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2015 Ftb. Recruiting Class

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March 25, 2014 at 9:42am

As soon as the 2014 class was signed, most people immediately turned their attention to the '15 class and some were even saying it could turn out to be the best class ever for OSU. That could still happen. But does anyone else get the sense that a lot of the top priorities don't have OSU as the favorite, or have already committed to other schools even?

Now, I know recruiting can change by the minute when you're dealing with teenagers making huge, difficult decisions and there are still over 9 months until signing day, but it just doesn't seem like this class may be as loaded as some previously thought it might be. I'm sure UFM and Co. will reel in top-flight talent but how much of it this year is the question, when the #1 class was the expectation this past February.


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Its March, signing day is February.  The staffs in the top three for almost all the kids they want which is what a commitment is at this point.  Give it time, it will only get better.

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Are we really already starting these dumpster fires?!? I am also very concerned why we have such a slow start for our 2016 class, would have figured we should have at least 10 five star guys by now... grab the pitch forks!!!!

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I'm concerned about the 2016 class also, heck we already have a 2017 commitment, panic time about the 2016 class!!


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Yes, it is waaaaay to early to be concerned about the '15 class. I will say that I have a feeling the class would look a bit different, even at this point, had the Buckeyes won either of the last two games of the season. Closing with two losses might have taken some air out of the recruiting sails. Still, by February, I see no reason to believe Urban won't be signing another top five class.

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Nailed it. I think the two losses maybe iced over a few minds, but we're in a good position with most.

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Last weekend, was really our first big recruiting visit weekend for 2015 kids. I'll start to worry if our numbers are the same by this summer. Lots of visits will be scheduled between now and then. Not to mention, when the season starts, we always have a slew of kids that love to come to our games. Not worried in the least. Will we lose some guys we wanted, sure, but Urban will also find some, that will blow up this year too!! Never a sprint in recruiting!!


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The real question is.. why is Danny Clark the only 2017 commit at this point?


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And when are we gonna get working on middle schoolers? I mean this is ridiculous! LSU will snatch up all the 7 year olds, and before we know it, all of the newborns with good foot speed will be heading to the SEC!

In all honesty, OSU only seems like it's off to a slow start b/c other school have started fast. Give it time. If they have whiffed on several commitments, and not added anyone of consequence by the time the season starts, then maybe there's SOME worry. I am pretty sure that at worst, OSU will sign a top 5-7 team.

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Give it time, my friend. We're close on a few guys and I still think we get the top class in the conference if we're aiming for 25 signees (22 seems to be the safe number). If the team misses on most of their targets and we're reeling late into next autumn, repost this and we'll panic together.

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Think it way to early to worry yet!!

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Add to the fact these are high school kids, there's still an entire summer and fall to hear about players you didn't even know existed and for the "rankings" to flip flop as camps take place and games get played.  Add to that physical development and skillset upgrades. 

How many people knew at least a third of this class or more at this time last year?

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I am very concerned about the 2018 class, losing sleep at night, hair rapidly falling out, hands shaking, oh no what are we going to do? To be serious, this is Urban Meyer and his staff recruiting, i fear not. No ledge jumping here.


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I ain't never scurred

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so you're always scared?

haha just messin with you

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I was just trying to make a joke.  You see, it comes from a song by "bonecrusher" called "never scared" that I briefly heard in my head while reading the OP fret over the recruiting class. 

Tou·ché though, it is a double negative.


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Don't forget that recruiting rankings are still pretty fluid at this point too. And hey, at this time in the same cycle, who would have thought OSU would have landed Vonn Bell, Trey Johnson, Johnnie Dixon, and Demetrius Knox?

We can empathize with your worry. We all always want OSU to be #1 in EVERYTHING positive. I still would rather have C.J. Conrad at TE. I want the Bucks to have elite talent at each position, but given the option, I want as much as that truly elite talent to come from in-state as possible!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Not how you start but, how you finish. 


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Slow and steady wins the race my friends, just ask hoke lol


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If we get a HR commit a la Hilliard, the mood around here would change for the better.

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Just isn't time for the full court press yet. Meyer seems to focus on the camps a lot and since spring practice is the priority atm we should see things ramp up considerably a little closer to summer and as the camps start.

I noticed PSU is making some early noise, that will be interesting to watch...

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I think we will land somebody soon, and hopefully some of our commits can do some recruiting.

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it's gotta be on the spring game at the latest i hope

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That's the thing when you recruit mostly top end talent from out of state. They can't get up to visit as easy and their recruitments last longer.