Report: Buckeyes Showing Interest in Virginia Tech Big Man Transfer

By Jordan Wagner on March 27, 2014 at 2:22p
Trevor Thompson



It has been no secret that Ohio State desperately needs help at the center position. The IndyStar reports the Buckeyes have reached out to 6-foot-11 forward Trevor Thompson, who recently secured his release from his scholarship at Virginia Tech. 

According to report, Thompson has heard from Arizona, Auburn, Florida, Georgetown, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, Purdue, Tennessee and Xavier since getting his release. He plans to soon set up visits. 

The official Virginia Tech website notes Thompson played in 29 games while making ten starts. He averaged 5.0 points per game and 4.7 rebounds per game in only 16 minutes per contest. 

He will have three years of eligibility after sitting out next season at the school of his choice. 

Ohio State currently has two available scholarships. That number could grow to three if LaQuinton Ross elects to declare for the NBA Draft. With Amir Williams and Trey McDonald entering their senior seasons, the Buckeyes would be left with only Dave Bell on scholarship at center. 



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route4buckeye's picture

5 & 5 a game? Eh....

I'll take Lee from Temple.

Jordan Wagner's picture

I think Lee and Thompson are unrelated. Anthony Lee would only be here for one season, while Thompson would have to sit out next season. Ohio State desperately needs a big man in 2015. Not sure you want to only have Dave Bell as the only returning big man heading into 2015. 

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Thanks for the breakdown Jordan - We need as many big men as possible 

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Sure, his number don't jump off the page at you. But he must have some ability based on the schools reaching out to him. Very similar to football recruiting. It's not necessarily about his ranking, but who he holds offers from..

Loving all things Buckeye from SEC country in Alabama.

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He didn't play a lot.  Amir's counting stats aren't much better at 7.8PPG, 5.8RPG at 23.1 MPG and he was a junior.  Ideally if we land him he would be competing with Bell and whoever we recruit in 2015 and the best guy will emerge with 3-4 years of eligibility left.

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I'd probably take Lee as well..because he can help us next season. But Thompson's numbers are about the same as Lee's was his first season.

Hasbro's picture

Is a fourth scholarship available with ADV going back to Italy?

Jordan Wagner's picture

Currently have two available. Will grow to three if/when Ross declares. 

c92996p's picture

-3 Craft, Smith, ADV

+4 Russell, KBD, Tate, Bell

9-3+4=10 (Lorbach and Goldstein don't count)

So yes we would have 2 scholarships available with a third one up for grabs if Q went pro

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At this point I don't care who it is. As long as they have the will, and desire to put in the effort and can rebound, and score..

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Seattle Linga's picture

So excited if we get some of that action.......

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Assume this is a hedge that we won't get Autry, which it sounds like is a mighty long shot at this point?

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Adam21's picture

I'm assuming you mean Turner, as in Myles Turner, not Myles Autry the football player?

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Damonbuckeye's picture

The kid looks more active in warm ups than Amir does in games???

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Buckeye Chuck's picture

That's a decent season for a freshman in the ACC, and it's intriguing that several monster programs are allegedly in on him. But it's also true that VaTech was really terrible this season. It's possible that he would have barely played on a good team.

Even if his upside is Evan Ravenel's career, players like that can still be useful.

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I think we would have killed for an "Evan Ravenel" this year. That's a guy you don't appreciate until you realize you need him.

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RedStorm45's picture

Amen.  You can do pretty well with a Ravs or a Lauderdale in there at the 5 - competent guys who are solid defenders (Dallas was vastly underrated as a defender).  But you'll need an Oden or a Sully to get you from the Sweet 16 to the Final 4...or, I should say, Thad has in the past.

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brandonbauer87's picture

I definitely think Rav would have been helpful this season, but I don't know that it would have changed much. He had heart, effort and fundamentals, but this team needs a difference maker. 

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SirMarkusCombs's picture

so true.  This team might end up 33-3 with an average big.

