Report: LaQuinton Ross Leaning Towards Forgoing Senior Season at Ohio State

By Johnny Ginter on March 22, 2014 at 11:08p

According to a report from basketball insider Adam Zagoria, LaQuinton Ross is leaning towards an early exit from Ohio State:

Ross is currently projected as a second-round selection in's latest mock draft, while ESPN's Chad Ford has Ross going late in the first round.

Not a shock by any means, especially given Ross' own assessment of his abilities, but another thing to keep in mind is that he's got a kid to take care of as well. No one would be surprised to see Ross go, but Ohio State will miss his consistent scoring (especially in March).

Earlier Saturday, Amedeo Della Valle announced plans to play basketball in Europe next season. The Ohio State men's basketball team is going to have a very, very different look next season.


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Tough decision to make with a child involved but in my opinion he would benefit from a skill perspective and financial perspective by staying one more year

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I could not agree more.

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Is he even a sure fire first round pick?  I admittedly don't have the greatest pulse on where guys are grading out this year except the highest echelon... but I think he could use another year. 

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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I hope he enjoys Europe

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I don't know what second rate Euro leagues or the D League pay, but DeShaun > QRoss. The best bet for a payday is to stick around another year, shore up the jumper and work on his defense. But I'm sitting here on my couch, what do I know?

Edit: I guess ADV is getting around 100k/yr so if that's what he needs to do then so be it. Best of luck.

I want a fall Saturday in Ohio Stadium..

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i get it that he has a child and that is extremely important factor.  but i just don't see him drafted in first two rounds.

i do see him in Europe though, and money is ok there - prob 200-400K a year.....

can't say i will miss Ross.  but wish him luck if he goes.  

yes next year will be vastly different.  Thompson, Scott, hate to say the next name....but i suppose Amir, and two freshmen?   

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I mentioned this in another thread, but Europe becomes a bigger and bigger option for guys every season. Especially guys like ADV, who likely won't ever scratch the NBA. DeShaun Thomas is making $150k a year playing ball over there and it's not hard to make $10,000 or $20,000 a month, depending on what you can bring to a team.

A decade of six-figure pay overseas is not the NBA, but it's not exactly terrible, either. And that's just as a backup plan. I just updated this piece to show, a respected NBA draft site, currently has Ross going in the second round.

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That kind of money is so enticing especially when that is an option instead of staying in school. 

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Well at least the Euro exchange rates are favorable right now.....

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I wish him well but he will not be in the NBA in 2018

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he won't be in the NBA in 2014, '15, '16, '17 either, unless you count the D league

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I agree.  He is far too lazy, and is also physically weak.

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I said it before but no one really responded but this is one of the great unintended benefits if the NCAA loses the OBannon case.  If there is a rather large trust fund deposit one can count on each year it will be more difficult for a prospect to leave for a foreign salary.  Surefire NBA will still b a no brainier to leave but these next tier guys like DT and Q may have stayed... 

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A different look wouldn't be a bad thing at all. 

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Thad suddenly has 2 more schollies. find me 2 white kids who can defend and shoot but can't jump a lick. boban savovic, josh gasser. there are tons of those uncommitted, soon to tear up d2 or small-majors

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My thoughts exactly. Go get somebody that can shoot, will come into the game for a few minutes and provide a spark, then bank the other scholarship.


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We need post play. That is what our great teams have all had and since sully left we have lacked. 

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You're not going to find many good post players with their arms wide-open this late in the recruiting process.


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edit: double post

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Hmmm... Both Deo and Q could be saying "show me the money," but this also speaks a bit to the chemistry - or lack thereof - on this team right now. Perhaps these two young Bucks think this team is only going to get worse before it gets better, a personal opinion I think at least a few of us hold right now.

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Or, they could just possibly be the ones with a little attitude problem adding fuel to a lack of chemistry. Amedeo always talked about how he didn't come here to sit the bench and Q is, well, Q. Both choosing to leave at first possible chance may be telling. Unless on the inside, no one really knows for sure. We will be able to see what difference it makes next season.

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Your hypothesis seems every bit as likely as mine based on the limited data set we're sharing.

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Not sure what a grouch downvoted you for, Andy, but as you and another poster strongly hint at is what I have thought since January. Which is....something was "rotten in Denmark" with this team.  It's been a long time since I played organized basketball, but what I was taught and that a team that did not make foul shots and played effectively only in spurts, including Defense, was a team that was not into the game mentally.  Proof of this team's apathy were the two losses to Penn State.

