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Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt 2015 will finish out really strong...

But it just feels like all the stars are aligning for 2016 to be an all timer. I mean that literally and figuratively. 

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And I think it all starts within the Ohio border..


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Yeah, you've got to like the great mix of in-state talent at several positions, as well as the out of state kids who really seem to be leaning OSU's way. I hope we don't see another Gibson/Kilby-Lane situation, but with Haskins it definitely feels different. (Especially since he likes them enough to at least visit!)

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I'm telling you, with the crop Ohio has in it's borders for 2016, we are looking at a seriously epic class.  I don't think one kid in Ohio in 2016 is as good as say Justin Hilliard for 2015, but I'd say there are 4 or 5 Marshon Lattimores, if you get my drift.  And I'm A OK with that.

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2016 should be one for the History books. A class so good it will have Nicky Satan himself crying foul.

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Agreeing with the august gentlemen who have already commented, but the excitement building for the '16 class has to be due in some way to the surge in Ohio-bred and raised talent we're seeing on tap. It underscores the importance of Ohio high school football to Ohio State, and to an extent, the rest of the Big Ten. Good stuff.

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Dee-Wayne is the man - think where he will be in a couple of years - nice article Sea-Bass