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Justin Hilliard? Who's that? Oh, this guy.

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Does anybody know if and when this guy is going to commit?



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Did you really not click the link?

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Apparently I did not ,my bad!!


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Why is Saban the only one smiling in that picture from his tweet? I hope it's not some hidden message....

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We can't read into anything...although it's hard.  We are loaded at LB but to get him would be huge from the standpoint of it will make our already stacked LB haul to this point at a level of dominance that we may have never seen here before at OSU but the other reason is that it would be a hard pill to swallow for us and a huge leverage for our haters in future discussions if another program comes into our great state and plucks the #1 LB from us.  As I have in the past...I trust UFM and I believe that "The" OSU is where this young man should be.

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