I am not as familiar with the incoming players yet hear a couple of them are supposed to be really good, so.....we'll see.  If they don't fully pan out, then Loving better beef up physically and develop a nasty streak, otherwise, this is a second tier team and will struggle to reach 20 matter how limp-wristed of an OOS schedule Gene Smith hand delivers to Matta.  I do believe a house cleaning with Craft, LSJ, ADV and Q going is a good thing...cuz I really don't think these kids had each other's backs, despite their public commentary in the press contrary to that.  Whether there was jealousy toward the headlines Craft received is something we can only speculate on. It certainly seemed that way to me, but who knows.

Bottom line....the more of a house-cleaning the better, as I firmly believe at some point this season, Matta clearly lost this team and they were only going through the motions. 

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Sorry for the duplicate post.

Buckeye For Life

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Agree 100% on the more of a house cleaning the better. I hope and pray the staff finds a few diamonds in the rough.

Buckeye For Life

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Can't agree more with this post.  There was clearly a chemistry problem with this team.  It was evident by their inability to close out a game and the absolute failure to work together in crunch time. 

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Well, at least some of our 11W posters aren't ripping Q like they are Amadeo & Amir.

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What's with all these kids having kids?  

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They aren't kids, they are young men.

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They are only called kids when they do something stupid/illegal. The rest of the time, they're young adults.

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He may make money like that for a few years but then what? With a degree he could make a good living for the rest of his life. If he looks more than three years down the road he may realize that. Either way is wish him the best but the smart play would be to stay another year and graduate.

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To further the ideas in Crusher's post, read the Sunday Dispatch article on Eddie George. Life after sports has got to be Plan A. Great article on one of our fav's.

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- Invictus

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100K in Europe with their taxes is not very much money. Stay in school, get a degree and take your chances with the D league/NBA.

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I think it is fairly obvious he has been looking for his exit from day one.  He, like Thomas before him, probably won't improve his stock much by another year. 

He is very replaceable, IMO, and OSU is clearly turning a new page.  Might as well start clean.  Could be rough year next season though. 

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Yes, Q is replaceable, but I am not as smug as you are.

For a team that anemic in scoring as this one painfully is, his loss will be felt.  It's a little like saying this year's team would be fine without DT and "the offense would flow better".   Ooops.  Not quite.

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Gotta do what you gotta do, but Ross is more pro ready than Deshaun Thomas was??  Almost didn't get drafted and if it wasn't for the European $$ who knows where he would be.  Just sayin.

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Good luck Q; I hope he stays and improves, but if not, best of luck.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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I hope Q goes.  In fact, let them all go except Loving.  This recruiting class (or whats left of it) was a BIG disappointment.  And Thad, please fire the strength and conditioning coach (or hire one), these guys don't look any more developed than their first day on campus.

Fear the Nut...

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Damn, does anyone else feel like after an uneven season, the team is falling apart? What is the deal with AMIR? I guess change is good, but man this is tough.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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O-H-I-Owe-U's picture

Good luck to the kid if he opts to go.

Now about the future. The success of this team depends on having kids who are warriors. The teams that are making a run in this year's tourney have them. 

Where is that fire on this team? Maybe some of this year's group felt entitled from the recent NCAA runs. Or they caught up in the hype. Either way, it's time for every guy in that locker room--including coaches--to feed off the disappointment of a 1st round exit and recommit to being a champion.



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What would he actually bring to an NBA team? He is 6'8" with long arms and a smooth  but inconsistent jumper. He's an average defender, doesn't run the floor that well, not a great penetrator, and for the most part plays below the rim. I can't remember ever seeing him dunk.  He rebounds fairly well but a lot of those are from having his shot blocked in the paint.  Plus he plays with intensity with no regularity. Not an NBA player, never will be.

jaxbuckeye's picture

Average defender?  That is being kind.  He is a subpar defender and it will be even more obvious with bigger, stronger, faster players at every position in the NBA.  He plods and lacks the emotion necessary to not only compete, but get better.  He is NUTS to leave early, unless he's reconciled it and intends to go to Europe.

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I want what is best for me. Hope it all works out. 

Johnny-Shane_Utah-Falco's picture

Well, at least this may keep alive Thad's streak of consecutive years with having a player drafted.

What is it --- 7 years (?) in a row so far --- he's had at least one player drafted. Maybe this will be 8.

I mean, this can't hurt recruiting.

This could help recruiting, I dunno...just trying to stay positive guys, (and gals).

