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11W community interview questions for Jashon Cornell...

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July 29, 2014 at 1:32pm

Taking questions for Jashon Cornell from now until Thursday evening. Let's have 'em.

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At what point did you truly decide you were going to be a Buckeye?  How much did Justin Hilliard's decision play into yours?

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We all know that you and Hilliard are pretty tight, have you established any other relationships with any other commits?

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Out of your remaining recruiting targets who have interest in the Buckeyes, if YOU could choose who you'd line up with in the next 3-4 years in the trenches, who would you want going to battle with you?

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Taking Justin Hilliard out of the equation, what ultimately sold you on being a Buckeye?


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What was your experience at the Opening like? Which coaches stood out to you? Which fellow players stood out to you? What did you take away from the experience?

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If you were to script a dream start in your first year as a Buckeye, what would it look like (not limited to football)?

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Do you picture yourself as a DT or are you striving for the more glorified SSDE spot? Have the staff told you where they want you at on the line yet?

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Larry Johnson is a new addition to the OSU coaching staff this year. His resume speaks for itself as far as coaching and developing defensive linemen. Describe your relationship with Coach Johnson and what you are looking forward to most when it comes to learning from and playing under him.

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DId you realize that combining commitments with Justin Hilliard for 10-star Wednesday would cause a #BOOMquake and break the venerable 11w website?

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Obviously, the terrific current state of the Buckeye program played a role in your choice.  How important to you was the Ohio State history,  tradition and legacy it has in all of CFB in making your selection?

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What college/pro player do you think your playing style is most like and who do you try and model it after? 

What is one area of your game that you feel like you need to improve on before coming to Ohio State?


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How close are you with other members of the #elite15 class? Who else are you recruiting to be apart of that class?

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What is one thing about you that we do not know but would be surprised to know about you?  (ex. bake well, play birdie golf, have a crush on the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence, etc.)

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Are you down, down, down, down, down with Ohio State?

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What goals do you have for your senior season and do you plan to enroll early?

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Do you see yourself eventually becoming a DT in college similar to what Adolphus Washington did?

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What's your go-to snack food and do you have a preferred nickname?

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Do you plan on getting any tattoos?

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Jashon, welcome to the Buckeye family.  Are you reaching out to any other recruits and talking with them about joining you at The Ohio State University?

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As a young man growing up in Minnesota, how did you develop an interest in Ohio State? Can you compare the level of high school football there to other places?

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Are you going to go to any Buckeye games this year?

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Do you like to play other sports? What are your favorite pro sports teams?

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What do you feel is your biggest strength on the football field right now, and what do you feel you most need to work on?

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What did you like the most/least about the recruiting process?

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Other than the OSU campus and the football family, is there any other aspect of Columbus that made it easy for you to decide to play your college football here? For example, the great City of Columbus and all it has to offer possibly? :)

Thanks and welcome to Ohio State

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Jashon, what would be the ultimate dream play for you as an Ohio State Buckeye and who would it be against?  

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Many current players are involved with community service projects away from football. Is there a meaningful project that you have been involved with or plan on being apart of?

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Welcome to the Buckeye family Jashon!

I see you working the other recruits out there and doing a great job. Question is what do you think about an ELITE 15 DL class of yourself, Gallimore, Wilkins, and Sweat?  Amazing, and possible . . . Have you been in contact with any of these guys, specifically Sweat? You two would be incredible bookends, and anchors for a championship calibur defensive line!

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You have been an active recruiter for the Buckeyes (and thank you for that) since your own commitment.  Do you find it easier or harder to recruit a prospect that is a close friend?