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Liam Eichenberg- What is OSU doing?

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August 31, 2014 at 7:28pm


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Huh. Seems weird. 

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well thats odd...if true

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I trust Ed.. but come on man..

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Does Ed recruit Ohio?  Is Urban in communication with him?

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ND is said to be in a very good spot for Kraemer as well. Its early, but a strong possibility that 2 elite OL prospects in Ohio will be leaving the state to further their football careers.

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Who knows what's going on specific to this kid and his relationship with the OSU staff. Generally speaking, however, this staff does not seem to place the same emphasis on Ohio kids as did previous staffs. I believe that's a mistake, and one that will create problems for Ohio State once coach Meyer retires. 

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He's a 5 star talent. It has nothing to do with Ohio.

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Well contact restrictions are in place until midnight tonight, so I'd assume that may have something to do with it.

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In fairness to Meyer and company, he is a 2016 recruit.  Clearly not too early as the staff has plenty of offers out there already for that class.  But it's not as if NSD is next month, either.  I'd bet the mortgage Eichenberg hasn't gone unnoticed in Columbus.   It'll be interesting to follow this kid and his recruitment. 

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Yep Pantoni sent out a tweet about 2016 and tonight. I guess they couldnt have any contact with 2016 recruits before?

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But Notre Dame obviously could? Or were contacting him when they could? Recruiting Ohio is a must. Would hate to see it be looked at with less importance. 

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Umm I dont know anything about the ND situation. 

Anywho, on another note I think I am the biggest advocate on getting the best players from Ohio FIRST. I made a thread about it and a lot of people said things like "well you gotta go everywhere to get the best, or its a down year in Ohio" etc. F that, we are in 1 of the best states for HS football, I do not believe in down years in Ohio. I have always complained about how Urbz and company recruits Ohio. We have been having those couple few get away. I dunno if this Liam kid is playing dumb about not knowing the coaches, or he's keeping a low profile acting like there is no communication. 

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We were his first offer last summer. Not sure how he doesn't know our coaches.

Don't forget, at this time last year Harris was committed to Michigan and Hilliard and Cornell were locks to Notre Dame.

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I am talking to Liam right now, will share what he says.

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Awesome, thanks!

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good work Mike.....


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Bummer indeed.

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He does not talk to Warriner a lot besides football but he does talk to Ohio State a lot. Still is very interested in Ohio State.

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Didn't Urban Meyer say something about Warinner like he's an excellent coach, but not the most sociable person?

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To a man with a hammer...

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Think that was Hinton. Maybe I'm wrong. I thought someone said he was a great coach just not very sociable. 

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I agree that we need to go after kids like this from Ohio as hard as possible, however...

Warriner could coach up me to play Oline and I'm a 32 year old D3 college Safety. He's a great coach! Remember Bollman???

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Tressel got us back to BIG title and a NC championship by recruiting Ohio hard, especially NE Ohio. That lockdown on NE talent also coincided with TTUN and their recent demise (no more Woods on, Howard, Kolesar, Grbac, etc.). I love getting the national guys, but I don't like seeing strong OH talent slow played.

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To be fair the NC he did win was with coopers recruits, and one of the titles he lost to Urban "recruits nationally" Meyer. Don't get me wrong it's great to see ohio boys playing for Ohios team, but to ignore outside talent limits some great opportunities for players. 

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True enough, but go back and look at how many NE Ohioans were starters for that 02 team.

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It doesn't matter who he won with, the fact is Cooper always had insane recruiting classes, and still managed to get stomped by Lloyd freaking Carr aka the guy Jimmy T ran out of town.

I honestly couldn't even read the rest of what you wrote after I blacked out with Cooper rage.

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I was wondering about this earlier today myself when I saw the thread on 247's BB about it.

One potential thought I have, especially when considering what happened with Justin Hilliard in the 2015 cycle (as others have said, pursued hardest supposedly by ND only to have OSU sweep in and put on the pressure/love the last several months of his recruitment [which obviously was successful]), is it possible that this is part of OSU's larger recruiting strategy/style of recruitment? Rather than to wear out a recruit's ear with a year of constant contact, really start to put on the full court press after the season / going into their senior season (and last 6 months of their recruitment period before NSD)? Just a thought. I just like to assume the OSU staff knows what they're doing, and has a strategy in mind. Meyer is WAY too good at his job not to. He doesn't turn in top 5 class after top 5 class by accident after all.

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The problem with that strategy is recruits are committing sooner and sooner these days.  In the past, maybe a kid ends up committing before we really turn up the juice and attention towards him.  Than we are spending our time trying to flip said recruit.  Just a possible chink in the armor of that strategy.  Can't afford to let Liam slip away and go to an out of state school.

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I am generally not one to question the staff on recruiting.  I've never taken much of an interest in it and don't know much about it.  On NCAA video games, I let the computer recruit for me.  But I would definitely be going after this guy.  And I'm sure OSU is more than that statement from Liam would suggest. 

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I would hate to miss out on this kid if he really is a 5 star stud especially being from Cleveland

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Guys relax, I remember this time last year Hilliard was going every where but OSU.

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I received an email from another OSU website that states Eichenberg eliminated one of his final 3 schools. Does anyone know who he eliminated? Are we still behind Notre Dame at this point?

Thank you in advance for the info!