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Pete Carroll is one of the best players coaches around and will get the best out of Pryor. Wilson like every QB is only one snap away from being sidelined all season. Insurance policies are always good to have.

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This is a great fit for TP. 

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I couldn't agree more - I know this may be a stretch but with his size and speed he can always shift to a different position, possibly a WR. Report is that it cost them a 7th rounder but that is well worth the price to take a chance on his abilities. 

With the right system - he will flourish.

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Practice squad to simulate Kaepernick

Seriously, though.  I hope T.P gets a legitimate chance to make the team.  I think in the right system he could be deadly.

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Good shot at getting a ring…doubtful he gets quality minutes but he will still be a pro (which I didn't think would last this long, especially at QB) and be with a great franchise so, good for him.

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Nice to see fellow buckeyes land in good spots. Won't play much, but hey.


Edit ok ok, guess he will send Russell Wilson packing. 


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The Seahawks are a good franchise but I'm not sure this is a great situation for Pryor.  It would have been good for him to go somewhere where he could at least be the backup and perhaps be groomed to take over in the future.  With Russell Wilson being so young and the with the Seahawks having just resigned Tarvaris Jackson, Pryor is likely stuck as the #3 QB for a while, which some teams don't even keep on the active roster.  Unless the Seahawks are unable to resign Wilson (unlikely) then Pryor is unlikely to see meaningful playing time in Seattle.  

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i think with the seahawks TP may be a backup into the next decade and get much better. He is much more talented a QB then half this league.....mark my words....1 day this league will hear from TP....


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I think this coming season is the last year of Pryor's original deal. He should have his pick of teams by next winter.

But people need to be realistic: the Raiders have made a lot of mistakes, but they came to the conclusion that Matt McGloin is the superior player. That doesn't bode well for Pryor's chances to develop. 

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"They came to the conclusion that Matt McGloin is a superior player" This doesn't bode well for the Raiders as an organization.

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Here is an odd Seahawk stat. Russell Wilson is the third highest paid QB on the roster now.

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I'm usually not in favor of players re-negotiating their contracts early. This one needs done. 

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Interesting. Really think he'd thrive in that Eagles offensive system though.

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Honestly with the kind of athlete Pryor is, I wonder if Carroll is gonna sit him down and see if he'll try out WR. 

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He sure has the size and speed

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If I'm Peter Carroll, I would use Pryor as an red zone specialist. Put him on the outside to use an athleticism, while allowing Zach Miller and Percy Harvin to roam the middle of the field for mismatches against LBs and Nickel Safeties. Plus, what would it hurt to have Miller and Pryor as an twin TE set as Lynch tears it up with the running game.

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way to go Brownies  (morons)

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I was totally expecting to open ESPN's homepage to see that he landed in New England or in Dallas.