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Jealous of TSUN

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August 2, 2014 at 3:05am

Tomorrow at 4PM Eastern Real Madrid and Manchester United play a friendly match in The Big House in front of an expected crowd of 109,000 people.  I don't know about you guys but I am crazy jealous that TSUN gets to host such an awesome event.  I don't know who is in charge of making these events happen but  Michael Drake needs to get a hold of him and make something like this happen in The Horseshoe.  I would love to see/attend a packed house soccer match between 2 European super clubs in the Shoe.  Now that I think about it I would like to see the Shoe host some other stuff too like concerts.

Here's a link if you want to read up on the match tomorrow


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What are things i'll never say, Alex?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I mean, as a current student at OSU, I wish that our academics were ranked as highly as theirs, but we're still a top 20 public university so it's not something that keeps me up at night.

Of course, UM's student union is getting an In-N-Out, and that is absolutely something that makes me jealous.

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An in and out burger? Brady choke will never be at practices now.

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The postgame show is brought to you by... Christ, I can't find it. The hell with it...

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I thought the same thing when this was announced a while back. The draw is that its over 110,000 in the stadium and its historic. If the Crew didn't exist, the shoe would probably have a game on the American tour. The fact that Crew Stadium is relatively small, the larger clubs don't aim to play there, it did host Crystal Palace I believe, a lower tier premiership side. 

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Nah crew has nothing to do with it. Its the fact that they want to hold a game in the ohio/michigan/indiana area and why wouldn't they hold it at the largest stadium in the united states? They won't hold two games in two different cities that are three hours apart, wouldn't make any sense.

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Maybe if they have fireworks . . .

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Jealous? NEVER!!!!

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Stop it.  Just stop it.  They can't even fill their stadium for AMERICAN COLLEGE FOOTBALL so this tells me A) they'll likely lose money because it's SOCCER, B) you have the freedom to drive right up there and still watch in person, and C) Mi&$)-&in doesn't even lift. 

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Yeah totally...that is why we hold the record for most attendance every year and record attendance for the history of the sport.


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You literally cannot host anything resembling soccer in the Shoe. That's where the Crew played before their stadium was completed - this was before the 2000 renovations - and even THEN the field wasn't regulation size.

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It's pretty bad when a soccer game is the only game that sells out The Big House......signed, The Rill Dill, International Sports Blogger

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Agree, and appreciate your world wide view Rill Dill. That led me think of something that I experienced last year. Sometimes a nice dose of perspective will change our viewpoint significantly. Checking into the hotel in San Fran last year for the Cal game, the counter agent saw my home addy on my drivers license. He was Latino, and a fan of the Mexican National team which had just recently lost (again) to the US team in Crew stadium. He mentioned it, along with the comment "we can never beat you guys in Columbus". He had never heard of, nor had reason to think of Columbus prior to those matches between Mexico and the US team. This led to our brief discussion of TOSU vs Cal. He was there when we checked out, and let me know that although he wasn't a college football fan, he'd be following the Buckeyes from then on. Also that he associated great sports teams/events with Columbus, thanks to the US team and now TOSU. I was proud of both teams, and appreciative of the positive national image that Columbus had, even if only in the eyes of this one young man. I doubt seriously that any of this would have or even could have taken place with any *ichigan fan that stayed there or encountered him. Their college football product is lacking, and the fact that one soccer match may possibly give them the only credibility they can get is nothing for me or any other TOSU fan to be jealous of. 

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It's soccer...who gives a crap?

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I'm jealous because I'd love to be OK with an 8 win season. 

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Never. Have you seen the women on OSU's campus vs TSUN?  TSUN = Woof


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It hasn't sold out the big house, they didn't open the whole stadium, just the lower bowl.  so like 40,000, not 110,000/  ITs still pretty cool though.

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There's only one bowl.  It's sold out.  Like just about all of Michigan's football games, btw.  The longest streak of 100,000+ games in the country, and the perennial attendance leader.

There is no "upper bowl" in Michigan Stadium.

The only marginal difference between this game and a football crowd is that because they have squeezed a barely-legal (and still terribly-undersized) pitch (all grass) onto the usual football surface, they are putting the benches and other  * accoutrements into the first two rows of the Stadium seating.  So a final attendance number of something like 109,000 instead of our customary 110,000.

*I see now on the tv broadcast, contrary to early reports, the benches and coaches are on the field.  Barely.  Sitting in about a six-foot space between the sidelines and the wall.

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Whoops. Poor information from a friend of mine. Thanks for the correction.

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Please have your eyes checked.

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Fox tv.  (Regular Fox; not Fox Sports nor FS-1.)  Halftime just now, at about 4:55 EDST.

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I agree with whoever downvoted this.  The nerve to provide this accurate information.

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My thought exactly when I saw the two DVs. Once again people on this site need to understand the purpose of votes. Maybe there can be some kind of entrance exam where the questions relate only to voting.

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I am pretty sure soccer stopped after the World Cup was over. How can they still be playing games?

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my jealousy will end in about 8 hours.  The point i was making was it would be cool to see Ohio State utilize the amazing venue that is the Shoe for other things.  Does anyone know why they don't host other events?  I checked on wikipedia and the last non football event was a concert in 2003.  I get that no one wants to do a concert when you arent going to be able to sell out a fraction of a stadium that big, but if you got 2 or 3 huge names to do a show together once every few years I think you'd be able to sell out most of the stadium.

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When Ohio Stadium was renovated, a conscious choice was made to not leave enough field space for a regulation soccer field. I distinctly remember Geiger talking about it and how it would disqualify Ohio Stadium from World Cup consideration.  Better to have a couple more AA rows to pay for the renovation. 

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Ohio Stadium, as originally designed, could have been really great for soccer.  You had a track around the field.  There was room for a proper soccer pitch.

Michigan Stadium has never been a good stadium for soccer.  It was designed purely for (American) football games and nothing else.  But as such, it is a superior place to watch a football game in the fall.  Everybody is close, there are not only no obstructed-view seats, there aren't even any bad seats.  The way it is built, it seems smaller than a 110,000 seat stadium.

But as for the exhibition between Real Madrid and ManU, there's barely room to back up to make a corner kick.  Completely unsuitable for a serious match.

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It seems smaller because they give you about 6 inches per seat; it's incredibly uncomfortable. They don't even offer chair backs because there's not enough space. 

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Jealous of soccer in the big shithouse? Seriously? What is this thing called soccer anyhow?

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"Soccer," also known as "football" elsewhere in the world, is an activity that was created to tire children out.  An official places a ball in the middle of a patch of ground (or "pitch") and the children subsequently run around for ninety minutes straight, rendering them tired and calm and ready for bed.  On some occasions, the children are not tired enough at the end of ninety minutes, so the official forces the children to run around for several more minutes.  (Also known as "stoppage time.")

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