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Lamar Jackson

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May 8, 2014 at 1:08pm


Newly offered QB

Only four 247 predictions - all West Virginia (so he might not mind coming north?)

My very far from expert opinion=

Pros: Good size, can accurately and comfortably throw on the run, decently elusive, runs a read option offense similar enough to OSU

Cons: doesn't seem to have elite speed, throwing mechanics could probably improve


What do you guys think?

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Looks like he has trouble with the intermediate route and floats the ball a lot. Maybe poor arm-strength. That being said he looks like a play maker and has a nice touch. 

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I'm not sure why you list his speed as a con. He looks plenty fast to me and has some moves in the open field. His arm doesn't look bad. It's not too often that you see the wishbone run out of the pistol/shotgun.

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Agree on his speed. He's not Braxton fast but certainly has the speed and mobility to run the read-option.

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Just an opinion which is admittedly spoiled by Braxton.  They list Jackson at 4.8 which isn't slow but also isn't Miller's 4.45 or whatever Gibson runs.  I think Jackson is definitely quick, and hits a hole with acceleration to get through it before it closes, but when he got into the secondary there were a few times he was almost caught or didn't look that much faster than the average high school kids with him on the field.  However, for a quarterback he certainly seems fast enough and that acceleration is probably more important anyways.  Also, I just said that it isn't "elite", not that he is slow by any means.

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Wait a min...does he play for the Minnesota Bengal-Viking's?

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Wow love this kids shoulder fake with the jukes. Has nice touch and looks maybe like a Kenny G with more raw potential to tap into.

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Film reminds me of Jalin Marshall. Arm is good enough to make high school level throws, not college though. He's the most athlietic kid on the field most of the time.


Side Note: love they stole Death Valley's eye of the tiger at mid field. Good look for a high school field.

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I agree, Jalin Marshall clone

lets go bucks!!

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Has a nice list of schools offering him. Not sure about his arm.

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I thought his arm looked fine.  He had a couple throws we he chucked it 30-40 yards without even stepping up much.  I think he's got great potential.  I'm curious about the comp. level.  Like him more than the Sheriron personally.

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