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Comment 01 Dec 2016

Andrew, I'm curious about the comment you made regarding Sheffield. You said he'd be a realistic option to join the class if Wade flips to Alabama. However the way I see it OSU can add Sheffield even if Wade stays committed. The numbers easily say it can be done. 15 current commits with 6-7 more. They can easily add Sheffield and still keep wade

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Gonna be an intense couple months with the remaining commits. 16 now with 5-6 more to fill out the class, with the following targets;

Offense: Akers, Harris, an OL potentially (they won't reach to add one to replace the Colorado kid)

Defense: Browning, Wilson, Tuefele, Okudah, Bolden

my guess is they finish up with 5 defense players, Browning, Wilson, Tuefele, Okudah and Bolden. Harris may sneak in there though too

Comment 24 Nov 2016

Sources saying that if Herman goes to LSU, Charlie strong staying at Texas increases dramatically. The Texas president likes him and wants to see him stay

Comment 16 Nov 2016

I like Wiltfong a lot and he's really good at what he does, but when he makes his CB selections, whether new or flips, he never provides a reason. 

Comment 09 Nov 2016

They have room to take 4-5 more in the 2017 class. If the unthinkable happens and they get all 4 guys you mentioned they will still most certainly take Bolden. Harris on the other hand is a question mark, despite Urban saying they would make room for him. IMO I don't think Akers will be a buckeye. Replace him with Harris and end up with 22

Comment 08 Oct 2016

Here are my thoughts on this topic. I think both Fickel and Warriner are gone after this year. Fickel was actually offered 2 MAC jobs over the past couple years but decided to stay. I think he gets a better offer after this year, perhaps a Big 10 job like Purdue. Schiano will take over as sole DC and they'll have to look for a new OC. And frankly I hope they find someone with a creative mind and better offensive play calling system. Today's game against Indiana shows how inconsistent Warriner can be. The play calls at certain times were very head scratching. 

Comment 28 Sep 2016

I agree that Bubba joins the class, but I disagree with you regarding Wade. I think in the end he sticks with OSU. I see this class ending up at 22 or 23 which will be plenty of room for all the DBs....including Okudah, Bolden AND Shaun Wade

Comment 21 Sep 2016

I strongly believe the 2017 class will end up at 21 or 22 and the final targets are...

Akers - RB

Trey Smith - OL

Browning - LB

Hines -LB

Wilson - DT

Tuefele -DT 

Okudah -DB

McKinney -DB

My opinion is they take 4 more with Akers, Browning, Tuefele and Okudah finishing the class. And keep Wade

Comment 14 Aug 2016

As much as I would truly love Andrews predictions to become a reality I just don't see it happening. There's no way 7 more can be added for a total of 23. Especially now that it seems more likely that Shaun Wade will stick with OSU. If Dobbins leaves I can possibly see all 7 guys. But I agree with other guys on this post that Browning and Harris will go elsewhere, and the other 5 commit to the good guys and Dobbins stays as well for a total of 21

Comment 28 Jun 2016

I'm in the banking industry and I love it when someone says "I want to open a checkings account" urban Meyers would say that