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Comment 09 Aug 2015
I think that court design would look cooler if they used different shades of brown wood for the flag instead of red white and blue, could make it little less loud and a lot more dope
Comment 09 Aug 2015
How about Swansea yesterday? They looked really good, I know Chelsea was playing a man down most of the match but both of their goals were a dodgy to say the least. Ayew looks like he is going to be a great fit for them. It's going to be interesting to see where they end up, my bold prediction is they settle in at 6th.
Comment 07 Aug 2015
I agree that the staff doesn't need to take him on as a project, but with the depth on this team I think they have the luxury to take a few risks be it a low ranking guy that one of the coaches are high on or a guy like Sammons who is new to the game. I would go after Sammons because the physical tools are obviously already there and I would bet that he is able to learn the tools to become elite, be that at DE or OT.
Comment 06 Aug 2015

That was my first thought also.  Birm said no in the Hurry Up last night, but I saw Chris Dougherty, whoever the hell that is, put in a crystal ball to OSU for him this afternoon.  Maybe something maybe nothing.  I feel like they give everyone Crystal Balls.

Comment 08 Jul 2015

"But recently she's become sort of an asshole"

Literally the funniest thing ive read all day.  I say get an SUV.

Probably don't get your parenting/family advice from an online football forum, but i'm 21 and don't have a family so what do I know.

Comment 25 Jun 2015
No that's all his own Twitter. kind of weird he would post a video of him flexing and then a Terrell Owens backyard combine video while referring to himself as a future "Dragon slayer" in third person... Edit: Upon further review I think that's his brother. Significantly less weird now. LOOK OUT UAB Y'ALL ARE ABOUT TO HAVE A DRAGON SLAYER ON YOUR HANDS
Comment 25 Jun 2015

Good for you.
To add on to your notion of "just go and do it", I was at an event on campus last year where a professor of psychology was speaking.  He specialized in habits.  He said good habits are much harder to create and easier to break than good habits(obviously).  But the one thing he said that stuck out to me was basically, if you have a plan to go to the gym, which is a good habit, and your friends ask you to go out and do something instead, if you say yes and go with them, you are weakening your habits because subconciously you are setting the minimum standard for what it takes to break your habit.  So say like 2 days later you planned on going to the gym, you are more likely to not go because you have set a standard for not going so if your friends call again you are MUCH more likely to go out with them again AND you are more likely to allow "lesser" temptations to impede your good habit, TV, being tired, just not wanting to.
Long story short just go do it and if you ever think that you don't want to go remember that if you don't you will be making it much more likely that you won't go in the future and you could break your good habit.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

Born in Cincy, currently at OSU.   I like soccer more than NFL, baseball or basketball, so I rank the Crew 2nd because of my interest in the sport rather than my loyalty to one city over the other.

1. Ohio State Football

2. Columbus Crew

3. Cincinnati Bengals

4. Cincinnati Bearcats Basketball

5. Cincinnati Reds

6. Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball

I hate UC football

People who dog Skyline without trying it(most of you) need to chill.

Comment 21 Jun 2015

Weird... seems like a lot of people in this thread consider using propane

Comment 14 Jun 2015

Any color of gatorade works, i just think the Cool Blue is easiest on the stomach

Comment 14 Jun 2015

Bananas and blue gatorade.  If you have one banana and half a gatorade before you go to bed, and another banana and the rest of the gatorade when you wake up you will be 100% in the clear.

You might still throw up, but you won't have the headache, which i think is the worst part.

Comment 10 Jun 2015
I promise it's not and I promise I won't be one of the snarky jack asses that jumps down people's throats and only posts gifs as responses if you say something I don't like. I am genuinely interested to know if are people who are bigger fans of a team other than the football team?
Comment 10 Jun 2015
I was always an OSU football fan, where as I wasn't concerned with the other sports until I became a student and it was a point of pride that the women's rowing or the pistol team wins a title. That being said they really aren't something that I pay attention to until that happens. Obviously basketball, hockey, soccer and baseball get a little more attention for me but the passion I have for the football team isn't their for the other teams, but I am loyal to them as I am loyal to the university
Comment 06 Jun 2015
Arturo Vidal is going to get a second yellow if they don't cool him off during half time. He's been charging around like a mad man
Comment 05 Jun 2015
Definitely soccer. Messi and Ronaldo make insane money right now and their sport isn't as dangerous as many other sports are. Also I think soccer would be the most fun to be super good at, the way you could move the ball around and make other people look like idiots while you weave a silk carpet to the goal. MessiGoalvsBilbao.gif