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Comment 25 Apr 2015
Well this is just a day after my post about why I like if Gary goes to Clemson... everyone in that thread seemed okay with him doing that for sure.
Comment 23 Apr 2015
Agreed. It was a good time but after the main quest I just gave it to my buddy for him to play.
Comment 23 Apr 2015
This may be off topic, but is it weird that when I click on this thread an add pops up for the paperback novel "Breakfast of Champions" by Kurt vonnegut for $9.04 right below the thread?
Comment 21 Apr 2015
Oh man I'm sure it's gonna happen. I mean look at all the amazing quarterbacks Alabama had in the NFL. I'd much rather play for them... oh wait nevermind.
Comment 14 Apr 2015
I work at the Quarry in East Canton. I'm not sure about the discount for an outing or not because I've never held one or anything. But I do know there are golf outings and leagues that play there all the time. I'm sure they'd be willing to work with the price especially since I work there and get to take people for free. Either way I'm down to go golfing for sure
Comment 14 Apr 2015
Well sadly the best course I've played is the same course I work at so I go for free. The Quarry Golf Club... yeah best place... sadly for me. I'm actually a great golfer just can't afford super expensive. On a side note, if anyone wants to golf at the Quarry I can get you guys in for free if you ever want to come with.
Comment 11 Apr 2015
Is this a question or a statement? Haha just slight confusion bc if a question then yeah. He's Brazilian (actually the first brazilian born player to play in the majors)
Comment 11 Apr 2015
Exactly. I was never trained to target any player under any circumstance. Targeting is the way to get players hurt, and I don't think any coach or trainer would want a player to get hurt badly.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
I'm not sure we wanted it that bad considering we put in probably our worst bullpen pitcher to get it...
Comment 30 Mar 2015
It's okay, the other day he said that Kentucky basketball is the most popular team and get the most viewers. He was asking why people hate them and watch then blah blah. But he doesn't realize one issue... Kentucky games are the most watched games bc ESPN makes sure every single one of their games are on their network. So people with just basic cable probably don't have any choice if they want to watch sports. It was very bright.
Comment 29 Mar 2015
Yes, I told my dad last night be prepared for ESPN to give blow jobs to all Kentucky players and coaches. And what happened this morning? Blow jobs for all. Edit: sorry Oakland I don't mean to be profane, BJs. Solid super store.
Comment 29 Mar 2015
Yeah predicted to be late first and second round picks are like nothing just saying. Most guys go straight into the bench as those picks.
Comment 29 Mar 2015
In my opinion, he's much more polished and way better all around.
Comment 27 Mar 2015
This is the same guy who CB nate Craig to Michigan State before he committed to Auburn... enough said.