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Comment 26 Sep 2016

You don't know the feeling because Ohio State never told you they were accepting your application before rejecting you.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

He's not concerned. He just addressed it because Zeke told his agent he was going to break the record. Like Dickerson said, many have said they would and all have failed. Dickerson is just having a little fun. 

Comment 10 Sep 2016

I don't even wanna know how you know he turns 21 next month. Too much obsession on here with this guy.

Comment 10 Sep 2016

Tennessee barely beats Appalachian State because of a missed extra point, Arkansas squeaks by mighty Louisana Tech because of a late touchdown on fourth down, #5 LSU loses to unranked Wisconsin, Kentucky gets blown out by Southern Miss, and Mississippi State loses to South Alabama.

This conference is a joke. Oh well, as long as Alabama wins.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

I'm working in Wright State orientation and I helped walk that lady on the left across campus. I told her I did my undergrad at OSU so she was telling me that Chris Fong was her son and that he's about to become a pharmacist.

Comment 01 Sep 2016

If OSU were "that" good last year we would have beat a team that lost by 100 to Alabama.

The transitive property argument is never a good argument considering some teams have bad days, or just in general, a team may match up better against one team than another. It's also not a good argument considering so many factors are at play here. Alabama played Michigan State in the playoffs with weeks to prepare. The same can't be said for Ohio State and Michigan State. Also, as people above said, three out of the four had one loss, including Bama. As far as Ohio State looked the last two games with Warinner in the box, they could have competed on the field with anyone.

Comment 15 Aug 2016

 Someone wearing an 85 yards shirt in arena district about a week or two ago walked by me and I shouted "eleven warriors!" and he didn't say anything at all. So whoever you are...