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Deshaun Thomas is shooting 35% from the floor for his past three games. Concerned?

Very concerned
22% (185 votes)
A little concerned
48% (407 votes)
Not concerned at all
30% (253 votes)
Total Votes: 845


Jdadams01's picture

Tank is pressing a bit in my opinion.

buck-I.8's picture

It's totally understandable though. It's the stretch run of the season, everyone is jockying for NCAA and B1G tourney spots, and no second scorer has ever emerged consistently. That's reason enough for a guy to think he has to do more and more as the season goes on.

BuckeyeMike2002's picture

I'm not concerned because our team is based on defense. Is the 35% based on forcing shots or is it based on not getting as many easy ones from the defense? Is there an increase in the number of shots he is taking? A lot of factors to consider as to why the percentage is down. He'll be alright.

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old_rasputin's picture

I am concerned b/c he will still throw up the same number of shots regardless of whether they are falling or not....

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unknownmusketeer's picture

The number of shots are not a concern to me. Good shooters can shoot themselves into a hot streak. My concern is the quality of the shots. The plays that the team is running are not getting Deshaun Thomas open. Evidently other teams have figured out he is our best scorer. Run new plays.

Poison nuts's picture

3 wins, so not super concerned.

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Grant Edgell's picture

Not concerned. A dip in % over a small sample size probably shouldn't cause genuine concern. If a scorer hoists it up less, his team is in serious trouble. That especially applies with this Ohio State team in my opinion. Live by the sword, die by the sword. He didn't forget how to shoot it so you just hope he works through it in time for the NCAA tournament.
BUCKEYEMIKE2002 nailed it above.
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buckeye4life050233's picture

concerned only because it is so frustrating that when we play other teams they have at least 1 person who is shooting way better than all year against us most of the time.......why can't we have at least 1 of those games from deshaun this year......preferrably against indiana i would like him to shoot like 60 percent and have like 38 pts......pull an e'twaun moore against them like moore did against us a couple years ago....

Nkohl13's picture

We're still winning. Plus, him just looking average increases the chance that he comes back next year.

Clmm297's picture

The percentage only concerns me as it relates to the number of attempts he is averaging during the same sample.  I would be more comfortable with the percentage if he were shooting it less.  This team is better, as hard as it is to understand, when Thomas is taking 10-12 shots per game and getting to the line for a larger percentage of his points.

aforsbach's picture

I'm only concerned because he plays like an asshole when he struggles. By that I mean he just forces more shots instead of looking to get others going. He'll still end up with 20 points, but do so on 7/20 shooting. That being said, he's a great scorer and will have everything figured out come tourney time. Just a slump right now. 

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DT is such an un-orthodox player and after three years of cringing almost every time he shoots I have learned to live with it.  When I play basketball, my shooting declines when my legs start to get tired.  Maybe it is a conditioning issue?