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Next commit

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May 2, 2014 at 11:05pm

Lets hear some predictions on the next commit for the Elite 15. We need somebody to pull the trigger and get the ball rolling. I think it will be Van Jefferson. The staff will be all over him to commit on his next visit. Pulling him out of SEC country would be big. 

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What makes you think we're going to get more commits?

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My sarcasm font is invisible tonight.

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Agreed with Van Jefferson - That has been predicted for awhile

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I expect another new "next commit" thread before the next commitment. 

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George Hill

Next 2015 commit: Van Jefferson

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I'm gonna go with Ryan Timmons or Meg

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Timmons is always a go to, I prefer Stefon diggs though


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Deez Nuttz is always a possibility to drop by at any given time.

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Up vote good sir!! Now I have to figure out how to save this on my phone! Have a feeling I can use this a few times a week in some fashion! Lol!

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Up vote. Made me laugh...Thanks!

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I'm guessing who ever it is will more than likely play football! To go even deeper..I'm thinking that he will be athletic also!!

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Things have gotten so slow we can't even get the long snapper from Worthington Kilbourne to commit as he is taking his time.


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Is this a good time to say, "Your mom!"?


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Have I missed any posts on "silent verbals"? I checked the calendar and those posts usually starts around this time. Did I miss that one?

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There's our graybox we've been waiting for.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.