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28 year old with a passion for Ohio State Athletics (Football, Basketball, etc...), Gaming, Gardening, and Drawing. Been a fan of THE Ohio State Buckeyes since 5 years old after watching the Ohio State versus That Team Up North with my Dad. Aspiring Game Designer with a degree from Full Sail University.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Between three moments ... Ohio State's victory over Arizona State in the Rose Bowl, Ohio State's victory in overtime against favored University of Miami, and Ohio State's 42-39 victory against That Team Up North in the Battle of Century between #1 and #2.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Manchester United

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Comment 26 Jan 2015
Campus life, the relationship with coaches, the academic and fitness support system involved with the school, the degrees available and how companies view its credibility, and how I'm able to achieve getting to the next level. Lastly, the players involved with the class, your teammates will be your college and life family, its vital to enjoy them. Of course, I'm 29 and now understand the importance of the support system in college as compared to my 17 year old self didnt think this way, quite impressive how alot of these recruits do, especially at Ohio State.
Comment 07 Jan 2015

Love these trades, because if you think about it, the Cavaliers' front office traded Dion Waiters and a 1st round pick (received the second one used) for Smith, Shumpert and Mozgov. Great job by FO for the Cavaliers.

Comment 04 Jan 2015
Likely they were given the news of his poor outlook (health wise) weeks before this. As compared to what the viewers knew about his health.
Comment 04 Jan 2015
Stupid cancer... RIP to my favorite sports anchor. Stuart Scott, Scott Van Pelt and Dan Patrick helped me keep up and love everything about sports as a kid. Just heartbreaking to hear.
Comment 04 Jan 2015

Sending prayers to the young man. Stay strong Cardale.

Comment 30 Dec 2014

Should start an Kickstarter fund for the rebuilding on the business. Would be awesome to see.

Comment 24 Dec 2014
My nieces and nephew have been hooked to the NORAD Santa Tracker all day, always great to see them excited. Makes the Christmas season great.
Comment 12 Dec 2014
I believe he committed to Kentucky.
Comment 03 Dec 2014
  1. Christmas Vacation (Simply a must watch)
  2. Its A Wonderful Life (Fantastic)
  3. Miracle of 34th Street (Original)
  4. A Christmas Story (Watching this 90% of Christmas Day)
  5. The Night They Saved Christmas
  6. Christmas in Connecticut
  7. Arthur Christmas
  8. The Bishop's Wife (Classic Masterpiece)
  9. Santa Claus: The Movie (1985 with Dudley Moore, John Lithgow, and David Huddleston)
  10. A Christmas Carol (Any of them)

Honorable Mention: Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

Comment 05 Nov 2014
Ive learned to love the disrespect from the media as it shows Ohio State is relevant in the national spotline on an weekly basis. The moment no one is talking about Ohio State, good or bad is the day Ohio State turns into "That Team Up North..."
Comment 28 Oct 2014
I love how the comment section is full of "Oh, he is an FSU grad, he's bias, blah blah blah". They dont want to see the truth.