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Neville Gallimore...Anyone have an update on him?

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July 25, 2014 at 10:24am

I noticed that a few new CB's were placed for the good guys over the past few days. We've heard from the wonderful staff at 11W that he is pretty quiet, so i wondered if there was some new info out? It just seems odd that all of a sudden 5-6 people would select OSU within a 72 hour window. May just be wishful thinking on my part

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Someone q up the gif of the fat lady singing..

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Oklahoma has signed like 3-4 d linemen, including one recently.

Per 247, Okla. is OSU's main competition.

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Everything I've read on him is that he's very quiet about the whole process.  Any predictions and CBs are likely pure speculation.

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Last I heard there were multiple fellow Canadians to be attending FNL tonight(but there have been some rumors they may not make it, Gallimore is not set to be at FNL)

Gallimores high school football team plays teams in the United States and are set to play St Iggy (Dre'Mont Jones and Liam Eichenberg)on 10/04 and Steubenville on 10/31. Their schedule is stacked with others such as Lowell(MI), De La Salle (MI), Poly Prep(NY), Prime Prep(TX), Orchard Lake St(MI), Calvert Hall(MD) which Lawrence Cager plays for and hopefully soon to be Buckeye.

You know some Buckeye coaches will be in attendance.

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Somewhat hilariously, Prime Prep was closed by the state this week. Hilarious because Deion was involved, so it was a complete clustereff.

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The highly rated kid that was signed to play basketball for SMU, Emmanuel Muiday and has now signed to play in China instead due to amateurism issues and possible eligibility concerns, was a student at Prime Prep.