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Brandon Wimbush?

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April 15, 2014 at 3:24pm

A lot of people put a lot of faith in Alex Gleitman when he was "our" guy here at 11W.  Well, he's just Crystal-balled Wimbush to the Buckeyes.  Wonder if anybody's heard of any developments with his recruiting that would lead you to a similar conclusion.

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Haha, made me think of an 11W shirt that's like those Les/Vic/Hopalong/Archie/Eddie/Troy shirts, but with the names of the past (and present) great recruiting reporters on 11W.

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Alex knows nothing now that he is at Bucknuts....

I wouldn't put a lot of stock into anyone's crystal ball picks (nothing against Alex). The Wimbush recruitment is a fluid situation (as are most recruitments) and I don't think anything significant has happened that would signal Wimbush to Ohio State at this moment. He's still high on us and obviously a priority of the staff.

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Probably true.  The only thing that I immediately think of that might have changed is that the "tentative" tag has been removed from his upcoming visit.

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I hope that put the full court press on him this weekend as we need some big time prospects at QB.  We screwed around with Kyle Allen last year who wanted to come here and then we waited too long as he has a good chance starting this year as a frosh at TAMU. We can't/shouldn't count on landing just Gibson.  After watching the spring game, I saw potential with Jones and Barrett, but nothing that screamed, OMG, this kid is great.


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Maybe he heard that Wimbush will be able to make a visit soon.  That would probably be the best news at the moment.

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Would REALLY like to get Wimbush. Aside from the fact that he's a talented player at a position of need, I feel it's important for OSU to continue to establish their foothold in NJ. Lot of talent in that state. PSU has begun to reassert themselves there, which was characteristic of PSU in (more legitimate contending) years past.

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Would love to have wimbush. I like this kid.

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This is what I posted last week about Wimbush, and I think it's pretty close to what Alex is thinking. Basically, Ohio State is where Wimbush wanted to go early in the process, and with all the reasons and people pushing him to Penn State, he's still not committed when everyone is jumping on board? Why? 


Brandon Wimbush, if you recall, was very close to committing to Ohio State back in December. He decided, when rumors of James Franklin taking over Penn State began to swirl, to delay things a bit. Since then, the scuttlebutt has been almost exclusively Nittany Lion-based for Wimbush, but he's not committed anywhere yet. Why not? 

Here's why: Wimbush won't commit until he's made it back to Ohio State, at least that's what he told me on Sunday. I found that interesting on a number of levels, but at the end of the day here's what I've always felt about Wimbush: Ohio State is is the place he wanted to be the most, and since then it's been nothing but "Penn State this, Penn State that." Like a number of key players, the decision is head versus heart, and I think Wimbush's "heart" has been with the Buckeyes since his visit last fall. 

Most recruits go with their heart, but there's a ton of pressure trying to keep Wimbush and the New Jersey pipeline headed to Happy Valley. Wimbush is, and has been, a priority for Ohio State and he is absolutely not a "fall back" option to Torrance Gibson. 

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We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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We need a QB to commit and then be the recruiting leader of the 2015 class. We have 3 commits, 2 out of state that who knows if they will even stick and then EGW who seems to be the invisible man.

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