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Comment 23 Apr 2017

I've heard Meyer and others talk about liking multisport athletes and now they're saying they want spring football to be able to evaluate guys better? Sorry, but you can't have it both ways. Have 2 seasons of football means you only play football or you skip spring football to play something else in most cases. Idk how the spring is set up but for as long as state playoff teams sometimes go into December for the state title (at least in Ohio) once you take a week off (mandatory between sports) you don't have a lot of time left to play basketball and be ready for spring football id have to think. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

That's a high standard to meet, just like zeke is. I get people making comparisons to past players but doing so often overlooks what they're providing because we always expect more. 

Weber posted 1000 yards with a somewhat dysfunctional offense and having very few carries in some games. 1500 is a very attainable goal this year, imo.  

Comment 19 Apr 2017

I have a friend who doesn't believe Weber is the answer at running back because he doesn't have enough breakaway speed. Such is the life of some buckeye fans when you've been spoiled with a truly elite guy for the years immediately prior to Weber. 

I personally believe weber also has a future in the league, just maybe not as a potential HOF like his predecessor. Doesn't mean he can't be a big time contributor for osu because he can and will be for the next year or 2. 

Comment 06 Apr 2017

Here's what I'll say. When the lines do hamburger drill, I just hope beyond all hope the offensive line is holding it down against the defense. I'll never be upset about the defensive line this year so if our o line could somehow start to push them around, the offense has got something brewing. 

"This is an o line driven program." Doesn't matter how things turn elsewhere, the line has to be better or it won't matter. Not trying to be Debbie downer, just giving honest, truthful opinion. 

Comment 05 Apr 2017

As a fan, I was content with making the tourney, competing for big titles and occasionally making a final 4/elite 8 type run every couple years. I'm not jaded if that doesn't happen every year. I know this isn't UK, unc, Duke, etc. But the downward trend they're on isn't acceptable, imo. Especially considering they returned the top 6 players, from what I was told, this past year and got decidedly worse. 

Comment 05 Apr 2017

Totally agree and as a realistic buckeye bball fan, I think it's entirely reasonable to expect a tournament bid, be in the top 2 in Ohio (cincy a solid program) and be a top 5-7 big ten team every year. That hasn't been the case for the last 3 years now. 

Comment 05 Apr 2017

Your first comment appeared to me to say "Westbrook is good but shouldn't be MVP." Maybe that wasn't the intention based on this comment now. I believe he should be without a doubt, with harden a solid, yet distant 2nd. Lebron could absolutely average a triple double. But never has came close; probably actually the closest he's ever been is this year. 

Comment 04 Apr 2017

They're a playoff team though? Not to mention a team that was constructed around 2 All NBA players and then one ditched for an easier ride. If you can't appreciate the fact he's AVERAGING a triple double, I'm not really sure what to tell you. 

Fwiw, I was much bigger fan of Durant than Russ before Durant copped out and went the easy way.

Comment 04 Apr 2017

I'd say it's a lot easier to play as a team when all your players are elite level guys. Even gonzaga's best 6-7 were all around solid players on both ends. 

Comment 04 Apr 2017

OSU gets postseason ban for players selling THEIR OWN stuff for tattoos. Unc gets nothing for fake college classes. The NCAA is marvelous. 

Comment 30 Mar 2017

If you watched even a couple home games on tv, like I did, you saw that fans ARENT buying it any more. The place was empty every night. That says it all to me. I like watching good defense as much as anyone but recently they haven't played defense and can't score. Hence, this is the result. 

Comment 30 Mar 2017

Big things seem to happen when select, elite leaders combine with young, extremely talented guys. Looks like what could be happening this coming year. Mix that with the unknown (to opponents) changes, especially on offense, and we have hope for a special season.