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Has Thad Matta lost his team?

67% (571 votes)
33% (287 votes)
Total Votes: 858


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One of the pitfalls of being a "players coach", I guess.  At times, guys have a tendency to not work as hard as necessary.

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Opponents have figured out that OSU’s perimeter game is inconsistent and the weak element of this team.  If Sullinger is your #1 offensive threat and Buford is #2 then you have to have a consistent #3. 

Plain and simple…you can't keep an offensive threat like Ross on the bench when you're looking for players who can generate points.

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I fixed the weird formatting. Did you paste your comment from Word?

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I think we are overreacting, we haven't seen a talented Matta team lose games like this yet so we don't know if they will correct it and go 6-0 and win a championship (very possible) or if they will give up and just get to a Sweet 16.

I would rather have them hungry and angry then silly and relaxed (like Dan Dakich says)

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I don't even think Sweet 16 is in the cards..

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If the match-up is right, this team could get knocked out in the first round, if they get a get good bracket they could reach the final 4, thought I doubt they'd get past that.  This OSU team just confuses me now.

Favorite Buckeye: Obviously BJ Mullens

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I'd normally say no & there is certainly the talent on this team to gel and/or make a great run. With that being said, a normally reserved Matta calling his team out publicly as well as players calling out their own team ... I don't know how some are as positive as they are in regards to the chances here. We're at the end of the season & the team going *poof* "we're all one," just isn't in the cards as far as I can see. I admire the positive thinking but can't see it.

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Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

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"Lost" is such a strong word...

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John Locke agrees.


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Edit: Not to be confused w/ whatever comes out of Jalin Marshall's backside in his highlight vid.

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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I would have never thought that I would ever answer YES to this question, but I did. This team is divided for some reason.

Long live the southend.

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Where is the team that demolished Duke?  Can we get them back, please?  They will not make it out of Rd 2 come March.  


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Exactly. The team that pummelled Dook and Florida hasn't been seen in a while, even when they've won. Either that, or the team all-season has been one-dimensional, but it took several games before opponents figured it out. Double- or triple-team Sully down low and you're more than halfway to victory right there. The lack of a consistent perimeter game is gonna make for a short tourney run. 

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Dallas Lauderdale isn't on this team, and Evan Ravenel is solid, but can't jump high and is only 6'8".  Matta "lost" this team, IMO by not developing Amir Williams. Maybe Amir helped Matta "lose" this team by being un-developable.

Also the love affair for some fans on LaQuentin Ross makes me laugh.  We do need an outside shooter.  Craft is not Johnny MacNamara, Deshaun Thomas is not Glenn Rice, Bufford is not Ray Allen.  I think Ross would shoot the ball every time he touched it, no matter where/when or good/bad shot.  However, Matta may have "lost" this team by not finding out if he could Teach Ross/Siebert or someone to become a spotup outside shooter.

Anyone else wonder if Sullinger has "checked out"?   

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He definitely has not appeared to be enjoying things too much lately.

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He can't really afford to check out.  He's not good enough to be an effective NBA player right now.  He needs to work on getting position, and playing better defense.  I don't know how much room for improvement there is but his future sort of depends on him having a good run in the tournament IMO.

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.