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Comment 02 Jan 2017

Think this may be like the defense following the 2013 season?  He went through 2012 undefeated and was still that way until the BTCG in '13 before dropping 2 straight because of porous pass defense. Now the offense has had 2 lackluster seasons in a row with a bad showing in a bowl game. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

After 2 years of middling performances from the offense, and more specifically the passing game, I think Meyer is at a cross roads. This next comment is in jest but Meyer will either figure the passing game out or retire after the '17 season. 

You cannot win a title without being a balanced offense. The defense, even last night, was surely good enough to win it all but just wore down with the offense doing literally nothing all night.  And hopefully the kicking game improves because how much different is the mindset if it's 10-6 late first half or even 17-6 if they still score late? 

Comment 25 Dec 2016

Looking for up votes? Why would someone upvote me for this? I've been a member for years here. Post occasionally on others topics, follow mainly for recruiting and football stories. I also stated I don't in the least expect this to happen, just what others opinions about the possibilities were. If you don't have anything nice to say... 

Comment 24 Dec 2016

Take it as what you will because I'm not willing to reveal my source, but an insider at osu believes as this season has gone on Haskins has become the better option as a complete quarterback, based on play in practices. Whether urban and those in charge do is another matter entirely. 

Comment 23 Dec 2016

I think the current biggest need is o line in general. Nothing against the guys there now and maybe a couple will make big strides but I think it's telling a true freshman can come in and immediately take a starting spot. MJ was solid all year but I wouldn't say he was necessarily overwhelming much of the time. O line depth and finding 2 to replace elflein and price is huge for next year. 

Comment 10 Dec 2016

Meyer ultimately has the final say in game planning and all that. So, when he brings in a new coach, he's basically saying, this guy has the background for schemes that we have in place and may give us some extra stuff to work in, much like schiano did this year. He isnt going to bring a coach that is totally different than what meyer and the current coaches have in place and want to do with the offense and defense.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Totally agree on elflein. In what world should a center need to pull to cover a defense end? I could understand a guard in certain situations but asking your center, who already has the big job of snapping the ball and coming off fast, to pull to play tackle basically, a position he probably isn't well suited for is questionable at best. 

Comment 27 Nov 2016

But like the post below this, what penn state, wisc, scum, neb have done recently is in response to Ohio state. Hoke wasn't terrible in the beginning and had some decent teams in AA. But he couldn't beat an actually osu team, 2011 notwithstanding. They all needed someone who could recruit with Meyer and up the ante so to say. 

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I don't think "common opponents" need come into play when 2 teams play head to head. PSU would have a conf title in part because they beat the team they're now comparing them too. It would force the committee to make the distinction: better resume and stronger OOC scheduling OR conference title. Which is more important. Could easily see the latter. 

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Over the past 15 years Ohio State has lost 18 conference games - five coming during that 2011 blip alone. During that same period the Wolverines have lost 12 games to just Ohio State.

Wow. That's incredible. 

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Meyer and Meyer alone ramped up recruiting. And that includes recruiting harbaugh back to ichigan and opening the checkbook for him. All these teams saw Ohio state take off and when Ohio state said "come with us or get left behind", some of them decided to make necessary changes to come with them. But this started long before harbaugh ever arrived in AA.