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Comment 17 Jun 2017

In the words of Lloyd Christmas, I like it a lot! However, I don't see Tyson Campbell in the class. I'd replace him with either Rondale Moore or the kid that decommited from Nebraska 

Comment 01 Jun 2017

So Chatfield is being recruited as a DE or LB? If it's DE I hope to God this doesn't hinder the chances with Parsons and Smith. 

If he's a LB then what's the hall there? Him, Gant and Pope? Assuming Mitchell chooses FSU. What about that Solomon dude?

Comment 14 May 2017

So is Matthew Jones a sure take no matter what whether at OL or DL? And has he been talking much about where things stand with OSU? This kid is a stud but I have a feeling he may be a victim of the number crunch at both OL and DL. 

Comment 07 May 2017

So Andrew I'm curious as to how many offensive linemen will be part of the class and the breakdown by position. You mentioned they want 2 guards in this class so Are they looking at 2 Tackles, 2 Guards and 1 Center? Figure the Tackles will be filled by Wray and Carman, Kradel at Center, and then Brown, Scruggs at Guard? Where does that leave Matt Jones? Is he a tackle or guard?