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latest egw rumors

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May 28, 2014 at 9:38pm

Heard today from a McKinley booster that egw is staying at McKinley his sr yr. Story goes that urban threatened to pull his scholly if he were to transfer and not own up to his transgressions. And if he wanted to be a buckeye that he better do anything and everything coach McDaniels ask. Don't know if true but what do you guys think? I like it

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Interesting if true. I have not heard anything, not looking too hard either, but I like that stance

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McD is very similar to Urban in the "My way or the highway" routine.  If he made the decision to keep him around albeit allegedly suspending him, then he sees something in him that can be salvaged.  Meyer is allowing the young man a chance to learn from his mistakes and grow if what you're saying is true.  I'm all for it.  Thanks for the update.


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No problem wanted to talk to somebody about it and. Figured couple people here might find it interesting

stark county football

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b1g if true

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What is this ... French recruiting news?

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Haha, I thought the same thing when I read this. Definitely had a bit of a European flavor.

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I think it's a fantastique response by Meyer.

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That is a really interesting and refreshing approach to the incident. Nice job Urbam/McD.

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If true I might have some new found respect for the young man. I stated from jump street if he was transferring just to avoid punishment then that would be a huge hole in his character. Because what would stop him from transferring out of tOSU at the first site of adversity? Wont give too much of an opinion until the information is a tad bit more solid but I really appreciate you sharing and hope its true.

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If you transfer in college you have to sit out a year.  So there is a built in deterrent in college.  But I get your point.  Just saying that isn't a huge worry.


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If true, I have gained even more respect for UFM. Letting EGW know that he needs to man-up if he has hopes of playing for the S&G is an upstanding thing to do.

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Keep your act clean and your head on a swivel - know what you're doing everyday and you will be OK.

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until reported by a legit source, this is just rumor. But I enjoy the fact you spelled rumor, 'rumour' as I live in europe, so, well played 

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If the whole thing is true, I also respect EGW's response to this point.  It is easy for talented kids to take the easy way out and just tell people who push back to go to hell and do their own thing.  If he listened to Meyer (assuming that Meyer said anything remotely close to this) and stepped up to earn his way back at McKinley, that is a good step in the right direction.  

So often you see talented players just move on to something else if someone challenges them.

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If this is good info (not saying it isn't) I like it...EGW needs to learn that his talent is not going to keep him out of trouble and that he is under a microscope these days. And UFM probably solidified himself with a bunch of HS coaches by backing them on this issue. 

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This is (still) America, right?

No Eurotrash grammar, please :)

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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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What about the fact that we're the only country to spell aluminium incorrectly?

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Actually, we're the only country to spell aluminum correctly!

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We can thank Charles Martin Hall for being too lazy to pronounce aluminium. 

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Hope he can get on the right path...would love to see him at OSU 

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

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Heard he was at Massillon last week signing papers...

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