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Comment 07 Apr 2015

In his weekly Mind of Mike, Mike Farrell from Rivals believes he will pick Tennessee, and that Walker will give them strong consideration as well

Comment 31 Mar 2015

So Birm you're saying Urban wouldnt accept a commitment from King if he wanted in just because Bosa hasn't pulled the trigger yet? That would be a very ballsy move, kind of like playing chicken.  sorry but I don't bye it. King is a stud you don't turn him away even if it does involve Bosa. 

But it doesn't matter anyway because both King and Bosa will be Buckeyes

Comment 22 Mar 2015

2other DL that 305Buck didn't mention are Malik Barrow and Kyree Campbell. And imo both could easily end up as the 2 DTs in the class

Comment 13 Mar 2015

Hey Mark did anyone bitch? No, it was simply a curious question. Go back and watch the shitty basketball game

Comment 11 Feb 2015

So Birm, then if that does in fact happen will OSU go hard after Haskins or another QB, or will they not take one at all?