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If Europe is really what he wants then go right ahead, but if his intentions are NBA then he's out of his mind to leave

"Life is a course and imma shoot for par." - Dewayne Carter

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next year might be a bad season. Who would be our top scorer? Thompson?

"You win with people." -Woody Hayes

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As a fan,  we need to try and put ourselves in the players shoes and really feel out their personal situations. To be honest, I will not be surprised if LQ goes pro, I will be surprised if he stays. If I was LQ, and I had a family that needs care, this would be my best decision. LQ leaving and going pro is a no risk scenario, LQ staying is a risk and a gamble to an extent with injury possibilities, I don't blame him for making the choice, it's best for him. If I am a second round pick, and I have great earning potential, I will take it. We are fans of a University, he has a child and a family, which doesn't mean he doesn't love OSU or wouldn't mind or think that staying another year will most certainly improve his game and increase his earning potential.  Although, I don't have kids yet, but I can imagine that they would come before any team or any company that I worked for, no matter how big or small. If you have children, you can probably relate or agree with that.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

When we hear that a player like Q, a so-so talent leaving after his junior year, figures to make about $150K in Europe, we naturally apply that figure to our own situations. "I'd love to make $150K a year!" But it's a poor analogy because it's also likely that a player like Q will only play for about 5 years and never make it to the NBA, whereas if one of us advanced in our careers and started making $150k/year, we'd likely maintain or even exceed that salary level for 15 or more years.

When Q retires from basketball, he could then pay his own way to complete his college degree, of course, but he might have been two or three years into a professional career at that point if he'd completed his senior season to begin with.

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yrro's picture

The real question is whether another year of college ball is going to prepare him for the NBA worse than a year of Euro league.

BeijingBucks's picture

money can't buy happiness...

... but it buys everything else!

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I hate this thought, but it's the first one that popped into my head - "Goodbye Q, hello NIT." I certainly hope I am wrong. Perhaps this can be addition by subtraction. The Bucks certainly seemed to lack leadership and heart this season. Then only player who consistently played with heart unfortunately had a very limited offensive skill set. This led to stagnant, uninspiring, often unoriginal offensive possession that were too frequently scoreless. Perhaps a complete changeover of the starting lineup will help.

They will have talent, but it will be young. The team SHOULD get better as the season progresses. So, we'll just have to wait and's a LONG way to next November...

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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I hope he can find a decent big man with that scholarship.

RedStorm45's picture

It looks like BME's scholarship grid was lost with the new site...on scholly we'd have:

-SENIORS: Scott, Thompson, Williams, McDonald


-SOPHS: Loving

-FROSH: Williams (RS), Bates-Diop, Russell, Tate, Bell.

Matta has said Bell would likely redshirt.  So that's 9, yes NINE, scholarship players for '14-'15 as of now.  We better pray that some of these freshmen pan out and live up to their hype or it could be a long "rebuilding" season next year.  For now, it's not billed as a game-changing class, though it is a consensus top 10.  But unfortunately, this program needs a "Thad Five" in order to compete for a NT.

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BuckWylde's picture

 . . . or maybe a Greg Marshall 

All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions. -Adlai Stevenson, governor, US ambassador

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Ross should stay for his senior year if at all possible. What amazes me is the people on this and similar sites who seem to be encouraged by the fact that he projects to be a 2nd round NBA draft pick, when to to best of my knowledge the NBA draft only HAS 2 rounds! . . . . to me that's like gettin' amped about being picked to finish 36th in the Columbus Marathon.

As for Q's "little bambino," The OSU sports machine has a history of being quite resourceful in terms of taking care of it's own; whether by job creation and/or supplemental handshakes etc. I would think that the greatest deterrent to Ross's return to school might be the prospect of another year of being stuck in Matta's vague and unimaginative offensive system, that has forced a 6'8" shooting guard to play power forward for 3 years and thus sacrifice his chances to showcase his true skillset, in order to compensate for his coach's seeming inability to recognize, attract or develop quality big men (Sully was a gift that engaged OSU in a mutually beneficial 2 year exchange).

I'd like to see if Q's draft stock  would benefit from a season of being surrounded by other players with appreciable offensive skills rather than Jr.s & Sr.s without jumpshots or consistent free throw shooting ability. 

All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions. -Adlai Stevenson, governor, US ambassador

RedStorm45's picture

Big men Matta has put in the League:

Oden, Mullens, Koufos, Sullinger.