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LJ Scott

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July 10, 2014 at 9:07pm

Just read that he committed to MSU if that's the case best of luck to him. He will be a pretty good RB 

Read it on landgrantholyland 

sorry if it's a double post 

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And soon as that happened, this happened:

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Breaking UFM's heart on his bday!! How cruel LJ!! Jk. Good luck to him. 

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Hope this means all in on Damien Harris. He wanted to be the only back in his class, he could have a shot at doing that at OSU.

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Tell Baker he can play both ways and see if that changes his mind about Florida.

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This recruiting cycle has been flat out bizarre for OSU

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I really liked the idea of both Scott and Harris complementing each other.  It may have been a greedy notion, but nonetheless it was appealing.  If Scott going else where improves our chances of landing Harris due to his reported (and simultaneously denied) preference to be the only running back in his class then so be it.

Also, for what it is worth, as Buckeye fans can we acknowledge that this may be a rough twenty four hours for us but not start crying that the sky is falling?  It will all be just fine in the end.

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My sources told me that our staff told him there were no longer a spot for him after receiving a soft commit from Damien Harris tonight.

Nicholas l Ernst

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Wow I really hope next years Ohio class does us better than this years. We will only land 3 of the top 10 instate recruits this class. And 4 of the top 15.

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While it sucks we missed out on some guys and will potentially miss out on Baker, the overall talent in the state of Ohio this year is not what it typically is. Now, if we have similar luck next year in the state.... That would be a different story.


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Yes but guys like Baker and Scott would be top ten any year. Missing out on them stings, especially Scott to MSU

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No doubt. Let's just hope this means Damien Harris has chosen the good guys.


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Potentially losing Baker to the dumpster fire that is UF is bizarre. Maybe Fickell should have recruited him instead of Drayton?

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Baker is a top 5 athlete and Scott is a top 5 RB in the Nation every year. Both are HUGE losses unless of course they are replaced with an out of state kid that grades out better on our coaches board.

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MSU will not have another top flight RB in its class. OSU probably will. Read between the lines...

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It was just a few days ago that Birm said if Kentucky can win a handful of games they will probably win out for Damien Harris. I'd like to see the other top5 National RB's that we are close to landing though.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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Whether that's true or not, I think everyone would agree we have at least a good chance of landing Harris. MSU has no one the caliber of Harris even on their radar screen. Hence my read between the lines post re: Scott committing there. 

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Can't say I blame him. Look at the depth we have. Players like Dunn who were just touted barely get touches. Best of luck to him. And glad he's staying in BIG

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Do things open back up for Weber?

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I hope so, but I definitely would have preferred to have gotten the first commitment and waited on the other to make their decision rather than hoping for the second. 

I also thought we had a much better chance with Scott than with Weber, but I'm no Birm.

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As much as I wanted this kid for us and think he's an outstanding player, trying to be non biased he made the better decision for his career as far as PT. He can walk into Sparty and be a 3+ year starter there in a power run heavy offense. Definitely would be hard for him to see the field early behind Zeke, Samuel, and possibly Harris.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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This was always a possibility with Scott, Ohio State had to come back to get into this picture and they fought well to do so, but in the end the relationships Scott had built at MSU were just a bit better.

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For now. Until West Virginia offers his brother and he flips there.

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Wasn't there a thing going on before that Scott silently committed to us? I knew better than to accept it fully, but that was sort of on the back of my mind. 

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All the best to Scott and his future.  Each class has its own signature, and this one, albeit weird, will be said and done by the time next February rolls around... and if I'm not mistaken, there's a football season to be played in the meantime, so can't wait to start reading about fall camp!

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Does anyone think that maybe Scott was a bit nervous about Hill taking over once they get to OSU?

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Top talent SHOULDN'T be afraid of top talent. Carlos Hyde & Jordan Hall were both rated much further down in the 2009 class than Jaamal Berry. You just never know how they will shake out.

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Good luck LJ. Now lets lock up Damien Harris and grab Mike Weber and call it a day.

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If we don't get Harris, I'm going to be pissed.  Good luck, and so forth.

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Have seen a few crystal balls lately showing LJ Scott's brother going to MSU. LJ said all along that he would commit to the school that offered his brother as well. As of right now his brother does not have an MSU offer, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one come in the near future.

Just very interesting IMO.

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Sucks to lose LJ, but his teammate that we have for 2016 looks to be the superior talent.

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