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Comment 07 Jun 2016

I agree that we aren't leaders for Harris anymore.  It seems like he has made it known that he won't be in the class if Grimes is and it's looking like Grimes will be.

Comment 09 Apr 2016

why would you take a great running back and put him behind a garbage offensive line?  He's just going to get hit 1000 times a game and probably get hurt.  The safest pick the browns can make is Joey Bosa because he's obviously good and no Browns fans are going to complain about them taking an Ohio State player

Comment 10 Feb 2016

Well that's not too bad then.  Hopefully they realize no one likes them and stick to the yellow and black kits for most of the season

Comment 03 Jan 2016

May have something to do with it being a great school, with a coach who has been to the Super Bowl, the biggest football stadium in the country and has one of the strongest traditions in the country.  Recruiting is more than just a system of "+1 to OSU becuase things there are shiney." 

Take off the scarlet tinted glasses every once and a while my friend

Comment 10 Dec 2015

Get Fallout 4.  I am honestly embarrassed to say how much time I have already put into that game.  Suffice to say my roommate makes jokes about my character in Fallout having a better sleep schedule than I do.

Comment 08 Dec 2015

Yeah, Bryant and Hale were who I had in mind while I was thinking about it.  Its strange that Hale was able to use combined injury time to get his while Bryant was not

Comment 27 Nov 2015
Ehhh definitely not necessary. You could just pick it up at 4 and go if you want. The games don't tie together. If you wanted to play an earlier one though I would recommend 3 and New Vegas
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Carmen Ohio isn't a song the coaching staff wrote. It is the Alma Mater, it is a tradition for the players, the fans, the coaches, the band, and the university. By turning their back on all of them and leaving they dishonored the university and the football program.
Comment 06 Oct 2015

This is exactly what I got on here to say.  I think we all should probably slow our role on the whole "Prototype" Super QB thing a little bit on all of this.  I'm not saying he won't be great, I would love if he was, but I think we should all keep some salt handy with Danny Clark, I know he committed early and he has a tattoo and he loves Ohio State but none of that contributes to the quality of football that he plays and it seems to me that a lot of the time OSU fans feel like it does in this case.