Students Brave Freezing Temps for Best Seats for Tomorrow's Game Against Michigan

By DJ Byrnes on February 10, 2014 at 8:51p

via @Mattaritaville


Who says Ohio State is just a football school?

Some of Ohio State men's basketball die-hards are camping out in Mattaritaville tonight, temperatures in the teens and zero wind chill factor be damned. The occasion is tomorrow night's key Big Ten tilt with a team from a certain school up north (9:00 p.m., ESPN). 

Assistant coach Jeff Boals, like any good general, sent rations to replenish the constitution of the tent city's residents:

Y'all kids are crazy, but I 'spose it's always #BeatMichigan.


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MichaelJ721984's picture

Wonder if anyone is donating beer to keep em warm?

Michigan sucks.

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DJ Byrnes's picture

I've always wondered what they do with the camping stuff when the Schott's doors open.

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As someone who wants to be apart of Mattaritaville, but needs a tent, sleeping bag, and someone to go with, I've always wondered the same thing.

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You and me both DJ

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I think that they normally go in groups and one of them takes the camping stuff back to dorm/car while the others wait in line and everyone lets people get back in line where they were. At least that is what I have seen them do when I get in line the morning of the games.

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When I camped out for Gameday in 2006, we packed everything up and had friends come pick it up.  You didn't have to camp out for basketball back then, but I imagine people make similar arrangements today.

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I'm all for beating M!ch!gan, but this is stupid. It's going to be dangerously cold tonight. Hopefully they all keep warm.

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I didn't know that hating TTUN had a minimum temperature.

Were I still an undergrad with roundball tickets, I'd like to think I'd be there, freezin' for a reason.


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So what's the deal here?  Are they in line to buy tickets or do they have general admission ticket and are just trying to get good seats?

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Trying to get good seats. 

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I am a senior at Hiram College, but I need to make the trip down to camp in Mattaritaville in soon!

pat cozzens

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Hawaii AD and former OSU staffer. Pretty cool. 

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That's awesome! Buckeyes taking care of Buckeyes. As it should be...

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He ended up getting six dozen doughnuts delivered - he would have bought more, it seemed, but Buckeye Doughnuts said they could only sell him six dozen or they'd be sold out :/

From everything I've read/heard, Ben Jay was an outstanding member of Gene Smith's staff. Jay spoke to a graduate class on higher ed policy I took a few summer's back, and he described himself as the "money man" in the department, as he was largely responsible for making and tracking the budget for the department, and each of the sports contained therein. He was candid, he was frank, and he was pretty funny. One of the better guest lecturers I had during my years on campus, for sure.

His Tweets tonight with Mattaritaville were pretty great, and illustrate the old saying, "Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye."'s picture

It may be brutally cold, but I'm sure they don't give a damn. 

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Always great to see the Basketball Bucks get some love and fan support in a football centric town. Just wish it was more consistent and reliable 

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Worth it...


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+1....(how do I upvote? I am new to this)

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Don't worry, I can't either. I'm also new, you need 100 helmet stickers before you gain the ability. So keep active and say intelligent things... Or GIF everything... Had 54 before the site switched over and I lost all of them lol

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

-Woody Hayes

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Hence the term.... fanatic

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Pizza -donuts - taco Tuesday - I am sure that Brady Hoke is on his way along with Al (fired because he ate too many wild wings - but forgiven at this point) and Greg.  So, make sure Buckeye Donuts knows of this so Brady and the boys can take a few dozen back with them after the game tonight


The atmosphere in College Park will be crazy because at lease 40 % on the stadium will be Buckeye fans. Go Bucks

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I'd camp out for good seats . . . if I was an undergrad, with no tests the next day, a good group of friends, and the right camping equipment. Those are the things great memories are made of. Hope they all get great seats.

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Sure it's cold outside, but this type of thing is awesome. Camping out for good seats is an excellent college tradition that I unfortunately did not get to take part in when I attended Dayton. They have the stupidest system ever for determining where you can sit at for basketball games...Spirit Points. It was and is a complete joke.

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Maybe they should implement a helmet sticker program for the die hards to jump to the front of the line? :)

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