Jordan Wagner's picture

From VT official site: 

"Neared a double-double with nine points and nine rebounds against NC State ... Matched his career best with 15 points, adding three steals and six rebounds at No. 6 Duke ... Scored eight points and grabbed six rebounds against No. 19 North Carolina."

Had some good games against some good opponents. 

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Now that's exactly what we need. Someone who can play big in big games.

Treat every opponent as if they are capable of beating you, because guess what? They are.

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Seattle Linga's picture

Big games is right - not just against the games where we over match their talent before the game begins.

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Buckeye Elite's picture

Can and will give us depth at center which is a must because we lose both Amir and Trey after this season and we won't have another big man on roster except Bell.

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A bit off-topic here, but any idea where we sit with '15 recruits Thomas Bryant and Carlton Bragg?

Jordan Wagner's picture

I don't think we have a very good shot at Thomas Bryant, but things could change. 

Bragg keeps quiet. Ohio State, Kentucky and Kansas will battle it out. I know he really likes Kentucky. Too close to call right now. Must get for the Buckeyes. 

RedStorm45's picture

Especially after missing out on Kennard.


There's a '16 Akron SVSM kid who is really turning heads.  I don't think Thad has had any recruits from that area, and certainly not from SVSM, but the kid could end up being a consensus top 5 national recruit when it's all said and done.  VJ King I think his name is (I believe he'll be a SF or PF in college).  Watch out for him (if there hasn't already been a topic started on this).

Jordan Wagner's picture

Ohio State has already offered. Big-time kid. OSU is the early favorite. 

HouseHarleyBuilt's picture

Gotta think Lebron will have a hand in on that one.

Treat every opponent as if they are capable of beating you, because guess what? They are.

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Also maybe a little off topic, who's this juco player Jordan Goodman?

He ain't even stretch doe!!

Jordan Wagner's picture

More on '14 JUCO PF Jordan Goodman here

Hayesedandconfused's picture

Is he on scholarship the year he sits out?   Or just the years that he plays?



Jordan Wagner's picture

He would immediately go on scholarship, but would redshirt. Would then have three years to play three seasons. 

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It looks like this kid has a ton of offers may be hard to land him but it is worth a shot and we sure could use a descent center to go along with all of the talent coming in and this doesnt mean we give up on a 4 or 5 star center.


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I think OSU would benefit immediately from Thompson's presence, because Amir would have a legit 5 to play against in practice. (Apologies to McDonald; I love his effort, but he's undersized at the 5.)

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I don't understand why kids have to sit out a season.  This is a free, democratic society we live in, except when it isn't.  A coach takes a new job, leaves recruits hanging and leaves behind kids he recruited not a problem, but an indentured servant ... er I mean a student athlete ... no can do.  As long as a kid does not follow the former coach to a new program (in that case they should have to sit out a year) why can't they go to whatever school they want right away?  Oh well, it is what it is I guess, I suppose it prevents other schools from poaching a program and causing chaos and turnover would be one argument for the year layover.

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

We need to just load up on big guys like this and hope to strike gold. We need bodies bad and by looking at the programs inquiring about his services we can use him badly.Id rather see a roster loaded with talented big men then 6'8 athletic wings. Would love to see us grab a talented physical power forward and a true center with some offense in his game.

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RedStorm45's picture

When was the last time Thad played a true physical (and talented) PF at the 4 spot?  He seems to prefer the longer, rangy 3's at the 4 (D.T., Q, Lighty, heck even E.T. played the 4 before moving to PG).

sb97's picture

I cant really think of one.  The closest would be the Hunter/Kuofos combo.  Apart from that combo, the 4s I can remember were Ivan Harris, Lighty/Turner, DT, and LaQ.

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Thon Maker. No other big matters

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

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KBonay's picture

Can he hit a free throw?

gm3jones's picture

50% of time he hits them all the time.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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KBonay's picture

But there is only a 10% chance of that.

Toilrt Paper's picture

This kid goes to VT out of high school, but now has Kentucky, Kansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgetown, Tennessee and Ohio State after him??? Explain that?