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2014 NFL Draft - Cincinnati Bengals

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May 5, 2014 at 9:30pm

As an Browns fan, I figured I would start an thread for the Bengals fans on the forums. As we have mainly been talking about the Browns. Speak up Bengals fan! Who do you think the Bengals are thinking about drafting? Roby, Fuller, Dennard (if there), or will they surprise everyone and draft an QB @ 24.

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I do not like Andy Dalton, I would love to see us sneak in a QB at 24 but I think we're gonna either get either Fuller or Dennard. CB need is just too demanding right now.

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Fuller is going to be an stud for years in the NFL. His size, length and variety to play both press and man coverage will make him one of the best young CB in the league.

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CB is areal need and the Bengals should be in the right place to pick up an excellent one with their first pick. My crazy side says trade up to get Evans at WR and make the offense elite. I am guessing that would require about 3 high draft picks in exchange.



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It would be ludacris to take a QB at 24. Dalton works now, give him one more year. I'd rather have Gilbert or someone more athletic than Denard. Dennard is a CB who can play right away but is not the most physically gifted, Bengals can afford to draft a CB and have him sit for a year to learn the system and I'd rather have him be an athletic freak like Gilbert, Varnett or Roby. I also wouldn't mind taking Shazier or Mosley if they're still there and getting an Olineman in the 2nd. Also that Oklahoma CB who got hurt would be a steal in the 3rd or 4th round. 


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I think if Carr or Bortles are still on the board, QB is a no brainer. 2nd Safety, 3rd one of the 15 receivers that will go in the first.

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First round they are supposedly going cb, probably because the guy from Alabama has been a disappointment so far and the guy from ttun tore his Achilles last year. Second they will take one of the top two centers if they are available since they only have an undrafed free agent from last year on the current roster. They will take a qb in the third or fourth to be Dalton's backup and maybe his successor if they decide not to give him a new contract. Probably Mattenberger or Murray if either is available, at least that's what I hope. 

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Uhh, can't believe several people said QB in round 1 is a possibility.  Round 2-3 is another story entirely if someone like Bridgewater drops.    They need offensive line and they are still old/injured at CB which is crazy considering all the picks they've used on CB's in recent drafts.  Anyone else miss Johnathan Joseph?

The reason the draft is secondary for the Bengals compared to the Browns is this offseason isn't that big for the Bengals.  The biggest thing is extending A.J. Green and then (HOPEFULLY) not giving Dalton a ton of years + money.  For once I hope Mike Brown is super-duper cheap and actually holds off on extending Dalton who still has a year left and then they can franchise him if they want.  There are not teams out there begging to pay him $12M per year.  If there were then those teams would probably offer a first round pick for him (doubtful...).  I hope Dalton has a great season, but I don't want the salary cap tied up in a middle of the pack type QB when you have an elite WR and LB (Burfict) to pay soon.

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I think we'll go CB (Roby or Fuller) or Shazier.  I would rather have Shazier, who is so versatile, than a guy like Kony Ealy who is just a pass rusher.

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Shazier is going to be a steal if the Bengals get him.

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I think it may very well end up being Roby.

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If Derek Carr is on the board he is ours. Most talented arm by a mile.Fastest release,strongest arm,best accuracy,unbelievable touch.69% completion,5,083 passing yards 50 TD's 8 ints last year alone.

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My hope is that by some miracle Watson drops to 24th. Though if he's healthy, Marqise Lee would be a great pickup.

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"miracle?" Sammy would have to kill someone the day before the draft to fall to the Bengals.


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A lot can happen in two days. XD

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Not a fan of Dalton, but can't see the gals drafting another mediocre QB talent to replace him.  They should bait him into playing hard for a contract this year, then conveniently not match the offer from the highest bidder.

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I think this situation requires that something futile and stupid be done on somebody's part, and the Bengals are just the guys to do it.


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