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'15 DB Ashton White

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March 8, 2014 at 1:59pm

Ashton White, a four-star defensive back from Bishop McNamara High School committed to Virginia Tech in mid-December, has decided to re-open his recruitment according to the Hokies 247Sports.com forums, and confirmed to me by White himself.

 He becomes the third member of the Hokies' 2015 class to decommit, and the second who Ohio State has some interest in, with Gonzaga (DC) defensive back Marcus Lewis as the other.

White camped at Ohio State last summer and earned his offer in person and was thought to be very high on the Buckeyes before he made his decision in December. He told me today that the Buckeyes are still in contact and they are one of the schools he hopes to see this spring or summer. 

More on this as it unfolds, but for now, there's another name back on the list of potential visitors for the spring.

White was attending Friendship Academy in DC when he committed, but just recently transferred to Bishop McNamara.


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How many DB's are we going to take considering the 2 DB hauls we've had the last 2 years?

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I'd imagine they'd like to take 4-5.

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Jeremy, do you think he's a guy they take a commitment from on the spot, or wait until he camps and they get more info on him?

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They offered him after seeing him live last summer, so they know what Ashton can do and were impressed. I imagine they'd consider it if he wanted in, but I don't think that's a realistic option anytime soon.

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Birm, are we witnessing the prowess of LJ Sr. rectruiting the DC area ?

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I think truly it's just a byproduct of kids committing way too early and realizing that the term "commitment" still means something to the schools in question. When you commit, generally speaking, that means you've picked your school and don't need to look around but it's so early in the process and these kids really don't pick view "commitments" as the end of their recruitment.

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You mean it no longer means this...


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Does Zach Smith have a great relationship with him?

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Adding Lewis and White would be our "Webb and Lattimore" for this class!! Even if we could land 1 of the 2, I'd be happy.


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After a bit further checking into this, I'd say "nothing to see here" as far as Ohio State and White, but nonetheless, he's re-opened his recruitment.

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Felt this may have been coming after he visited for Maryland's junior day when I dug a little deeper to write the Maryland/DC piece. Kids commit so early and if they end up making a visit to another school this far from signing day, it's a pretty good indication the recruitment could be re-opened. I think Ohio State has enough other top options that he won't be in this class but regardless, he's a good player and you have to wonder what's going on at Virginia Tech. I'm speculating but it seems as though they are trying to get local kids on campus early, try and wow them and push hard for an commitment - same thing happened with Marcus Lewis. A while down the road they step back and think about their recruitment a bit more. Now I don't know the specifics with White but that would be my guess. Birm summed it up just right - it's a product of kids committing so early.

In my opinion this is why we need an early signing period. Because kids are being recruited earlier and earlier, commitments are being made earlier and earlier. Right now kids commit early often times to basically save themselves a spot so they aren't left out in the cold at the end. Early signing period would be a win for everyone - schools get more firm commitments and kids get better "spot security." Also, if a kid wants to commit early and be done with everything, they won't have to deal with schools constantly badgering them if they sign and make everything official. IMO you saw a step towards that for early-enrollees this year and you'll see an early signing period pretty soon. Has to be done to adapt to the changing recruiting landscape.

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I understand the push for an earlier signing period; it could alleviate the pressure on the players being recruited so hard during their senior year, and also allow the schools to know who they have earlier. But, like everything, there are positives and negatives. One of these may be that, with the early signing period (may take pressure off these players/current class), the arms race/pressure for the next class heats up that much sooner, meaning the players just have to deal with all of the attention a year earlier. Now, if a window was opened that would restrict, or only allow offers to go out to a class at a specific point, say, for example, no offers could be extended to members of a recruiting class until the NSD of the previous one has passed (just as an arbitrary date). There would also have to be some type of limited contact, if any, prior to that also. Obviously I'm not solving all the problems here, but setting some left/right limits or parameters on the process may simplify it, or at least contain it somewhat.

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I don't like the idea of a binding agreement to a 16 or 17 year old, and asking him to stick to that commitment for a long time.  Additionally, Stanford's coach made some good comments about how this would penalize schools with stronger academic standards.  They have to wait for the admission's office to accept players and in certain cases could not agree to an early decision.  Basketball, a sport with the early signing period, has an unbelievable rate of transfers.  I initially was on board with early signing period.  I think February is too late a signing day and would like to see that date moved up.  But these thoughts have me change my stance on the issue.

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Meh, IMO it's not other schools' problem that some schools have harder academic requirements. If a kid wants to attend one of those schools badly enough, they will just wait until the normal signing day.

 I am all for an early signing period.

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Jeremy Birmingham is the best looking and most charming OSU writer I've ever seen.

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came across just a little too much like....


"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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That's difficult to argue, honestly.

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Go get em Urbs

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Thinking this might have something to do with why White transferred back to Bishop McNamara...