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Just a small-town guy, who's a huge buckeyes fan. BlufftonU graduate.


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Comment 20 hours ago

I would say agree with you...if it wasn't that way for 3 years running now. Ever since craft left, the defense was has continued to slip further and further. And when that's your calling card as a coach and program, you better be good at it. Now they can't score consistently or defend. There's no excuse for not making the tourney every year and definitely none for getting beat by Rutgers in the 1st round of the conf. 

Comment 10 Mar 2017

I loved kwon for the Buckeyes but he just doesn't quite fit the Steelers tbh. They don't have the typical middle, run stuffing LB. They looked for a more traditional OLB, even though they'd be play ILB for Pitt because of the type of defense. All the backers blitz but I'd look for them to take another shazier before a kwon-type. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Here's my issue with peppers. It's not about whether he should be drafted. It's about where. If a team truly thinks he can excel as a starting safety, fine pick him first round. But if you're unsure of that but just want an athlete, no way are you picking a return specialist that early. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Love all your picks for the Steelers. Probably a pipe dream for Conley with how his combine went but Watkins is a 3rd round projection and Perrine is that late too? Kinda crazy to me. I think corner and pass rush linebacker are their 2 biggest needs. After that id go with line depth. I love the combo of tuitt, hargrave, Hayward if all healthy. Can't see Pitt taking a guy like kwon but we'll see. 

Comment 26 Feb 2017

I live in the surrounding area near Lima and I noticed that they seemed to play more defense last year than when Fell was in charge. It was kinda comical seeing senior get beat 60-50 for a few years. Haha. Hopefully griffin can keep it and just get those guys to stay disciplined. Played them in a few 7 on 7's in high school and that was the biggest problem 8-10 years ago. It surely wasn't athleticism. 

Comment 23 Feb 2017

While I agree that prince should be given a chance to redeem himself this spring and into the fall perhaps, bringing up Taylor decker, imo, is totally different because a) Mack was just named the NFL's DPoY and a total stud even at buffalo, and b) decker progressed over the season that year much better than prince did last year. Just MO.