difference with how our Buckeyes recruit; we get the cream of the crop and thats how we do!!!!!!!!!!!

Buckeye Dynasty starts in 2014 baby !!!!!! GO BUCKS !!!!!!!! O - H - I - O