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Comment 23 hours ago
The one on Montgomery Road in Kenwood is also top notch
Comment 26 May 2015

In my experince, many of the people who bash skyline do so without having ever actually tried it.

Comment 22 May 2015

Especially because you never no what is going to happen with Baugh.

Comment 22 May 2015
This isn't really a back breaker but it sure would have been nice to have Neville Galimore around for this coming season
Comment 20 May 2015
It it actually cool or do you just like it because an OSU player does it?
Comment 08 May 2015
Has sammons been playing football his whole life? I think I remember hearing somewhere that he has only been playing for like 4 years
Comment 03 May 2015

I agree with this 100%.  As a fan of a professional football team from Ohio, I may not like the Steelers, but I would rather see Buckeyes wind up in Pittsburgh than with either of the Ohio teams because they will be in a better position to win.

Comment 22 Apr 2015
The Prestige is in my top 5 movies. Absolutely awesome film
Comment 08 Apr 2015

If Cleveland had a major university with competitive athletic teams I am confident that there would be a very large contingency of University of Cleveland fans that would feel the exact way same that SOME University of Cincinnati feel about Ohio State.  Judging by your "Cleveland for life," I would think that you would probably be one of the people that would hate Ohio State.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

I think an arguement could be made for both.  That being said even if you think Meyer is better lets calm down with the "saban is over rated" talk.

Comment 15 Mar 2015
I think they are changing up his position and having him play back little bit since Kamara is there now. Higuain is a really good passer and I think they figure if they have someone else who can score goals drop higuain back a little bit to where he can distribute and score. He reminds me of Wayne Rooney the way he plays a little bit.