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Comment 15 hours ago

I see most people predict a blowout. At full strength, I could see a 3-4 touchdown game. 

Be that as it is though, I think 34-24 is more likely. 

Too many weapons not to score, too much missing to pull away until late. We have the best coaches there are and now the all around talent to match. Let's get it started! 

Comment 31 Aug 2015

You want to know why this team has as good a chance as any I've ever seen at repeating? 

The fact the players say the exact same things the coaches do when they're in front of the camera, while also staying true to themselves. 

"Trust, brotherhood, and 9 units strong." I'm convinced only Ohio St (mainly by way of turnovers) can beat Ohio St this year. 

Good luck college football! 

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Connor Cook would beg to differ. And has actually played in big games and well in some of them. I'm taking cook in a landslide right now over Hack. I agree with the OP, don't understand the hype with Hack at all. Solid arms are a dime a dozen in the league. 

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Same guy that said Michigan was the 6th best team in the country to start last year.

It's all opinions people. Some are just worse than others. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I'm convinced Foster will dial up cover 0 frequently. Sure, the o line is MUCH better, but each can only block 1 player typically. Bring more than you can block, play M-M defense and make the skill players get it done.

I really think Braxton could be a HUGE difference in this game now. Fuller can hold his own against Thomas, he's legit. But no one in the country can play man against Braxton miller and negate him. It's all about doing what needs to be done and Braxton is as good at that as anyone. Zeke will get his carries and yards, but I think Braxton will be the difference right out of the gates in this one. 

Comment 20 Aug 2015

So OSU beat 3 of the top 4 teams in the country since they can't beat themselves. But they didn't deserve it and their schedule will be soft. 

As long as January wins (or December 31st wins) continue to come for the Bucks, the committee isn't going to hold too much against OSU because their conference can't keep up. 

Comment 16 Aug 2015

If Oregon loses to MSU plus another game somewhere, and MSU's only loss is to undefeated and Big Ten champ OSU, I could potentially see it  happening. I think this is a year the SEC champ could have 2 losses, in which case 2 champions would have 2 losses and MSU would only have 1---to an undefeated conference champion. ND will not end up with only 1 loss.

A longshot, but not totally out of the question I don't think.

Comment 08 Aug 2015

Bernie, you're top 3 is the exact same teams and order as me and probably a lot others as well. 

PSU might be #2 this year if it were in Happy Valley but in Columbus they don't scare me much, despite Hackenburg being an "NFL caliber" quarterback. (Which I don't see, yet) 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

I'm going to throw out a bold prediction on this upcoming season related to the top 5/conference champs. 

I think OSU and TCU are the most likely 2 for the CFP. After that, it's a toss up between a group of Clemson/USCal/SEC champ/Oregon/MSU. 

The thing I'm even surprised about saying and predicting is that for some reason I think Arkansas wins the sec west and SEC. I don't know why, just do. 

My 4 teams would be OSU v Arkansas and TCU v Clemson. 

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Shouldn't be too hard. Just a stroll down to Urban's office and a view of the Sugar Bowl Trophy---" what we have here is what we won by beating the SEC champion. But by all means, go join the 'best conference' if you're so inclined. That other thing? Oh that's a national championship trophy." 

Comment 21 Jul 2015

All last year as the magical run rolled on, what would have happened had OSU still managed to beat VT. Would they have placed so much emphasis on the bear front and being able to beat it again? Would the stretch run have played out the same if they hadn't? 

It worked out perfectly, but to me, VT was a blessing last year. Now it's getting close to time to avenge it anyway.