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Jordan Scarlett

Sims_tOSU's picture
June 27, 2014 at 9:36am

I just saw jordan Scarlett finally decomitted from Florida Atlantic and he has an OSU offer. So is there any chance we start recruiting him over Scott or weber if we miss out of Harris or even both if we get Harris ? 

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jamesrbrown322's picture

I just want him for his last name. It's too perfect.

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BuckeyeJ's picture

Ditto! But i dont think we will pull him from the south

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BierStube's picture

Quite frankly ... I don't give a damn!


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IMO…its Scott and then Harris or Weber…likely Harris, but it'll depend on if the staff would allow weber to commit before knowing what Harris will do. For now, Im saying Scott and Harris as the RBs in the class.

WesPatterson23's picture

I would say it's Scott or Weber, then Harris. Harris will commit late (likely) so they will save one spot for him, and try to get either Scott or Weber. (Of course Harris is the #1 priority)

KB3RG's picture

As said previously, would love to have him for his name. Looks unlikely as he will be heading to FSU.

I will take Harris and Weber/Scott combination. 

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BuckeyeFootball3's picture

Well actually in the pecking order it is clearly HARRIS, and then Scott and Weber are next on the board. Scott and Weber are committing somewhere sooner than Harris but there is no doubt DH is #1 on their board. I think Larry Scott commits to the Buckeyes very soon, however. 

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I've got a fever...and the only prescription is more Scarlett!

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don't go chasin waterfalls

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Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.

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Because... well just because.


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Holy crap. I didn't see her breakdown anywhere but got to be a 6*. If she is the center I want be QB. Sneak every play.

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After watching her in The Avengers, I'd say her attributts, umm attributes, er athletic attributes rate very high.


After careful film study I'd rate her at:

Size: 8

Frame: 9

Athleticism: Who cares

First Step: 9

Closing Speed: 9

Hand Quickness: 10

Point of Attack: 10

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She had a great workout at camp...


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My god she's hot, anyone know who she roots for on Fall Saturdays? Probably USC

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I was going to do the exact same thing with probably a similar comment. Great minds...and train of thought is lost again.

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It's so nice to be picking between such great talent. Doubt if we could get hurt with any of them. Great to be a Buckeye.

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Buckeyes like Scarlett, Scarlett likes the Buckeyes - but not sure they'd risk their standing with Harris, Scott and Weber at this point with too much expressed interest.

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Would you say that if he for some reason wants to commit before the other two would they accept it? Bc he is transferring to st Thomas aquinas in Florida which seems to be a big target for osu. Also what if Scott shocks us and goes to msu would we give up on weber and go for a more physical guy like Scarlett ? 

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I think this might just some it up!

Edit: Some things aren't meant to be I guess

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