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Comment 30 Mar 2015
It's okay, the other day he said that Kentucky basketball is the most popular team and get the most viewers. He was asking why people hate them and watch then blah blah. But he doesn't realize one issue... Kentucky games are the most watched games bc ESPN makes sure every single one of their games are on their network. So people with just basic cable probably don't have any choice if they want to watch sports. It was very bright.
Comment 29 Mar 2015
Yes, I told my dad last night be prepared for ESPN to give blow jobs to all Kentucky players and coaches. And what happened this morning? Blow jobs for all. Edit: sorry Oakland I don't mean to be profane, BJs. Solid super store.
Comment 29 Mar 2015
Yeah predicted to be late first and second round picks are like nothing just saying. Most guys go straight into the bench as those picks.
Comment 29 Mar 2015
In my opinion, he's much more polished and way better all around.
Comment 27 Mar 2015
This is the same guy who CB nate Craig to Michigan State before he committed to Auburn... enough said.
Comment 18 Mar 2015
I agree with your point completely. Your list kind of falls apart at the end though haha NASCAR drivers, pit crew (I think), snowboarders, and models are all professionals. So the odds are about as great to get into the NFL than become a professional in those fields. Even Seinfeld is a professional so it's different I'd say. But I do agree with you either way.
Comment 18 Mar 2015
We spend so much on basketball recruiting when we shouldn't have to leave Ohio to get great players... just ask every other big ten team.
Comment 17 Mar 2015
I agree... but the only issue here is that you pointed out two extremes. Both of which were entrepreneurs. So being an entrepreneur is different because they made their own business. They were also extremely gifted smarts wise. Not many of these players are smart at all, let alone gates or jobs.
Comment 05 Mar 2015
I actually would like to prefer this kid over the other 2. I've liked this kid since he was big last year. Seems to be perfect for our system.
Comment 27 Feb 2015
Yeah I was thinking about it. I would've posted cardale, Craig krenzel, Mike doss, and Jim tressel. Of course Cardale would be first though !
Comment 27 Feb 2015
He was walking to class don't worry ! I am transferring to osu for next semester. So I was taking a tour.
Comment 04 Feb 2015
Personally the first thing I thought when I saw the truck was "Tom's gonna be pissed bc it's scarlet!"
Comment 02 Feb 2015
To us it's technically the right shark but it's on her left.
Comment 30 Jan 2015
I wouldn't read anything into those... I mean I don't think Joe burrow even said anything about the buckeyes for a long time.