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Breaking down the remaining 6-8 spots

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July 25, 2014 at 11:14pm

With the commits of Moore and Alabi earlier tonight, while awesome news though somewhat surprising IMO, I'd like to break down the remaining targets by position to fill the last 6-8 spots. So here goes:

QB/ATH - Gibson

RB - Harris

OL- Richmond, Burrell, Daniels, Keenan Walker 

WR - Kirk, Jefferson, Cager

LB - Baker (flip?)

DL - Sweat, Gallimore

DB - Whitehead

I honestly believe that this class will end up at 22, simply because there's just too much talent to pass up. And I think it fills up with Gibson, Harris, Richmond, Burrell, Kirk, Cager, Sweat and Gallimore. But I can also see Whitehead too and also a possible Baker flip.

I'm so confused!!! Help me out guys

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another? why?


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Because that's what we do! Ha. Lighten up man. It was a big night.

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Cass Tech (Mich.) product Joshua Alabi is an intriguing prospect, but the Buckeyes face long odds in his recruitment. Although he lists Ohio State among his top schools, Michigan State and Tennessee have separated themselves from the field.

From Jordan's article

It is fun to guess, but even the experts don't really know so the chances that we get it right are very slim.

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The way this class has shaped up it's safe to say we have no idea what to expect. You could be right, but it could finish with 5 more under the radar guys and 3 of the guys you mentioned above. Who really knows. Gonna be interesting to see if this class ends up top 10 or not in the rankings. 

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So what if the this class starts to fill quickly, would Urban turn down or pull offers off the table to hold out for a particular recruit?

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Simply, yes.

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so if there were 2 recruits that Urban wanted to save offers for, who would they be? I would think it would be between Gibson, Harris, or Sweat. Thoughts?

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Realistically I don't think they turn down commitments from any or all of the 3.

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All three have a spot saved for them.

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I think of the OL group we only get Burrell.  I don't think we get Whitehead either.  I'm thinking Gibson, Harris, Burrell, two of those three receivers, and two of the following four:  Sweat, Wilkins, Baker, Gallimore.

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Harris is as close to a lock as we have. Gibson is hard to read because he flip flops too much, but the more he visits, the better our odds. Kirk and Jefferson are a pair of must-get targets. Add some depth to both lines with Sweat/Gallimore on D and Richmond/Burrell on O. And that right there would make the best damn recruiting class I could ever dream of.

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Yep. Back to basics Mike.

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After what happened with Baker we probably shouldn't throw the L word around.

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On the other hand, there are other possibilities sitting right next to these guys who would also be terrific commitments: sub Weber for Harris, cager for Jefferson or Kirk, Wilkins for gallimore or sweat, and Prince or Daniels for Burrell or Richmond. And there are others. I'm with you on the list, but the quality is there even if they "miss" on some of these guys.

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Right you are! I can only hope it doesn't come down to it, but you can't get everyone (can you?).

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Agreed, Harris ours, Gibson 50-50 and FSU is pushing real hard for sweat and there is VA Tech. A good butt whoopin of the Hokes might eliminate them.

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LB - Baker (flip?)

^^^I truly sense this one isn't over just yet. ^^^

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LB - Baker (flip?)

What about Malik Jefferson?

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Im not as confident about Sweat as most on here seem to be. Had he come to FNL, I'd put us in the drivers seat but he didn't and I think it'll take a few more visits before OSU becomes the favorite for him. Harris as well. I think its a UK/OSU battle, like most people do, but Im starting to think UK leads atm, just based on what the chatter has been lately. It'd be a shame if OSU were to miss out on Scott, Weber, and Harris considering all three were/are seen as Buckeye-leans at some point. Theres still a long, long time before NSD, so if we can produce on the field this fall, the rest will take care of itself. 

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